Responsible Weekend Sandwich

Do you ever feel like your personality can do a complete 180 on a whim?

This past weekend pretty much felt like that for me (as most weekends tend to do…)

We’ll call it the “Responsible Weekend Sandwich.” Lot’s of calorie-laden, lethargy-inspiring decisions sandwiched by ultra-healthy behavior. If I had to title a book about my everyday life this would have to be it.

It all started responsibly enough. I worked a fun seven-hour shift on Friday, headed to CorePower for a sculpt class at 7:15, made a healthy meal (sweet potato nachos FTW!), and went to bed at a decent hour. I think I even had a glass of water with my meal. Big, healthy things happening over here. Including these muscles:



Who wants to meet up in a dark alley?

Thennnnnn came the meat in this “Responsible Weekend Sandwich.” Aka Saturday. Aka I overslept, skipped my morning long run, got in a car and drove to Tinley Park for a day-long alternative music festival, and subsequently drank 120 oz of beer. Yes, I did the math.

IMG_5593 IMG_5591

Between the heat and the 10 hours of non-stop music, it’s really no feat to have had six 20-oz cups of beer. But thinking back on it today it makes me want to punch myself in the face. That and the Pringles. So many Pringles (they were on sale, I don’t want to talk about it).

The “meat” was the best part of the weekend. 10 hours of seeing some of my favorite bands live? I can’t even tell you how happy I was! Do you think I can convince the guys of Smallpools to lease an apartment with me?

Waking up Sunday wasn’t as bad as anticipated — and I was able to get to work and have a kickass time. I was tired by the end of my shift but some friends from the store convinced me to grab dinner and I knew I would be much more likely to eat vegetables at a restaurant than I would at home. So we headed to Doc B’s for giant salads.

IMG_5629Black Tiger Shrimp Salad: Field Greens & Avocado Vinaigrette, avocado, peppadew, red onion, jicama & feta

Is anyone else a HUGE fan of jicama in the summer?

And now, to metaphorically slab the sprouted grain piece of bread on my Responsible Weekend Sandwich, I just finished up journaling. Yep, goal-crushing over here.


  • Any jicama recipes you’re willing to share?
  • Do you often get caught in a healthy or unhealthy “sandwich” of sorts?


  1. I usually tend to front-load all my healthy activities- so I might go t bed early Friday night and go for a run Saturday morning, but then stay up later on Saturday and make not-so-good food choices. Sundays are usually just about recovering and preparing to get back into the swing of things.

  2. Your weekend sounds awesome! But I understand how you might be picking yourself apart for the “not-so-perfect” aspects of it. I do that all. the. time. I’m always like “if only I had done THIS ONE THING differently, then it would have been SO MUCH BETTER!” I also know from experience that there are two things commonly said to me that DON’T help. 1) “Well, it is what it is!” Like, okay, thanks, I KNOW it is what it is, but I’m still upset about it. And 2) “Just look back on the GOOD parts!” Yes, I AM, but it doesn’t stop me from playing the “what if” game. I guess if I had anything to say to help it’s that you sandwiched with good, which means two goods > 1 bad, and the sting of the bad will lessen in time 🙂

  3. JICAMA IS MY JAM. Also, thank goodness that they have upped their portions at doc b’s because I got the same salad a year or so ago and it was tiny for the price. But maybe they just don’t like me?
    I say that you have to live you live, and that is why there is a little thing called hashtag balance. Sometimes that means having a salad and then beer and ice cream. Sometimes that means having beer and ice cream for dinner. Hey, you are just fueling those muscles, right?

  4. Jicama is good, but I think I only have had it in restaruants. Sometimes it is hard to get up and get moving early so it’s easy to skip a run or a workout. But I think it’s important to have some fun and enjoy beer and Pringles sometimes too.

  5. Your weekend sounds perfect! I love that balance of healthy and not-so-healthy. I think that’s what weekends are all about. If all we did was indulge, we’d feel tired and gross by the end, but if all we did was eat salad and work out all weekend we’d be missing out on so much other fun stuff.

    So funny about the pringles too. We keep pringles in the house for Riley and literally the only time I eat them is on Sunday mornings. For some weird reason I just want one big handful every Sunday and I’m good.

