TOL: there’s a mouse in my house + prenatal vitamins


Running is finally getting easier!!! I can bust out 4-5 miles like it’s nothing. I mean it’s something but hey I don’t have to bring my rescue inhaler with me anymore #winning

unnamed (2)

There’s a mouse in my house.


I’ve seen it twice – and only screamed like there was a psycho killer in my house the first time. The second time I gave him the head nod and went about my business. Thank god I have cats (is that evil?)

It’s officially leggings as pants season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Suck it, haters!

unnamed (3)

I hate that expensive candles are the only ones that really smell. I spent $25 on a candle from Bath and Body works and it makes my whole house smell like a pumpkin patch within minutes. Being the fiscal conservative that I am I did NOT want to fork over that kind of cash again, so I went with a small autumn candle from Kohl’s. Well it’s been lit for five hours now and it’s just now starting to work its magic. I am not pleased. I guess another trip to The Works is in order sooner rather than later.


Chocolate chips have become my new go-to dessert. They’re cheap, easy, and delicious, just how I like my men.


Hopefully that GIF didn’t give you epilepsy. If so don’t bother suing I have no money. But I can ship you some chocolate chips overnight?

There are some serious words of wisdom floating around the internet this week. I’m feeling so inspired.

unnamed (5)unnamed (9)What I take out of these:

  • Life is all about perspective – change your perspective, change your world.
  • Be present – wherever you are, be all there. It doesn’t matter if you’re watching TV on a Wednesday night with your friends or at a dinner party – just BE there.
  • Take things at your own pace – there’s no rule book for anything. Quit trying to figure out what you “should” do.
  • Eat breakfast. Because there’s literally nothing better than breakfast.

unnamed (10)

I have the best banana bread recipe that I would love to share with you but seriously how many more “amazing” banana bread recipes do we HLBs need? (but for real my recipe has millet and slivered almonds in it so that makes it different and unique and special right right right?!)

Reading all of your marathon recaps from this past weekend finally convinced me to take the plunge and train for Chicago next year! I loved reading all about the emotional rollercoaster that is marathon training and, call me crazy, but I want all of it. All the ice baths, all the post-run stretching, all the carb-loading and the early Friday nights. It’s gonna be a parrrrrrty!


And last but not least, prenatal vitamins.

Have any of you taken these when you’re not pregnant? Yay or nay? Some women at work have touted it as a good supplement for my hair loss, brittle nails and general lack of energy lately. But then of course the internet says I’m going to die. So please give me your two cents.


  • What’s your favorite dessert lately?
  • Ever heard of women taking prenatal vitamins without being pregnant?
  • Do you really think quality of life is a matter of perspective? 


  1. After reading your title, I was like….No way. Not another pregnant blogger lol! I love that you mentioned you have a cat. That is epic.

    What isn’t epic- the fact that you spent $25 on a CANDLE?! Is it gold plated? Did Madonna or Beyonce kiss it first?

    1. OH MY GOD I really really hope people read thru the post and don’t think I’m pregnant hahaha. Maybe that’s the downside to America…shitty candles?? Where do you buy cheaper ones that are still effective? And okay fine I rounded up it was $23.50 does that help? haha

  2. I LOVE leggings as pants season!! I pretty much live in them all fall- lol “suck it haters” and yes- everything is about perspective!! i need to remember not to do what i think i “should.” Also, im with Arman, when i read the title i was like “another pregnant blogger?!” hahah i have no idea if non-preg women can take them!

  3. There truly is nothing better than breakfast! I swear a good breakfast keeps you smiling all day!
    I think realising and focusing on all the amazing things you do have can change your perspective on life – those always wanting more, trying to work though a crazy bucket list don’t tend to ever be truly happy. See the joy in everything you do – big or small! 🙂

  4. I definitely think that quality of life is a matter of perspective. Absolutely, no questions asked. That is why there are people that have absolutely nothing materially, but think they have the world, and vice versa.
    Also, they are likely dealing with serious mental disorders, but go with me here.

