Whoops I almost missed Monday

So….apparently it’s Monday. I definitely knew that I just couldn’t get it together to write last night. I was up way past my bedtime thanks to the SNL40 Special, which was everything I hoped it would be and more. Did anyone else watch? What’s your favorite SNL skit of all time? I say anything with Kristin Wiig or Stefon. Or whenever Jimmy Fallon was in a sketch and he breaks out laughing (in other words, every skit he’s ever been in). Or when Justin Timberlake, the most talented man on the globe, makes an appearance. Or The Californians. Too many great moments to choose from!

It was such a full weekend — I spent almost every minute with friends.

Friday night I went home for my high school’s annual fundraiser. Every year they shut down for about a week and turn the place into a “town.” The hallways are completely decorated, the gym is turned into a casino, and each classroom is booked by local bands or comedy groups (usually parents and alumni).  I’d been in the past when I was in high school (the under 21 crowd goes on Thursday nights every year) but this was my first year going on the weekend. Nothing like seeing your Catholic high school dean drunk in the hallways where she once yelled at you for not having your shirt tucked in. Good times.

unnamed (24)

You can’t tell but this picture was taken in front of my Freshman/Senior year locker. It was so funny to be there with a drink in my hand (let’s not even get started on the fact that there was a margarita machine in my old AP Government classroom).

Saturday was about as stereotypical as it gets — no shame.


Red Robin lunch date with Kari + the above movie. If you need me to explain then you’ve obviously been living on a rock so we can just move past that. All I’ll say is, if you read the books, it was a really good adaptation to the big screen. If you didn’t read them, you probably thought the world is going to hell in a hand basket.

I rushed back home to the city that night just in time for a romantic roommate dinner at Portillo’s, aka the one place that didn’t require a reservation.

unnamed (14)

I dove headfirst into the chopped salad because I truly believe it is made of sparkles and rainbows. I almost went for the famous cheese fries but knew I needed room for the real star of the show:

unnamed (15)

Love Is: CAKE SHAKE. For any non-Chicagoans out there, it is a chocolate shake with a piece of chocolate cake blended into it. And it is fabulous.

I made grand plans to go out on Saturday night but the windchill was below zero so I spent the night in front of a space heater, eating chocolate from my freezer and watching shitty Netflix movies.

I had to work on Sunday but once I was off I stopped by Trader Joe’s, got the fixins for make-your-own pizzas and headed to Spencer’s for the SNL special. It was a fun group of people and I ate my body weight in pizza, Ranch Wheat Thins (revolutionary!) and red velvet bundt cake.

unnamed (16)

My face hurt from laughing so hard during the three and a half hour-long show. I was a little sad that the “confirmed” N*SYNC reunion didn’t happen haha but there was way too much good stuff to even notice.

So all in all, it was the best kind of weekend. Minus the fact that I didn’t work out once…yikes. Back on that train today, I guess!

Other highlights from the weekend:

  • I tried Jimmy John’s for the first time and didn’t hate it
  • Taylor Swift finally put out the “Style” music video
  • I helped Whitney from this season of “The Bachelor” pick out yoga pants at lululemon. Don’t say I never did my part to change the world.


  • Pizza: homemade or delivery?
  • Did you watch the SNL special? What’s your favorite sketch of all time?
  • How was your Valentine’s Day?


  1. Looks like you had a fantastic weekend! That fund raiser that your school has looks incredible! I’d love to do something like that where I went and now teach! Pizza is always better delivered but I feel WAY less guilty when I make it myself! So funny you met Whitney…Question: Is her voice as high pitched in real life as it is on the show? That is the one thing I just cant get over with her. I just said last night that if she talked normal, I would probably pick her to win!

  2. My weekend was super lazy. The SNL special was awesome and I loved it!

    I ended up being really confused about 50 Shades bc when the book was out all I heard was how everyone loved it and now that the movie is out I just hear things about it being the worst thing ever bc of whatever reason people decide to use. It confuses me…

  3. Sounds like a fabulous weekend! Your high school event sounds awesome. I was right by Portillo’s Saturday night. I have only had Portillo’s once. I still need to go and get the chopped salad because everyone speaks so highly of it. And cake shake?! Yes please!

  4. I made it through most of the special last night before I got tired, but it was really funny! And helping Whitney pick out leggings- ahhh, she’s one of my favorites this season. I’m pretty sure he picks her in the end too.

    And homemade pizza for the win! We had it on Saturday for our at-home valentine’s day and I’ll take it over carryout any day.