    1. Exactly! I’m able to feel comfortable in my own skin because I work out and take care of myself most of the time. If I did it all the time I’d feel lethargic and sick, not actually getting to enjoy life. It’s annoying to say over and over again but it really is all about balance! Otherwise it becomes a cycle in the wrong direction.

  6. Haha, yes, I’m so with you on this. I’m like a combo of eating fruit salads followed by dumping a bag of spicy nacho Doritos over my face like I’m in some sort of all you can eat contest. But I feel like it all evens out – I love to work out and I love Dairy Queen, and I think that’s the new jack of all trades 😉

  7. Love your weekend and that you have the perspective of knowing that the meat of the sandwich is necessary. Lately I feel like I have been getting too wrapped up into the healthy living (buns of the sandwich) that I don’t allow myself to have the meat of the sandwich because I don’t want to digress ha.

    Side note – this sandwich metaphor is funny because normally when I have a sandwich I am all about the inside workings of a sandwich and usually leave the bread to be. #ThoughtProvoking Too much for a monday?

    1. You definitely seem like you have the healthy living thing under control haha. You’ve been killing it lately! And yes, that was a bit too #thoughtprovoking for 9am on a Monday but I’ll allow it.

  8. LOVE Jicama! So refreshing!! I usually just eat it raw with other veggie sticks. I fall into the “sandwich” of activities every weekend… except mine is usually more open faced… with the weekend ending with two glutenous home made pizzas and a bottle of wine!

    1. I was describing jicama to someone the other day and came up with this description: “It’s the texture of an apple that has a mild taste like cucumber or lettuce” haha. Pizza and wine is the most perfect combinations!

  9. I always start out healthy super early and then somehow end up stuffing my face with cake or ice cream or beer later on. Ah well balance right? Also, what the heck is jicama and why have I never heard of it before?!

  10. Ah. For Saturday, I’ll match you 120 oz of beer and raise you a double spicy Ceasar (equiv to your bloody marys down there) and you know what that equals? Barf. I barfed on Saturday night. I barfed on our very first date night without kids all day. Sigh… so yes, on Sunday I paid the piper.

  11. With the amount of ice cream I had, although between some good and healthy meals, I feel like my weekend went a little bit of the same!

    1. It’s all about the back-and-forth…emphasis on the healthy stuff so that you feel energetic, strong, and healthy to actually go out and enjoy that ice cream/pizza/beer. If you just eat badly all the time you won’t even feel comfortable going out to enjoy life!

  12. sometimes life throws us a curve ball that derails out healthy plans, but i’ve learned the hard way that in life, you’ve just gotta say “yes!” and throw somethings to the wind 🙂

  13. Girl, I totally understand your polarity – I am the same exact way! I’ll eat pasta, drink a bottle of wine & make cookies, then the next day I’ll have a green juice & go for a 4 hour hike hahaha hey, it’s all about balance right?? 😉

  14. HA! You sound so much like me it’s scary. I figure if I can stay on track during the week, workout regularly, and have one helluva fun time… it’s all good.

    Also, jicama is the jam.

  15. I have never had jimaca so you’ll have to make something and share it 🙂 The only way I get through festivals is copious amounts oh hard cider or sangrias. No shame there

  16. I love that term! My problem is that after a long work week, I sometimes start the shenanigans and wine on Friday but pull it back together by Sunday or Monday : ) Love the muscle pic!

  17. I was all about a responsible weekend this past weekend, but only because I had to mom. 🙂 I will probably be a lot less responsible this coming weekend. It sounds like you had a lot of fun though! Sometimes oversleeping has to happen. 😀

  18. I love jicama! I feel the same way (especially in the warm weather?)– intentions are there and they’re good at the start of a weekend– but nice weather= patios and deck living… leads to adult bevs outside… unhealthy snacks… it’s tough! But a healthy “sandwhich” is a good balance!

  19. Speaking of jicama, I worked at a hospital in LA a couple weeks ago and the cafe had it sliced up with a little Tajin (chili pepper, lime, and sea salt blend) with a slice of lime. So good!

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