BESIDES health and fitness…

Besides health and fitness, what makes you happy? I feel like I know you all on this surface level of loving to sweat, to eat well and to get our workout on. But what else brings out the best in you?

For me, it’s music! Nothing makes me happier than a midweek concert. Like last night, for example. Post margarita and taco fest, I got to see my girl Betty Who shake it on stage and I loved every single second of it. I didn’t get in a workout yesterday (the nap craving won instead) and I didn’t think much about what I was eating. But you know what, I’m more than a health nut. I’m layered, yo 😀 And I know you all are too. It’s easy to hide behind a label. But I want to get to know you even more.

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And yes, High Society will be my wedding song. Future husband, take note.

So tell me, what sparks your passion besides that long run, that spin class, or that new recipe or restaurant? I know there’s more to y’all than that 😉

Is it horseback riding, brewing your own beer, fantasy sports, jousting, watching scary movies, playing hide and go seek with your seven year old neighbor and his friends? What exhilarates you? What gives you that “holy crap I’m alive” feeling?


  1. A music fan, eh? I’m pretty stock standard bland and I love travelling- but now I feel like I’ve checked out most of the places on my bucket list and it’s a matter of returning to my favourite places! Maybe roller coasters make me feel alive 😛

  2. Good idea! Whenever I am asked my hobbies and interests I always say food, writing and CrossFit! But there is so much more to me!
    I love the cinema, especially in the afternoon. I love going to every museum I can get my hands on, I always have a desire to learn about the past. This goes hand in hand with travel and exploring, but I don’t have to travel far, even exploring new parts of scotland gets me so excited. And along with my husband David, I support the Atlanta Falcons (but don’t support any British sports team!) – and we get to see them when they play a game in London on the 26th!!

    1. I had an encounter when someone asked me point blank what I like and I literally just said “uhhhh I like working out?” I couldn’t think of anything else on the spot, even though I know there’s so much more to me than that. I didn’t know you supported the Falcons! Do you guys watch NFL in Scotland? That’s so cool!

  3. Ahh love it and glad you had a good time. I’d have to say besides health and fitness I truly enjoy writing and traveling. I don’t do the traveling part enough but when I am traveling I am giddy the entire time.

  4. definitely a super important issue to raise, and i love that you phrase it as being “layered” — perfect way to put it. besides health/fitness/running, i’m totally passionate about my writing (it’s my first love — poetry and poetic prose), and about music as well, both singing and finding new music! i’m currently crushing HARD on the band 1975 — if you don’t know them, do yourself a favor and download them stat. amazing!

  5. What makes me happy… You just opened a can of worms, LOL:
    – A warm, freshly laundered bed
    – A cold apartment so I can snuggle in my soft as a cloud blanket
    – Rainy days so I can light candles in my apartment
    – Hosting Web and TV Shows
    – Helping Friends & Family with anything and everything they need
    – Making a bomb video for my blog
    – Making people laugh
    – Turning on some booty music in the morning and working it like a stripper in my home (LOL)
    – Cuddling with a certain stud muffin 😉
    – Freshly baked spaghetti squash
    – Roasted salmon belly
    – A full tank of gas (in my car… I could do without a full tank of STOMACH GAS, please! lol… Because then cuddling with that muffin is not so comfortable, lol)

    1. Rainy days + candles is a favorite of mine too! Hahaha i’m laughing out loud at these. Booty music can only be enjoyed in the privacy of my own home – wayyyy too embarrassing to be showing these moves off in public!

      1. GIRL! I was dancing to it this morning, in the mirror and I was thinking, HOT DAMN I want STUD MUFFIN HERE WATCHING – but he would have just thought I was an idiot! BAHHH HA AH! Clearly I think I am far sexier than I am!

  6. I totally agree with ya! We don’t seem to get to much into what happens when we aren’t being all healthy and sweaty! I am a huge animal lover! One of my favorite things of my day is taking my puppy out on a walk and playing with him at home. Nothing is better than a movie night cuddling with my cat and dog! I am a home body for that reason, but I love those nights in and oh don’t forget my hot cup of tea!

    1. See that’s something I wouldn’t have guessed! Thanks so much for sharing that Hil! I reallllly wish I had a puppy haha but I should probably get to work on getting some allergy shots before I actually consider it 😉 haha

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