Thinking Out Loud: there are still good people in the world

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve thought out loud, but what can I say? Lot’s of thoughts have been floating around lately. The most prominent being, there are still great people in the world.


For those of you who aren’t from Chicago, the city just removed all plastic bags from grocery stores in an effort to get folks to bring their own reusable bags. I don’t see much of a problem with it, especially since I probably have two dozen large lululemon bags in my pantry and they hold a LOT, but we’re all human, and humans forget things.

Last week we had a bit on an “incident” at our apartment, and seeing as it’s a new place, we realized that no one had brought a plunger. tumblr_inline_mgv01qbWPt1r5c8sb (1)

We also had a guest over so I knew we couldn’t just ignore the problem and hope for the best, so I quickly slipped out the front door and walked down the street to CVS to pick up a plunger.

Now, I’m not sure how many of you have gone shopping for this particular item, but I was shocked to find out that they are sold neither in a inconspicuous box nor plastic covering…it was literally a plunger with a tag stuck to it. #cleanliness

No big deal, I thought, until I made my way to the checkout and realized I didn’t bring a bag with me.

Images of my tall, blonde self walking down the street with a bare plunger in hand flashed before my eyes. My stomach turned as I counted how many restaurant patios I’d have to pass carrying that damn thing.

Pretty soon I realized I would have to suck it up and just do it, hopefully taking as many alleyways as possible. As I walked up to the self-checkout I could feel one of the employee’s eyes on me. Not embarrassing at all. You don’t know humility until you have to purchase a plunger alone: you can’t pretend like you’re getting it for any reason other than the obvious. And just as I was about to walk out the door, head held high (just kidding, more like sunglasses on, hair covering most of my face in true celebrity style), the employee walked up to me and offered me a paper bag, free of charge.

We didn’t talk about why it was happening, but he knew I needed it, and I knew that this was a true act of compassion. So instead of having to partake in a new walk of shame, I walked proudly home with my new purchase.

unnamed (16)

Moral of the story: there are still people out there looking out for one another. Thank you, anonymous CVS employee! You’re the best.


  • What’s a story of good old human compassion that’s happened to you recently?


  1. HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!! Favourite post this morning! So awesome. This reminds me of the time I ordered a vibrator online and when I went to pick it up at the post office, the border people must have opened it up, re-taped it up and then wrote “personal massager” across the box. There I was, standing at the counter with a huge line of people behind me, and I felt like I just won loser of the century. I think it would have been worse if I had to walk all the way home carrying it without a box or bag, though.

  2. I needed this kind of story to make me laugh this morning. Ha! And since I’ve just moved to Austin, TX, they have the no plastic bags policy as well. I can’t tell you how many times I have already forgotten to take reusable bags to the store. I still haven’t learned my lesson yet…I need to just put the dang bags in my car and leave them.

  3. Haha LOVE this post! That is true compassion!! That would have been a brutal walk home for sure. A little while ago I was dragging an arm chair home to my new place about five blocks and a random girl helped me! Super sweet and compassionate and true girl power 🙂

  4. Hehehe!! Looove this story! So so glad ya got a paper bag, though! Ouch, I was imagining myself in your situation and feeling so awkward! You totally handled it like a champ!! Yep, you’re cool! Love that picture! You’re gorgeous! XOXO

  5. We had a very similar incident this morning!! After living here for 5 months we needed a plunger, and realized we didnt have one. Luckily our grocery stores still have bags, and I also got to hop in my car and drive home. But for me the embarrassing part was not being able to unclog the toilet on my own and having to get a plumber to come do it. I was kind of hoping he thought I had kids and was thinking it was their fault:)

  6. I was literally just telling my husband on the train ride home how someone me on the street, holding my office ID badge after it had somehow fallen out of my bag. There really are good people in the world, or Chicago, at least 🙂

  7. That would have been so funny to see! Hmm, the last nice thing a person did for me was take out the garbage before he left from his shift at work even though he was already supposed to be done. It was really nice of him!

  8. Haha! Yeah the same thing was implemented in scotland where you had to pay 5 pence for a bag – some people were adamant not to pay so you saw people walking down the street with some funny things! Never a plunger though… Hehe!
    At least every time you look at the plunger it will make you smile!

  9. LOL! I remember when I bought a plunger with man-friend……. Won’t lie to you, I don’t get embarrassed, but I was totally embarrassed even though I am TOTALLY CONVINCED he was the cause of needing the plunger in the first place. But his poker face cannot be cracked. Ever.

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