NASM update, metta success, and college-town cavorting

It’s been awhile since we’ve talked, hasn’t it?

I was on a serious roll the past few months, but I have to be honest: the next two months I’m going to be just a bit less consistent. I’m in the home stretch of NASM studying and really need to focus on that. It’s tough to work, blog, and study, not to mention be committed to fitness and having a semblance of a social life while doing those three things. Writing is my outlet, though, so I’ll still be around. But that NASM textbook is my new #1 priority until the second week of January.


The metta movement on Friday was a HUGE success! Dave DID run the full 100 miles and raised more than his $25,000 goal – last time I checked he was at $28,950! That means even MORE kids are going to have that life-altering surgery. I’m not going to lie–the whole experience moved me. We surprised Dave by holding up photos of the kids he was running for and he broke down in tears every time. Needless to say we all broke down as well. I had a moment later in the weekend where I realized just how crazy it is that $250, something I would spend on clothes, shoes or food in a few weeks, can completely transform a child’s life. It is the difference between living as a leper and living in a world of possibility. I thought about those 100 kids that Dave’s feat is going to help. That’s 100 people who will now be able to thrive in society – they may go to college and discover the cure for cancer or become a global diplomat and solve world hunger. It’s just a mind-blowing thought and extremely, extremely humbling.


I spent the remainder of my weekend in Ann Arbor on a road trip with my girlfriends from college. Martina (think hipster-architect and probably the actual inventor of Pinterest) is going to the University of Michigan for grad school (Go Blue!) so we drove up to spend the weekend with her. We ate bagels and pizza like it was going out of style, laughed constantly, and danced until the early hours of the morning, losing complete track of time.


IMG_1042 IMG_1064 IMG_1084 IMG_1076IMG_1070 IMG_1173IMG_1146IMG_1148IMG_1169

See this is what I hate about not blogging for a few days – I start to remember a million random things I want to share with you all and there’s just no ebb and flow to the post anymore. Maybe I should rename my blog to “I Had A Big Lunch – Now Read My Word Vomit.” But anyway, did I tell you that I tried barre finally? I’ll share my review of the studio another day but it totally kicked my butt in a way that my butt has never been kicked. It wasn’t a “holy crap look how much I’m sweating” -type workout. More of a “holy crap how long can I hold my leg up like this before getting a debilitating charlie horse” and “holy crap there are a lot of mirrors in this room so I should probably actually hold a firm core for the first time in the history of a group fitness class.” Stellar.


Just another new fitness routine to add to the mix. Can we add another day to the week so I can fit in all the workouts I want to do every week? That would be perfect.

So tell me…


  • When was the last time you stayed in a college town? Did you have a blast or feel like an old prune in a sea of young, prime grapes?
  • What’s your opinion on barre workouts?
  • What was something funny, embarrassing or crazy about your weekend? Did you finally go for it and spend $15 on that jar of nut butter or spend six consecutive hours watching cat videos on YouTube?

Weekend Party!

This weekend has been loads of fun!  My family threw a bbq in celebration of my graduation from college so all my closest friends and family came over.  Thankfully it was beautiful weather, we had just the right amount of food, and everyone got into the fun drinking games we played. It was a ball!

Saturday morning started off with an early morning spin class. I displayed my serious skills as a multitasker by making calls and snacking on my banana phone. Talent.


After spin I went to Sam’s Club to pick up the party cake.  No celebration is complete without classic grocery store cake–colored, artificially-flavored frosting slathered on top of marble cake. It’s tradition.  While I was waiting for the cake to be finished I noticed they now make DOUBLE cookie cake. What is the world coming to? I can barely make it through the store without knocking the whole M&M shelf into my cart, and now they’re making THIS?


Parents: if for some reason carrot cake and red velvet have gone extinct by the time January rolls around, I would like this as my birthday cake.  Or anytime you just want a celebration.

I had a real breakfast as soon as I got home.  2 giant mugs of coffee followed by another egg sandwich (sans jam because I knew I’d get more than enough sugar later with that cake)


The whole rest of the day was spent chopping veggies, prepping plates, setting up the backyard, and decorating. 

How to Throw a Successful Backyard BBQ

A cute boy armed with plenty of yummy drinks

ImageMultiple kinds of chips with multiple kinds of dip


Veggie plate in case your guilty conscience gets the best of you when you’re elbows-deep in guacamole


A new recipe! (Caprese bites)


Parents who pay for the beer


Friends who think they’re sloths


A “random” sorority sister 😉

ImageYour oldest, dearest, and shortest friend



I hope you all had a fabulous weekend too!

Question: do you prefer chocolate desserts (cake, brownies) or fruity ones (pie, tarts)?