Halloween 2020

In a surprising twist of events, Halloween 2020 ended up happening six years early.

Apparently if you have an open day and a whole lot of friends whose plans are cancelled last minute, you can throw an adorable ALMOST Pinterest-esque Halloween party. No, there weren’t donuts hanging from trees or apple bobbing, but there was Catch Phrase, spiked cider and squash so I’d say it was a success.

I started off the day in pure pumpkinΒ bliss: pumpkin pancakes (my favorite Kodiak cakes + pure canned pumpkin + spices) and coffee filled to the brim with Bailey’s pumpkin spice creamer.


Once I heard that people were going to come over after all, I got to the prep. We ended up with quite the feast, thanks to some easy recipes and family brainstorming.

The final spread:

  • Shrimp cocktail
  • Tortilla chips and homemade guacamole
  • Grapes
  • Clementine Jack-o-Lanterns
  • Greek yogurtΒ Spinach dipΒ and pita crisps
  • Candy corn and peanuts
  • Spiked cider
  • Dirt cups (vanilla pudding + orange food coloring and crumbled oreos)
  • Delicata squash roasted with coconut oil, stevia and cinnamon


IMG_0858 IMG_0853 IMG_0866 IMG_0893

IMG_0872IMG_0868 IMG_0870IMG_0875 IMG_0884 unnamed

We spent the night listening to the monster mash, handing out candy to a dozen characters from Frozen, playing Catch Phrase, and watching “Zodiac.” It was everything I imagined my Halloween 2020 party to be and more.

And just when I thought the weekend couldn’t get any better, I totally kicked butt in the breakfast department on Saturday. I was running early for work so I decided to take myself on a little date to my favorite bagel shop downtown, NYC Bagel Deli. This place rocks my world. I had an everything bagel with two eggs, cheddar cheese, tomatoes and green peppers.


Please let there be bagel sandwiches in heaven.


  • How did you spend your Halloween?
  • What’s your favorite Halloween candy?
  • Have you ever played board games at a party? What’s your favorite?


  1. Yay! Glad you had a great Halloween after all! Mine was pretty low-key, so I wish I could have been at yours actually. BUT! We are young and with many Halloween’s to come, I’m sure to find success in Halloween’s in the future. Have a great week!

  2. Giant Jenga is usually a good party came. But cards against humanity is one of the best. And inappropriate, thus why I love it. That is such a great party–so much orange and oranges. You can imagine we got no trick or treaters πŸ˜€

  3. looks like such a fun Halloween party! i spent Fri night on a train upstate after work, and then chilled and drank wine at my parents’ house with my mom and crashed early to prep for a full day on Saturday. no Halloweeny things for me this year. glad you had such a fun weekend!

    1. Well luckily the kids showed up later on so I wasn’t stuck with all that candy πŸ˜‰ We definitely were more determined as young trick-or-treaters! I did it all four hours, even when the sun went down! This year, though, the minute it was dark the kids stopped coming. Wimps!!

  4. Lol i think “all candy, no kids” could be the tagline of my entire life πŸ˜€ Love love love your halloween party! Those clementines are adorable!

    1. Aw look at you little Ms. Popular! haha I wish we had more kids come by – we had a lot but not as many as I remember having when I was younger. Kids need to get on it – it’s free candy, for goodness sake!

  5. At parties I am the only one playing the board games, BAH AH AH! I will be in the corner by myself having a HOOT all alone – AHHH HA H! I am never bored when I am alone?

    I LOVEEEEEEE Loaded Questions & Cards Against Humanity!

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