Welcome Back!

It’s good to be back on this beautiful May Monday morning! How’s everyone doing today?

You know I love sharing jams so let’s start this post on a high note. Press play and read away!

First, the big news: I’m officially running in the Chicago Marathon this fall! (pause for celebration)

I’ll be running on behalf of Girls On The Run, where I volunteer. If you remember, twice a week I head to a local elementary school and teach a group of eight year olds about running, self-esteem and self-expression. It’s TOUGH — I don’t know how you teachers do it (so. much. energy)! But we’ve bonded now and I love it. I’m excited to be part of an after-school organization that teaches young girls so many valuable lessons.


Did I mention I’m freaking out a little? 26.2 miles? At the end of half marathons I always wonder how people double that mileage. I guess I’m going to find out!

I’m also back to eating fruits and veggies with every meal (no exceptions). Shoutout to mother nature for finally persuading me to crave things other than melted cheese and butter. It feels so good to fill up on foods that don’t have ingredients, but ARE ingredients, yafeelme?

Cereal killer breakfast of Product 19, Kashi, bananas, blueberries and almond milk

Cereal killer breakfast of Product 19, Kashi, bananas, blueberries and almond milk

Chicken burger with asparagus (steamed with salt and pepper)

Chicken burger with asparagus (steamed with salt and pepper)

This hummus rocks -- sometimes simple is best

This hummus rocks — sometimes simple is best

Egg wrap with squash and cheese

Egg wrap with squash and cheese

New favorite combination (add peanuts and some grilled chicken and it's a really filling meal)

New favorite combination (add peanuts and some grilled chicken and it’s a really filling meal)

But don’t worry I still always make time for the favorites:

unnamed (32)

Get outta town. My second home, otherwise known as Velvet Taco, outdid themselves with their weekly special (on the left). It was a pulled pork taco with gruyere cheese and other deliciousness that I can’t remember but had an X-rated love affair with. The #19 Bacon Egg Frittata taco was killer too: eggs, bacon, tater tots, chili butter, smoked cheddar, ranchero sauce, and micro greens. I’ll be making a list of my top five favorite tacos from here soon, I promise! Aren’t they gorgeous?

In other random happenings, we had AcroYoga in the window at the store this weekend. It was sick. People are so talented!

unnamed (24)

In my own sweaty pursuits, I tried SoulCycle last week with some of my favorite Windy City Bloggers. Review coming soon (I’m full of the “coming soons” lately — such a slacker).

unnamed (34)

In sum, yes, it was SpiritCycle. Tristafe included. #findyourbliss


And last but not least, it’s finally sunny and 75 in Chicagoland! All those winter months we put up with are worth it the minute patio season is here. I’ve taken so many walks lately for absolutely no reason and I love it. Not to mention everyone is in such a good mood! All hail the blessed sun!


unnamed (35)

Have a great week, folks! I can’t wait to catch up on everything I missed last week!


  • Is it finally spring where you live?
  • What’s your favorite food combination lately?
  • Have you ever tried SoulCycle? What did you think?


  1. Oh wow you are running the marathon! I know you can do it – scary stuff in my book but you definitely have the running genes!
    And those tacos… My heart skipped a beat when I read what was in them…! and 75F… I can only dream of those temps!!

  2. Woohoo! You’re gonna be a marathoner!! I used to think the exact same thing before I ran a marathon. I would always come to the point where the half splits from the marathon and think those people running marathons were insane! But once you are actually doing a marathon, you perspective changes completely. When you get to the 13.1 mark, you feel like you have just started!

  3. Ahh so excited to follow your marathon journey! You can do it! Don’t worry I am totally freaking out still that I am running this, and mine is two weeks away haha, you will do great!

  4. AHHHH congrats on signing up for your first full marathon! I love the picture of your and your GOTR girls- so cute.

    All of your recent eats look delicious! I love your focus on filling up on ingredients rather than things that have lots of ingredients- that’s a cool way to think of it!

  5. Haha I just watched that episode last night. So good.

    I had that weekly special taco too it was awesome. I’m pumped for you running the marathon…we were here last year when it happened and there’s so much great energy! I’m planning on running the half so you let me know how it feels to run it twice 🙂

    1. I’m so glad you tried that taco! It was their best one yet. I’m going tonight for Cinco de Mayo (duh) and I’m excited to see what they have (although I kinda hope they keep it a second week!)

  6. Girl!! You are so impressive! Best wishes with the marathon! I can’t even fathom a half marathon!! SO inspiring! …also, these eats look amazing!! Oh man! YUMMY and healthy 🙂 WIN!

  7. omg.

    I went to TJ’s today at 3.30pm and there were lines going out the door, I am not kidding you. 3.30pm is optimum time in Australia! Fail whale.

    Was it your blog which did a highlight of TJ goods? If it is, I need to go through your archives so i can scoot in and leave!

    1. I’ve definitely highlighted TJ’s stuff before. They have the BEST stuff I’m so excited for you. I still can’t believe you’re in NY! Who’s going to comment on my blog at 3am my time now? lol

  8. Today was 85 degrees! I forgot the world actually got this warm! ❤ My favorite food combination lately is beans and avocado. I know, stereotypical vegan, but hear me out. After three months of straight sandwiches because I was too lazy to cook, this a a wonderful way to refresh for spring. Also, every bean tastes good with avocado. All I need is some salt and YUM!

  9. I have been wanting to eat tacos for WEEKS. It must happen now. I have never tried SoulCycle — I’m a Spinning instructor and they always kind of make us feel guilty about the new cycle brands. Personally, I think it looks super fun and I’m wanting to start my own brand of cycling workout as well. Also, I want to hang with Chicago bloggers – I have so much love for you all!

    There are no seasons in Scotland. I am convinced. There’s warm and kind of sunny and rain and miserable. #NotBitter lol

  10. Your food looks so good and very healthy! Congratulations on signing up for Chicago. That is one of my bucket list races. Yes it is very nice here in the Northeast. I think it skipped spring and went right to summer but no complaints here. I hate the winters!

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