I can’t stay away


I tried so hard.

I said “I’m going to skip this week. I need a break. I have nothing to say.”

And then I remembered that I actually consider you all my friends and you don’t just “take a week off” from friends, even when you don’t think you’ve done anything particularly interesting recently. Friends in real life are more than happy to sit on the couch and watch shitty Netflix movies with you and not try to fill the silence. I think I just forgot that friends in bloggerland aren’t high maintenance either. So here I am.


Just a few random things because it’s Tuesday and I know there’s probably some kind of formula I’m supposed to follow but I’m feeling sassy.

I played this song 400 times yesterday. I’m really glad that people on the CTA or the street can’t tell what song you’re listening to because I had it on repeat ALL DAY. I thought I had my Spotify on private so that I could avoid that embarrassment as well, but surprise surprise that didn’t work out so I’m hoping none of my friends care enough about me that they’ll have noticed that in their newsfeed. Regardless, Tom Hanks is an adorable human. And Carly Rae Jepsen knows how to write a single.

It hovered around 50 degrees yesterday for the first time in god knows how long. I went to Shred415 for a lululemon community workout but the second I got home I changed into my running clothes and jogged around the neighborhood. I never thought I’d be saying that Wrigley Field was my neighborhood. How cool is that?

unnamed (33)

Chipping away at #100milemarch

I walked everywhere yesterday in a long sleeve shirt and vest and it was glorious. I’m also fortunate enough that my school for Girls On The Run in withing walking distance so yesterday afternoon I headed over there to meet my girls!

As you can imagine, nothing went according to plan, the girls were rambunctious, and we didn’t get to half of what we were supposed to get done. But it was FUN. And my assistant coach and I agreed that that’s the most important thing. The girls ran close to two miles on their first day! I still remember completing an 11 minute mile in 8th grade and feeling like I’d run a marathon. Childhood obesity, who?

This weekend is St. Patrick’s Day. I’m neither Irish nor a huge fan of binge drinking so I don’t care that much, but it’s just another excuse to drink mimosas at 9am on a weekend so I plan on celebrating.


Oh, and I made these chicken enchiladas last night and they rocked my world. So maybe try ’em sometime. I considered doing Whole30 for half an hour but realized that I’m not yet committed to giving up cheese. This girl has no willpower.



  • Favorite Tom Hanks movie — GO!
  • If you’ve done Whole30, what was the hardest thing to give up? If you haven’t, what WOULD be the hardest?


  1. Cheese is the sole reason I modified my version of Whole30l…#wholearman hollaa. lol. Oh and potatoes but then they are allowed now!

    Forgot to tell you, when I tried to watch the youtube video from SNL, it BANNED ME. It told me I wasn’t allowed to watch it because im in Australia lol!

    1. Hahahah SNL ain’t got time for you Aussies! That’s terrible though! I love that you modified Whole30 lol you’re so good at trying different elimination diets! I really wish I had more willpower. I feel like I have no discipline when it comes to food!

  2. I am the same as you – I went to take some time off the blog to focus on school but I just can’t keep away! I love it too much – so even if it is just a wee post to say hi then I am happy!
    Favourite Tom hanks movie… Now that’s a tricky one… There are too many good ones! I’m gonna say either big, you’ve got mail or toy story! If that counts! What about you?

  3. I’ll give you my cheese. I’m a good friend. 😀 I hope it stays like this. I just want to frolic and kick up my hheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeels!

    1. Lisa I admire you so much — I really need to work on my discipline when it comes to food. There’s no reason why I shouldn’t be able to try Whole30 or at least some kind of elimination diet. You kicked Whole30’s butt!

  4. You crack me up! I feel your pain on the cheese, I would be depressed without it I think….

    Favorite tom hanks movie… ‘Big’
    Glad you decided to say hi to us in bloggerland. I have been slacking on the blog front too, just kind of feeling lazy about it. :/

  5. I think I would miss Wine like Crazy! I love the movie “A League of Their Own”…it’s one of my top picks of all time! 🙂 Glad you posted and said hello today!!!

  6. OMG that cheese picture hahahahaha.
    I’m glad you didn’t stay away. 🙂 Sometimes taking a break can have an undesired effect…like you plan on a week off and then suddenly it’s 3 months later and you’re all WTF just happened. So you best just stick around. 😀
    Hooray for that glorious running weather! Let’s hope THAT sticks around for us all! Fave Tom Hanks movie? Gotta go with Big. 🙂

  7. Favorite Tom Hanks movie- You’ve Got Mail! Our Girls on the Run practices never go as planned either but that’s alright, we have fun like you said!

  8. Oh my gosh, wasn’t yesterday amazing? I was the happiest runner in the whole wide world yesterday (well, me and probably everyone else that was running in Chicago). No hat, no gloves, CROPS (omg. I wore crops. I haven’t worn crops since…October?): it was everything I’ve ever wanted. I didn’t even mind all the puddle jumping I had to do (despite the fact that said puddles probably mucked up my brand new shoes) because puddles = melting snow = PURE JOY. Get at me, spring time. I am oh so ready for you.

  9. Anytime I think about taking a blog break, I just roll with it for a couple days and always come back with something to talk about. It’s a cycle. HA. Giving up cheese was the hardest when I first went vegan, but like all things I got used to it.

    1. I think we all underestimate our power of self-control. You’re right — you can get used to anything. And since a plant-based diet does so much good for you, that definitely outweighs the desire for putting cheese one everything, I’m sure.

  10. awww, blogger friend. 🙂 i’m loosely trying to do Whole 30 right now (i say “loosely” because i’m def not sticking to it 100%), but we are opposites — the one thing i have no prob giving up, b/c i rarely eat it anyway, is cheese/dairy. not my fave!

  11. Wasn’t today amazing too!
    So I’m laughing because I feel the same way. I don’t want to blog…what will I say? And then I start and I can’t shut up. Guess we are all kind of like friends : )

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