    1. Yeah I mean there are obviously exceptions – people with mental disorders, the homeless, etc etc. but for the average person I totally agree with the second picture. We’re all living in the same world – those who see the bad and those who see the good.

  5. Awesomeness!! You rock!! Not kidding either!! 😉 I always love reading your posts!! They flow so smoothly!! Yaaay!! So cool you’re training for a marathon! You’re going to have a wonderful experience! I really can’t wait to read your upcoming posts about it!! Too cool! I do think quality of life is a matter of perspective. I’m sure it’s not easy for everyone to see life like that because living in the moment isn’t easy for everyone (depending upon what you’re going through), but perspective is key. I went through a chocolate chip phase, too!! They make a great dessert! I used to take prenatal vitamins for my hair/skin/nails, but my body started feeling really really bad. I felt sick to my stomach a lot, too. However, my doctor said it was completely safe for me, too. Maybe consult your doctor. Have a fab day!! You rock!! xoxo

    1. Haha well I say that now but we’ll see if I can be as dedicated to training as you are 😉 I’ve heard that prenatal vitamins have made some people feel sick so I’ll definitely keep an eye out for that, thanks!

  6. Lauren, your sassiness totally cracks me up!! And your breakfast looks amazing but I’m not so sure about those prenatal vitamins… I just can’t wait for your mom to find those in your kitchen haha!

    I’m so proud of you for deciding to train for the marathon next year!! I know you can do it because, well, you’re just amazing! And look at you bustin’ out 4-5 miles! If I’m lucky, I can do 2 without wanting to die! I think there really couldn’t be a better time for you to train for the marathon and just focus on your own “plan”, and not anyone else’s! 🙂

    P. S. not sure if you’ve ever alluded to Ed Sheeran’s song, “Thinking Out Loud” on these TOL days, but your post made me think of it. If you haven’t heard the song, take a listen or better yet, watch the music video because it is the sweetest thing!

    1. Yay Meesh I’m so happy you commented!!! Thanks for your words of wisdom and I couldn’t agree with you more about this being the perfect time to train 😀 And I have heard that song but I didn’t put the two together haha now it’s stuck in my head

  7. You BET I’m all about leggings this winter–fleece leggins on the bottom, and cute leggins on top. Layering!!!

    Yep! Your quality of life is ALLL about how you view it! I was actually just thinking about that yesterday.

    My sis took prenatal vitamins before she was prego and she said they worked miracles!

  8. Too funny about the mouse in your house(well not really) but reminded me of when I was younger I was out in my play house and I came running in screaming there’s a mouse in my house and my uncle says Mickey Mouse rocks the house? Obviously I had a speech problem when I was younger….lol. I never heard of taking prenatal vitamins when your not pregnant so I can’t give you any advice there.

    1. Thank you for being the first and only person to react to the fact that there is a rodent in my house lol I feel like that has been wayyy too casually ignored 😉 I has a speech impediment growing up so I feel your pain haha although speech class was the bomb – except when we had to miss Bill Nye the Science Guy videos cuz of it. Still a little bitter about that one

  9. Oh my gosh, yes to the candle thing. I love the title of this post. We had a mouse in my college house and I think I refused to eat dinner at home for like 2 weeks straight. And how’s that for thinking out loud comments edition?!

  10. Ooooh, marathon, huh? That’s great! From what I can tell, it seems to be something you either totally fall in love with or basically loathe until it’s over, but you’ll never know which camp you fall into until you try it.

    I am ALL about chocolate chips. I may or may not have personally blown through more than one bag we had in our apartment that was meant to be available for everyone. Oops. I also may or may not have consciously chosen to NOT buy more chocolate chips, because I know no one else uses them, and I knew if I bought more I’d eat the whole bag…again. Haha. They’re so good!

