is there anything better than a summer barbeque?

I’m feeling a little under the weather today, so let’s look back to happier times, shall we? This past weekend I was home in the suburbs for a friend’s birthday and some family time, and thanks to some perfect Sunday weather my family put together a fun bbq. Take notes, because this was my perfect meal.

IMG_7929IMG_7931IMG_7933IMG_7937IMG_7940IMG_7941Veggie burger, oven fries, and grilled asparagus. Why can’t it be summer all year? Everything’s better on the grill.

I also used the weekend home in the burbs to get in two runs and a long walk, because I happen to think I live in the cutest, quaintest town in America (I’m not biased at all).

IMG_7944Perfect perfect perfect.

And now it’s cloudy, rainy and cold in Chicago so I’m just sitting here on June 11th confused out of my mind. What is HAPPENING, weather?!

Sorry for the lack of writing this week but between moving, some news (I’ll share tomorrow!), work and Zain’s mom visiting, I’ve been in a total time-warp this week. Don’t think that means I haven’t been checking your blogs out though – it’s what keeps me sane πŸ™‚

Have a great Wednesday!


  • What’s your favorite bbq food?



  1. mmm is that homemade sangria? i love to make a healthy version of that, with lots of fruit. i love grilled asparagus or Brussels sprouts, or making chicken and veggie kebobs. mmmm.

  2. Sorry you’re not feeling well! I’ve been completely MIA during the move, but happy to be home finally. Looks like you had a great weekend. The weather will catch back up. Just be glad you’re not in Louisiana where it’s 1 million degrees year round πŸ™‚

  3. That BBQ looked amazing!!! You made me hungry and I just got to work lol. My mom and I have been quite obsessed with asparagus lately. I eat it literally everyday haha.

    Feel better soon, dear! ❀

  4. Answer to the main question: No. There is not. The only bad bbq food is the uneaten one, the one left at home, the takes for freaking ever one, the cooked to within an inch of its life one, and the one that ends up on the ground.
    Basically, bad bbq food = any that doesn’t make it into my mouth or makes me sick
    Otherwise, bring it on.

  5. YUM, I love food on the grill! I’m looking to buy a grill for the summer so that I can grill veggies all the time. My favorite is to brush zucchini with olive oil throw it on the grill!

    Hope that you feel better. It sounds like you need a day to decompress sometime soon!

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