I’m taking the week off of writing to finally finish my NASM textbook! Considering I started studying in September (and have already had to extend my deadline once), I think it’s time to really get down to business. I said I’d finish the book by the end of April, and since that’s Thursday, it’s time to get cracking! See you next week!



  1. You should take it with me. Or maybe you are planning on taking it before me and stealing my thunder??? Haha jk. Taking a week off is definitely a good idea. I still haven’t started crunch time since I have more than a month. Oh the joys of procrastination.

  2. MK&A love for life! Did you hear they are making a spin off Full House called Fuller House? Yup, DJ, Kimmie and Steph are back raising boys together! I will probably watch it and secretly love it while everyone else is a hater 😉

  3. Haha, good luck! I LOVE the Michelle meme 😀 (Sidenote: I looked so much like Mary-Kate and Ashley when I was little that people thought I was ‘Michelle’ from Full House when my mom took me grocery shopping haha)

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