    1. You’ll have to teach me all about getting involved with CARA 🙂 chocolate chip bags are my kryptonite – I probably go thru a bag every 4-5 days. But they’re soooo good! I know the struggle of eating more than ppl I live with haha it’s a funny problem

  11. Oh my gosh, so much to say in response to this post! #1 – I know, cheap candles suck. I usually go to Bed Bath & Beyond with an army of 20% off coupons and buy a bunch of Yankee Candles because they are amazing! #2 – Oh yeah, I’m all about the leggings too! #3 – Seriously, that Godiva visual is a little much for my dessert-loving self to take! And #4 – Congrats on committing to a marathon! Awesome! Can’t wait to hear about how your training goes.

    1. Cheap candles really are garbage. Ugh yet another thing you have to suck it up and spend the $ for a better one. Haha we’ll see about the marathon when I have to fork over $150 in march just to get into the lottery. Please remind me then how motivated I am now 😉

  12. B&BW candles definitely smell the best out of all the scented candles out there. But yeaaaaah they can be kind of pricey. What I love to do is wait for the sales and stock up then. Sometimes you can even get 3 for $25… And then they give you a coupon on your receipt so you can save even more money #winning :mrgreen:

  13. I’ve heard that prenatal vitamins are good regardless of being preggo or not. So jazzed your runs are going so well, way to bite the bullet for the marathon. You’re a better man than I.

    1. Well as of now it’s all talk so don’t go throwing me a party or anything just yet. Glad to hear you are supportive of the prenatal vitamins! You seem smart and experienced with this kind of stuff so I’m gonna go with it 😉

  14. Oh my gosh! I would wear leggings every single day if it were acceptable. Best thing ever!

    I have only taken prenatal vitamins while pregnant. It probably isn’t necessarily harmful for you but I don’t see why a multivitamin wouldn’t help you out instead? Only because the prenatal vitamins contain a lot more of certain vitamin/minerals because you have that extra human to look after. I’m not sure you would really need all that. Also, the iron in them make some women feel nauseated. Just FYI.

    1. I surprisingly haven’t felt nauseate yet but that’s the main complaint I’ve heard so I’m keeping at eye out for it 🙂 and yes, I wear leggings every day almost and as they say, “long hair, don’t care.” No judgement!

  15. Love that you also posted the How to Be a Better Human piece! I was so happy when I had someone send me that last week. Such a great reminder to live life to the fullest. Also stoked for leggings (even tho I’d be more stoked for shorts, but I’ll take it bc I’m all about comfort and snowboarding gear aka long johns!), and I’m glad to hear running is going well! Have a fab wknd dolly.

  16. Yay for running getting easier!!!!! 🙂
    I hate to spend $25+ on a candle as well but Yankee Candle has the best smelling candles in the world! I usually find a coupon to spend on them. The best part is they last for years. I light candles about twice a week or so, that is how I get them to last so long!!
    My friend takes prenatals and she is so not trying to have a baby. She says they are just like regular vitamins but provide a little more! I see no harm in taking them!

  17. I always stock up on B&BW candles when they have their 2 for $20 sale going on! I’ve never heard of taking prenatal vitamins when you’re not pregnant. I can’t swallow pills so I could never take them but I do take the regular gummy vitamins and an iron supplement!

  18. Leggings as pants season is the best season. Bath and body works really does have the best candles, although you can find some decent ones at target also. Not that they are much cheaper, maybe $5. But that’s two cups of starbucks, or a quarter pair of leggings, so perhaps it really is worth the shot? I take a pre-natal (and I’m def not pregnant) and have been for about 6 months now consistently. I haven’t died yet. I look at the dose on the bottle and the amounts of everything (A, D, K1/K2, mag, cal, ect…) and compare it to what I need and decide my dosing guidelines based on that. I think as long as you are taking the amount for your body then those extra vitamins and minerals in that vitamin can help. It’s not always a higher dose, rather there are just different (read:more variety) of goods inside the pill. 🙂

    1. Great info! I have been taking them for a little over a week now and nothing bad to report yet except they are horse pills haha. I just hate how you dont know if you purchased a bad candle until it’s too late haha

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