Friday: The Allergy Monster + Billy Joel Is In My Backyard

Okay, confession time: is there some sort of forum that bloggers go on that they just know who to link up with on which days? Because I see 8000 Friday linkups and all I can think is, does someone have a monopoly on Friday Favorites? Friday Features? Friday Five? Can I just post some things on Friday and it will all be okay? Let me know if there’s some secret I’m missing out on. It wouldn’t be the first time I was late to the party.


I’ve been fighting some kind of cold for weeks now. We’re talking cough, tight chest, sinus pressure, the whole shebang. I did what I do best and chalked it up to stress from the exam and move and figured it would go away. Then on Tuesday it all came crashing down on me — within an hour I went from being at work, to suddenly feeling sick, to laying in bed wishing my mom was here to bring me soup, 7-up and love. I still kept trying to pretend it was nothing, but the thermometer doesn’t lie.

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So here I am, three days later, and I’ve left my house once to go to Trader Joe’s (because I’m basic AF). I’m sure marathon training is really going to go well after basically taking a WEEK off of running this close to the race (I know, I know…the bigger picture……)

The good news? My doc thinks it can alllll be attributed to bad allergies that I’ve been ignoring and my body basically screamed PAY ATTENTION TO ME by giving me a fever. So now I’m all drugged up and ready to go.

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In other fun news, Billy Joel was playing at Wrigley Field last night and since I live only a few blocks away, it was like he was playing a personal show for us in our backyard. I sat out on the porch and listened to him play for a bit, and it was such a cool experience. I always forget how many classics he sings that I know!

I sometimes get bored with chicken but I think I’ve finally found a recipe that will get me so excited to cook dinner. You just mix dijon and garlic, dunk the chicken breast in there, roll it around in panko bread crumbs, and bake away (450 for 25 minutes or so). It smells like my mom is in the kitchen and I love it.

unnamed (22)

Also arugula+tomatoes+mozzarella+balsamic glaze never hurt anybody.


unnamed (21)

I still remember when my first boyfriend asked me out: he handed me a CD case full of 21 CDs he had burned for me. Nowadays I don’t even want to know what’s happening in America’s high schools. I’m home schooling my kids for sure (just kidding that sounds like too much work).

I’m really missing my family this week! I used to go stay in the suburbs with them a lot, but since I’ve been loving my new apartment so much time has been flying and I haven’t had a chance to go home. I’m planning on visiting next weekend, but in the mean time it was so great to spend a few days in Michigan with them a few weekends ago. Plus we ate soooo much great food.

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Oh, and this little thing came in the mail. So I guess it’s official!

unnamed (31)Have a great weekend everyone! Mine will (hopefully) include a 12 mile run, a farewell party at a pizza parlor, and a rooftop cookout listening to Foo Fighters at Wrigley Field. Squeezing as much out of the end of summer as I can!


  • Big plans for the weekend?
  • Last family vacation you took?


  1. I have been wondering if my sickness is allergy related. I started taking zyrtec just in case but haven’t really noticed a difference. Billy Joel is the best! When I saw his concert this summer it also reminded me of just how many of his songs I know.

  2. yay drugs! lol (I mean the kinds that make you feel better when you’re sick obv.) That’s so cool about the Billy Joel concert! Such a classic singer, and I can’t believe he still does concerts! amazing.

  3. I’m so glad you’re feeling better!! Yay!! I’m also a huge fan of tomato and mozzarella! I absolutely love the tomato/mozzarella panini from Starbucks! A random fact about myself but there it is!! 🙂 Oh, I’m not a vegan anymore! I kinda need my cheese! Haha! Have a fabulous weekend!

  4. Because I’m a blogger nerd who must know the answer to this as well, how does that whole Friday link up thing work? Please someone more knowledgeable, help a girl(s) out! Lauren let me know if you ever find the answer and feel better!

  5. Oh weekend plans? Hmm WORK and WORK 🙂 I need to pay off my car now that I got it. Back to poverty for me lol. A random fact? It’s National Banana Day!

  6. Yay well done again on the certification! I can’t wait for my health coach one to come in the post!
    I would love to go and see Billy Joel #guiltypleasure!
    I love seeing those pics of your family day out… Even though I lived about 4 hours away from my family when I lived in Scotland I still knew I could see them when I wanted. Now being over 20 hours away… Yeah it’s hard!

  7. Oh, yikes! I hope you’re feeling better now! I didn’t realize you could get fevers from allergies. No fun. Don’t stress about missing a week of training – I didn’t run one step during the week of the 16 miler last year, and I only did 8 instead of 16 because I was sick that whole week with a nasty cold. I survived just fine! Missing one week won’t kill you, especially a cutback week.

    I could hear Billy Joel, too, and I was really surprised! I’ve never heard noise from anything at Wrigley before, but I could hear him just fine. Always nice to get a free concert in my dining room haha.

    1. Skipping last week is definitely making this week’s mileage “interesting” to say the least. But I’m not stressing! 5-6 weeks will be more than enough time to play “catch up” and be ready for those 26 haha (at least that’s what I keep telling myself!)

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