is there anything better than a summer barbeque?

I’m feeling a little under the weather today, so let’s look back to happier times, shall we? This past weekend I was home in the suburbs for a friend’s birthday and some family time, and thanks to some perfect Sunday weather my family put together a fun bbq. Take notes, because this was my perfect meal.

IMG_7929IMG_7931IMG_7933IMG_7937IMG_7940IMG_7941Veggie burger, oven fries, and grilled asparagus. Why can’t it be summer all year? Everything’s better on the grill.

I also used the weekend home in the burbs to get in two runs and a long walk, because I happen to think I live in the cutest, quaintest town in America (I’m not biased at all).

IMG_7944Perfect perfect perfect.

And now it’s cloudy, rainy and cold in Chicago so I’m just sitting here on June 11th confused out of my mind. What is HAPPENING, weather?!

Sorry for the lack of writing this week but between moving, some news (I’ll share tomorrow!), work and Zain’s mom visiting, I’ve been in a total time-warp this week. Don’t think that means I haven’t been checking your blogs out though – it’s what keeps me sane 🙂

Have a great Wednesday!


  • What’s your favorite bbq food?


Weekend Party!

This weekend has been loads of fun!  My family threw a bbq in celebration of my graduation from college so all my closest friends and family came over.  Thankfully it was beautiful weather, we had just the right amount of food, and everyone got into the fun drinking games we played. It was a ball!

Saturday morning started off with an early morning spin class. I displayed my serious skills as a multitasker by making calls and snacking on my banana phone. Talent.


After spin I went to Sam’s Club to pick up the party cake.  No celebration is complete without classic grocery store cake–colored, artificially-flavored frosting slathered on top of marble cake. It’s tradition.  While I was waiting for the cake to be finished I noticed they now make DOUBLE cookie cake. What is the world coming to? I can barely make it through the store without knocking the whole M&M shelf into my cart, and now they’re making THIS?


Parents: if for some reason carrot cake and red velvet have gone extinct by the time January rolls around, I would like this as my birthday cake.  Or anytime you just want a celebration.

I had a real breakfast as soon as I got home.  2 giant mugs of coffee followed by another egg sandwich (sans jam because I knew I’d get more than enough sugar later with that cake)


The whole rest of the day was spent chopping veggies, prepping plates, setting up the backyard, and decorating. 

How to Throw a Successful Backyard BBQ

A cute boy armed with plenty of yummy drinks

ImageMultiple kinds of chips with multiple kinds of dip


Veggie plate in case your guilty conscience gets the best of you when you’re elbows-deep in guacamole


A new recipe! (Caprese bites)


Parents who pay for the beer


Friends who think they’re sloths


A “random” sorority sister 😉

ImageYour oldest, dearest, and shortest friend



I hope you all had a fabulous weekend too!

Question: do you prefer chocolate desserts (cake, brownies) or fruity ones (pie, tarts)?