What I Ate…Whenever

I stepped back from posting WIAW because they can be a bit of a snooze after awhile. The best part is, of course, the photos of food (who doesn’t love those), but I sometimes feel pressure to fib a bit and not share exactly what I ate on Tuesday (I went shopping for alllll the healthy foods yesterday and STILL had butter noodles for dinner because I got home so late and realized my shrimp had gone bad. Woof). So while I didn’t snap a pic of the evidence of my malnutrition, I like to share generally what I eat around these parts. I just want to remain transparent that I make good choices and bad ones, and am a work in progress on the healthy living front, as we all are. Sound good?

So today I’ll share what I’ve been eating recently. Because, as we already established, food photos are king.


Honestly, I LOVE when people share photos of their loot. It’s better than individual meal photos to me. Maybe it’s the lighting? Maybe it’s food porn overload? Regardless, groceries are gorgeous.


Thoughts on these groceries:

  • Mangoes are weird. How do you serve them? Why are they never just ripe enough?
  • How many pesticides are really on my potatoes? That article last week said TONS.
  • 0% Greek Yogurt is pointless but I guess it’ll do. I want 4% back.
  • I wonder if my mom is going to call me and scold me for my choice in “bottomfeeder” seafood (thank god I avoided the tilapia).
  • Why did I buy another white onion?
  • Why didn’t I buy any chips? I’m going to end up eating my roommates’ anyway and then have to replace them. But this way I can pretend I’m not going to eat them, I guess.


Here is the breakfast to end all breakfasts. Aside from on-the-go meals this has been my first meal of the day since I participated in the 21-day challenge back in November. I’ve loved it ever since. There’s something delightfully simple about serving eggs, potatoes, and avocado on top of a bed of spinach and calling it a day. It’s a perfect blend of fat/carbs/protein and I feel like I’m getting a killer head start on sneaking veggies into my day.



Lunches have been simple (when they aren’t truffle butter grilled cheese). I’ve tried to steer away from sandwiches because I’ve been subconsciously told over and over that sandwiches are “bad” (annoying as hell now that I’m thinking about it), but at the end of the day, I love sandwiches. I love processed bread with wholesome ingredients stuffed to the brim inside. So sue me.


Avocado is the real comeback kid of my life story. I eat one a day on average.


Dinner is always an adventure. If I’m not working late, I love coming home around 4 or 5 and getting to work on a delicious meal, not finishing until close to 7:30 and finally sitting down to enjoy. I’ve also had friends over weekly for the past month or so to cook with me which is honestly how I would spend every night if  I could. Good food, good friends, good gossip, good wine.


Shrimp has been on sale lately, and since I finally learned how to clean them properly they’ve been making many appearances. To keep up the transparency of this post, I’ve spent MONTHS not cleaning them properly — aka shrimp poop has been allll up inside me. WONDERFUL.

My go-to shrimp marinade: olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, cajun spices, all tossed together in a ziplock bag to soak up the goodness. Then I just throw them on the stove for two minutes or so and voila!

Another treat that I’ve been making almost every night? BRUSSELS SPROUTS. I know 99% of you reading are just as head over heels in love with them as I am so I’ll spare you. But roasted brussels sprouts are how wars are started. It’s that passionate of a love affair.



Whatever chocolate I can get my hands on. And lots of it.


  • Do you often eat the same things for weeks on end like I do?
  • What’s the longest you’ve been obsessed with one meal or snack?
    • I think I ate a chocolate FiberOne bar everyday for a year and then one day I woke up and couldn’t stomach them.


  1. Ack a little bit of shrimp poop never did anyone any harm! 😉
    Love your 1 avocado a day routine – if I had one available I could eat one a day for sure!
    For me, I eat eggs all the time, sometimes multiple times a day, and as yet have never ever got sick of them. I get sick of drinking water sometimes… That’s when I grab the sparkling! Haha!

  2. I definitely go through phases with what I eat. I’m still eating eggs almost every day for breakfast and starting to feel like I need a change, so Ive has oatmeal a few times. I just think it can be much easier to stick with the same foods so you know what to buy and are used to the cooking/preparation process!

  3. I honestly used to eat the same dinner every single night it seemed like, but ever since I started a Whole 30 I have stepped outside my comfort zone and mixed it up so much, minus breakfast though, those always seem to stay the same for months on end!

  4. That breakfast looks perfect. I also love looking at people’s whole grocery hauls.

    Several years ago I went through a phase where I ate an english muffin with PB and banana slices every day for breakfast. For a year. Eventually I branched out, but I still obsess over a breakfast and eat it for like a month at a time.

  5. You are so hilarious. I tend to eat whatever I make Callum that he doesn’t want, because he’s such a pain in the ass! I don’t like cooking <— understatement of the year and so when I put all this effort into Callum's wee meal and he lifts up the bowl to throw it across the room, I snatch it mid-air and eat it. So, I eat a lot of cheesy scrambled eggs and oatmeal and Annie's pasta. Sigh…

    1. I’m lolling thinking about you and your eating habits aka the habits of a toddler. I mean why make more than one meal?! Makes no sense. Especially when kids eat some of the most simple carb forms and you run like a monster. Mac and cheese on mac and cheese is a beautiful thing.

  6. Man I have so many things to comment on:

    1. I went to make chicken the other day and realized BOTH packages had gone bad. Of course it was snooty organic whatever so I basically threw away $15. Don’t tell Neil.

    2. Mangoes always suck unless my MIL serves them and then they are the perfect ripeness and she peels like 254567 of them and sticks them in front of me.

    3. I also love photos of groceries.

    4. Bring me some brussels sprouts.

  7. That breakfast looks good. I only buy organic potatoes because of the pesticides. If something has a thick skin, I’ll buy regular. But if it has a thin skin or I eat the skin (I still don’t eat potato skin cause it’s gross), then I will ONLY buy organic… The Jamaicans at work always have great mangos but I have never successfully bought one. Hard to tell when they’re ripe. I’ve been a lazy cooker lately. I’ll have to step it up since I’ll be mostly a stay at home mom soon and I feel like if I’ll be home all the time, I better be making SOMETHING at least most of the time for my hardworking husband! But I’m almost 39 weeks pregnant so my appetite sucks. I want apples and Frosted Flakes right now. It’s pathetic.

    1. Frosted flakes sound so good!! You just do whatever you have to do to get that lil nugget out here healthy and happy ASAP 🙂 good insight on the potatoes. I can never find organic potatoes but I think I’ll look harder next time — it really seems important with them because of the skin.

      1. I always buy mine at Whole Foods! I know Sprouts usually has organic too, but I don’t know if Sprouts are that common everywhere! And I know WF isn’t that common everywhere either!

  8. Hell yeah, I eat the same things over and over again when I get into a spell with them. Case in point: I’ve been bringing a salad to lunch every day at my job here in Austin since I started working there…6 months ago. Occasionally I go out with coworkers for lunch, but otherwise I’ve got a salad!

    Other foods I am currently obsessed with: stove top kettlecorn (recipe on my blog, seriously I eat this stuff just about every day), cereal with cashewmilk, and cashews.

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