The 500 (workout)

To cast all your worries aside, no I haven’t dropped down some bottomless sand pit or traveled to a foreign land where there’s no internet connection. Sadly my only excuse for the lack of blogging this week is the “busy epidemic” but instead of complaining I figured I’ll just share a new workout with you!

I created it last night and it really kicked my butt. If you don’t know a certain exercise, that’s nothing a quick Google search can’t fix! Just remember, for reverse crunches, you can either do these with straight legs (more difficult) or with your knees at your chest. I do it with straight legs because it’s an exercise that really challenges your core, something I personallyΒ need to work on.


Work it out! Enjoy!


  1. Ooooo I like the idea of a 500 second run. Very, very nice. And can I say that I love reverse crunches? Is that weird? Or weird than I am normally? Good luck with all of your work!! Get it done so we can go on a date πŸ˜€

    1. Yes yes yes! I used to hate them too but now that I’m improving I love it because I can really see progress (that’s always so motivating). I’m going to the suburbs this weekend but let’s try to set a date for sometime next week? I’ll email you!

  2. Sounds like we’ve both come down with a case of the busies this week. Keep on keepin’ on, lady! Nice work coming up with a workout to fit in, anyway! I love the 500 second run idea — it’s not very often you see these number-based workouts with something like that! Very cool.

    1. It worked out really well because that’s about 8:33 aka around a mile, which I think is a perfect distance to end a tough workout, a good way to shake out the legs. I’m better at doing workouts where you’re working toward a numerical goal instead of a time goal, so doing 100 reps of different exercises made it fly by.

  3. This is fab!! Looking for some good workouts to incorporate into my gym routine this weekend… will keep yours in mind. πŸ™‚ Oh, and trust me you aren’t the only one who has been hit with the busy epidemic!! It must be something in the air this week.

  4. Nice! I might have to try this tonight and modify it a bit because I can’t run in my apartment while my kid is asleep. Reverse crunches have done wonders for my lower abs!

  5. This looks so good– but so intense! I might give a modified version a try– minus the high knees… for some reason I just cannot do them properly! haha

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