  5. Oh my word, I NEED a cake shake!!! I’ve heard about pie shakes, too, which sound incredible. Like apple pie blended into vanilla ice cream?!?!

  6. I want to eat everything you had this weekend! I mean a piece of cake in a milkshake! What brilliant drunk person dreamed that one up? And ranch wheat thins are so dangerous for me. I can probably eat the whole box in one sitting.

    Was I the only one disappointed in the Style video? I was just expecting so much more for that song I guess.

  7. That seriously sounds like the best Valentine Day’s plan ever! I have been stationed in front of a space heater with Friends for the past week! Why must it be so cold haha

  8. Jimmy John’s has the most DELICIOUS sub rolls! This is coming from a girl who works at a place America renowned for bagels and bread. Those JJs rolls are divine!
    I didn’t watch the SNL special but my favorite skits would have to be around the 2008 election with Poehler and Fey. SO FUNNY! I have read all the ladies of SNL’s book and they are hilarious as well.
    My Vday was great. My friends and I had a singles party. We did wine and food pairings and just ate all day. Having been sick a few days prior, I was ALL ABOUT ALL THE FOOD! I like Valentine’s Day because it breaks up the slog of winter. It makes me feel happy. I’m glad you had a great weekend!

    1. People are obsessed with their rolls! I wonder what they do to make them so special….

      Your Valentine’s Day sounds incredible! If my group of friends lived closer I would have definitely loved to do something like that! Well, that, and they don’t really love food the way I do haha. So next time just invite me to your party!! 🙂 Glad you’re feeling better!

  9. OMG i am so excited to share a recipe I was contemplating not because I know I’ll have at least one fan…

    Sounds like you had an amazing V day- Well minus that movie. Also…Why didn’t I go to your high school?

    1. Lol about my high school…they’re crazy sticklers 363 days of the year but these 2 days it’s like all rules are forgotten in the name of “fundraising” — so don’t worry, on the day-to-day you didn’t miss much 😉 Wait what recipe?! I’ll see if I can guess when you share it!

  10. What a great weekend! That’s so cool that your old high school does that as a fundraiser! That would never happen here – wish it would!
    I am drooling over that salad, you can take the cake shake though! Haha!
    Really wish they would show SNL over here, I am desperate to watch it, really feel like I am missing out on something fantastic!

  11. Sounds like you had an amazing weekend… I totally missed Monday haha.

    The party in your high school looks epic, I would love to do that.

    –> I like homemade pizza best, even though it’s more work
    –> Kristen Wiig – Target skit probably
    –> Had a fabulous valentine’s day!! 🙂

  12. WAIT WHAT STOP. You met Whitney?! That’s insane!! To be honest I don’t think I’d recognize her out of context. This also potentially throws a monkey wrench in the way I thought this season worked out. HMM. Interesting. Although, I don’t care about anything after last night when he sent THE ONE GIRL who probably could’ve survived in Iowa home. (For the record, I still think this show is absolutely horrific and stocked entirely with people who don’t have enough acting skills to get an actual acting gig and thus are relegated to reality TV, which is SO OBVIOUSLY all fake fake fake. Chris is the worst out of all of them, imo. COULD he possibly be less comfortable on camera? Or interacting with people in general? I think not. But my roommates watch every Monday night, so unless I’m feeling really anti-social, I feel compelled to join them.)

    Cake shakes are my Valentine every day ❤ ❤ ❤ (not in the sense that I have one every day…just in the sense that my heart belongs to them alone every day, obviously 😛 ).

    1. Hahaha ok so I definitely share your sentiment on the show it’s just SO trashy that I love leaving my life for two hours a week and escaping to the land of daddy issues and attention-craving women. I took a class on media and why we watch what we do and it’s definitely safe to say that most people who watch the bachelor are smarter than people assume lol. Cake shakes are heavenly!!

  13. I never really have much time to do it, but I LOVE making pizza at home. Honestly that’s the only time I will ever eat pizza is if I make it myself. 🙂
    I DVRed the SNL special because I wasn’t able to watch all of it, but the parts I saw were freaking hysterical (Celebrity Jeopardy…one of my all time favorites and I loved seeing all the old audition tapes!)

    Our Valentine’s was good. Low key. Very cold and lots of crazy wind here so we just had sushi and movies at home. It sounds like you had a great weekend!

  14. You always eat the most delicious sounding & looking food. I seriously just want to fly to Chicago right now & join you. It’d even be my treat!

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