Friday Favorites: skits, shoes, soup

First thing’s first…unnamed (31)Glad we got that out there……

“Say What You Wanna Say” SNL Skit

Please. I beg of you. If you spend 3 minutes and 47 seconds to do anything today, WATCH THIS. I promise you’ve internalized most of the things they say, verbatim. It makes me laugh so hard every time.

“We’re not friends, and we’re never going to hang out. So, I’m going to not do this. I’m going to go away now.” Haha don’t you wish you could say that when you run into that random acquaintance on the street? And how many times do you ask someone to repeat their name because you can’t remember at the end of your conversation…and then you STILL don’t listen?

Finding new coffee shops

On my way to my first Girls On The Run practice, my assistant coach and I decided to meet up at one of her favorite coffee shops in Lakeview. I had never been to Heritage before, but my iced soy latte was truly one of the creamiest, simplest and yet most decadent lattes I’ve ever had. It was unusually sunny on Monday so it was the first time I’ve ordered an iced drink in months.

unnamed (17)

House of Cards Season Three

Spoiler alert: it’s devilishly addicting, as you would expect. If you’ve never watched this series, the first five episodes are dull as a doornail, but pleeeeease push through because it gets INSANE.


Snapchat: Discover

This new feature of Snapchat has become an awesome source of news and entertainment. Bonus? Food Network has a section and it’s always a random recipe or video featuring one of my favorite chefs. It’s the kind of stuff you don’t know you want to know until you see it — then you wonder how you ever lived a day without that knowledge.Yesterday I watched Bobby Flay grill pizza dough, and there was an awesome recipe for guava juice with chia seeds. It’s all the info I used to get when I forked over the $5 for Food Network magazine once a year for the October issue (autumn errrrythang). But now it’s fo free!

unnamed (24)

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

Sometimes you throw things in a crockpot and magic happens. I’ve been swimming in chicken noodle soup this week and it’s been glorious. No recipe, really, just chicken, chicken broth, zucchini, green peppers, celery, onion and carrots, seasoned with salt, pepper, thyme and a little garlic, all thrown in the hot tub for a few hours and voila.

unnamed (25)


So apparently going to that Metro City Soundtrack concert last week has permanently transported me to 2007 because I’m back to wearing Vans. They’re incredible. They’re the perforated black slip-ons and I haven’t taken them off my feet in a few days. Can’t stop won’t stop.

unnamed (30)

So…shoes, SNL,soup, I think we got all our bases covered for a good pre-weekend “favorites” edition. What were some of your “favorites” this week?

Now seriousy….go watch that first video. Still peeing.


  1. MmmmmMmmm…that soup looks yum! I love the ‘say what you wanna say video’! I have seen it before and it is definitely one of the best! Have a great weekend!

  2. I have finished season 3 of House of Cards (we watched them all in 3 days) and I loved every episode! but I just love politics, especially american politics, so the more political and technical it gets the more I love it!
    I LOVE your vans! I am desperate for a pair and will probably get some for the summer, too cold to wear right now! I have seen a leopard print pair that I want so bad!

  3. I am so impressed by your “throw everything in the crock pot and see what happens” recipe! I would be so nervous to end up with a meal I didn’t like after letting it cook all day long! But your soup looks delicious!

    1. Haha thanks! The main reason I shared it is because it worked out so well 😉 there are so many times that my “just throw it all in there” techniques don’t turn out so well haha. Have a great weekend Lisa!

  4. I have heard amazing things about Heritage Bicycles. It didn’t make the cut for the best cozy coffee shops post that I wrote for work (you should check that out, btdubs) but it is definitely many people’s fave!

  5. Imma need to watch that video when I get home and have sound. 🙂
    It seems like there is a lot of coffee chat around the blog world today. I APPROVE. And I also approve of Vans and home made chicken noodle. Mr. Salt just made buckets of it the other day! (Like literally.There is no more room in my fridge!) The best. I hope you have a marvelous weekend! Happy MARCH!

  6. Just watched the video – too funny! Ugh, I hate when I can’t remember names… One thing that just came to mind is when a few of my girlfriends who I’ve known for years and years continually make the same relationship mistake of trying to make it work with a guy when it’s clearly not going to is to say, “Sweetie, he’s just not that into you. This isn’t going to end well. Move on!!” Sounds cruel but good lord, I would love to say it sometime! Hahaha.

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