Weekend Happenings: Big & Little’s, Heritage Bicycles, and Oscar Night

Happy Monday, party people!

I had Friday and Saturday off of work so my weekend was a bit shifted. I rarely get two full days off in a row so it felt like a true weekend…very relaxing, full of exploring and wandering around neighborhoods with no time limits or obligations. How often does that happen? (All the mothers reading this are screaming NEVER, LAUREN, IT HAPPENS NEVER!)

Friday afternoon my dad came over to walk me through doing my taxes for the eighth year in a row. I figured 25 is the last acceptable age that I can ask for help from my dad without total embarrassment. Fingers crossed that next year I can do them without going into a full-blown panic (see you in 365 days, H&R Block).

After all the nitty gritty we went out for lunch, and because it’s a Friday during Lent, fish fry was the name of the game. My dad and I share a love for Diners Drive Ins and Dives so when I told him that a place just down the street from my apartment had been featured on the show for their fish and chips, there were no questions.


Big & little’s  killlllls the fish and chip game. The fry was so light and delicate and the fish basically melted in my mouth. Fresh fish, a squeeze of lemon, homemade tartar sauce…can you think of anything better?



I spent the rest of Friday horizontal on my couch watching Broad City, drinking Passionfruit La Croix, and texting people fake reasons why I couldn’t go out later. Lazy Friday to say the least.

I woke up early on Saturday ready to enjoy the 50s and sunshine that the weatherman had promised us all week. My roommate and I walked to a nearby coffeeshop/bikeshop to start the day, one of my favorite things to do.


My favorite part about Heritage is the little fridge that they keep their creamers in. Absolutely the cutest thing.


I went with a vanilla cold brew and Maria had a homemade biscuit and a chai tea latte. I’m not a chai gal but she said it was the best she’s ever had. We chatted as other neighborhood locals strolled in with their bikes to get a tune-up. I love the feel of the place…such a cool hybrid shop selling some of the best coffee in Chicago.


The rest of the day we walked around Lakeview peeking into restaurants that we’ve added to our to-dine list. When we finally made it back to our hood we grabbed lunch at Butcher’s Tap (check it out, locals — awesome food) and watched NCAA basketball. Again, an afternoon with no obligations. It was pretty wonderful.

By some grace of God I was able to get a run in later in the afternoon (after 32 oz of beer and a fried chicken sandwich. I do believe in miracles). I’ve been dying to break in my new Nikes and they didn’t disappoint. You forget how amazing new shoes feel on your feet until you get them again. I was basically flying!


Sidenote to all single men out there: the way to this girl’s heart is NOT to literally run after me in street clothes and tap me on the shoulder after you’ve jumped up next to me at the stoplight. You will automatically go into the “kidnapper” category and not earn my phone number. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

I watched my neighbor’s kids on Saturday night aka another crazy night in the city. Making the most of my 20s ladies and gentlemen.


Sunday I had to work all day but made it home just in time for Oscar Night! My roommate is a huge Oscars fan so she printed out ballots for us for all the major categories and we ate pizza, drank champagne, and screamed when Leo finally got the win he’s always deserved.


Cheap champagne is automatically fancy when you add fruit to it.

And now I will leave you with the best GIFs from last night’s big win. It’s 2016 and anything is possible.


And the funniest one yet:


  • Do you do anything special for awards shows?
  • Favorite Leonardo DiCaprio movie?
    • I watched Inception twice in theaters in 48 hours. If you’ve seen it, you know what an emotional commitment that is. Whoa.


  1. Good call with inception… But for me I think it would have to be the wolf of Wall Street – he totally should have had an Oscar for that one too!
    Love your weekend (well fri and sat) – it just sounded super chilled and getting in some good eats is always a winner, could totally drink a vanilla cold brew right now!!

  2. I am so incredibly out of the loop when it comes to anything past my front door. Seriously. I heard of the movie Inception but I didn’t even know who was in it. I just heard it was good. Yep, that’s how in the dark I am!

    That coffee/bike shop looks so cute! I’d love to go to a place like that. Glad you had such a fun weekend!

  3. So jealous of that weekend! The food sounded great! And hey I go to bed by 10 practically every night hahah weekend and all so I know what you mean!

  4. As far as taxes go, I highly recommend Turbo Tax! This was the first year I had to do my own taxes and Turbo Tax was easy to use for my fiance and I both. Haha, I have only been to one restaurant that I know Guy has visited on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives and it was near New Orleans. Yay for Leo’s Oscar!!

  5. awww such a fun weekend. i unfortunately didn’t get to watch the Oscars (even tho i had every intention of doing so) as i had a non-stop Sunday and was out all day, and had to pack for my trip (woot!) on Sun night as i had clients til late last night and didn’t want to leave it to tonight. so happy for Leo! fave of his movies is What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, followed by Inception.

  6. You always find THE COOLEST places to eat!!! I only watched the Oscars at the end because I NEEDED to see Leo win. NEEDED! I saw Titanic 6 times in the theater…and cried every time.

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