scenes from the weekend

Hi folks! I can’t wait to read about all your weekends. Mine was filled with tons of activity, sunshine, furniture shopping and, of course food. Is anyone else blown away that it’s June? March, April and May flew by but I’m hoping that June will slow its roll so we can enjoy the nice weather that we all deserve so much.

As you saw yesterday, Zain and I started out the weekend by biking to the farmers market early Saturday morning. We didn’t buy anything but it was just nice to walk around and see the options for the future. Next time I’ll be sure to go around lunch time – there were tons of awesome food options! Tacos, fancy grilled cheese, crepes…I was pretty mad I had just eaten breakfast haha. I never like to miss out on food like that.

Breakfast before the market was peanut butter and bananas on a sandwich thin + coffee



Zain finally learned what it takes to date a blogger so he likes to take “spontaneous” pictures of our adventures.IMG_7804

I also noticed that everyone at the farmers market was in athletic gear. These are my people.IMG_7856

After the market I met up my friend Megan for a bootcamp class. It was the last class in my two week pass at Yoga Loft and I really can’t tell you how much I’m going to miss it. Once I have to stop paying all those beginning fees and additional costs of moving I’ll for sure get a 10-pass there to use over the span of a few weeks. That place kicked my butt and I loved every second of it.

IMG_7850The rest of the day was spent furniture shopping. Zain is all about the deals so we ended up biking + walking about five miles or so to a furniture outlet in the middle of nowhere. We felt like we were on a pilgrimage across the Sahara (it was 95 on Saturday) so when we saw 7-Eleven and were sure it wasn’t a mirage, we picked up some Slurpees.


Saturday night I hung out on Megan’s roof watching the sunset and drinking wine, so it was basically the perfect day.

Sunday was spent church-going, grocery shopping and Blackhawks-watching. The weekend was full and fabulous – but don’t think I’d leave you without showing you all the food I ate!

For some random reason I was all about the salads this weekend:


Mixed greens with hard boiled egg, tomato, blue cheese, avocado and balsamic vinaigrette.


Arugula with mozzarella and baby tomatoes (dressed with the oil that the mozzarella was soaking in plus TJ’s balsamic glaze)

But don’t think I just ate salads all weekend – that would just be nonsense.


Mahi mahi with herbes de provence and lemon, breadcrumb and herbes de provence-stuffed tomatoes and roasted brussel sprouts


Spinach-egg white breakfast wrap from Starbucks (plus it looks like the barista was cursing me out haha)


Veggie burger topped with cheddar, bbq sauce and onion straws

It was a blast of a weekend – I even started off Monday right with a 6:00am 4 mile run. Now that summer is here morning runs are going to be a lot more common. Everything is on the up and up!


Happy Monday!


  • What was the best thing you ate this weekend?
  • What’s your favorite homemade salad combo? I need some new inspiration!
  • Did you try anything new this weekend?


  1. One of these days I NEED to get myself to the farmer’s market. I’ve lived here almost two full years now and haven’t been once! Unacceptable. My senior year of college, I lived like two blocks away from the local farmer’s market, and man, I hit that place up every Saturday just because it was EASY. I think that’s why I don’t go now — I’d have to actually travel. Haha. Must squash my laziness 😛

    1. That’s crazy! I think you’ll be more inclined to go this summer since we were stuck inside for such a miserable winter. That’s why I’m all about doing everything outdoors this summer because being cooped up for almost six months killed me!

  2. what a perfect weekend to be in chicago! i spent every second i could outside 🙂 is that the lincoln park farmers market? I was there too!

      1. We totally should! That would be so fun! I’ve never met bloggers in real life but I’d love to!

  3. the best thing i ate this wknd was also a salad — a seared yellowfin tuna salad at a lil restaurant on the Upper West Side — soooo good. my fave make-at-home salad is arugula, avocado, tomatoes, sugar snap peas and a veggie burger cut into it, with hummus on the side. mmmm.

  4. I wouldn’t have known there was a burger involved if you hadn’t outright said so. Otherwise I would have thought that it was a plate of onion rings, fries, and a GIGANTIC date. Which would have been awesome.

  5. Ok that’s it, I need to get my bike fixed – you got me craving a bike ride in the sunshine!
    Now if there was only something I could do to make the sunshine actually appear…! 🙂

  6. You always eat the yummiest meals!! I love it!! Wearing workout clothes is my favorite, favorite!! You always look cute in your outfits!!! I’m glad you had a great weekend!! What a cool recap!!

  7. That sounds like the perfect on the go weekend! Mine was much more low key, I went on some runs and did some workouts but most the weekend I stuck to home, cooking, writing, watching netflix haha I needed it!

  8. I must have that veggie burger in my life immediately! It looks so yummy! Best thing I ate this weekend = chili cheese fries!

  9. I was totally stink eyeing you at your farmers market adventures yesterday…..damn Australia.

    How GOOD are 7/11 slurpees? No one does it better. And you and I share the same wavelength- always use the oils of foods for dressing (sundried tomatoes, cheese).

    Try this- A chicken salad but dress it with this- peanut butter, sriracha, almond milk to thin and sesame oil. SO good. Omit the sesame oil if you want!

  10. I can’t even put into words how much I LOVE that Zain takes photos for you because he knows you are a blogger.THIS IS HUGE! Also, Zain is kind of the coolest name ever..just sayin. What an epic weekend…a run, a bike ride to the market (please tell me your bike has a basket somewhere) GOOD FOOD holy cow that veggie burger omg.

  11. Yay your weekend looks like it was so fun!!!! Those salads look amazingggggggg I LOVE avocado and hard boiled eggs together… YUM. That second one is exactly what my mom and I made about a week ago.. delicious!

    I will need to check out a farmers market- looks so fun! I wanna live in the city asap haha

  12. Bike riding to the market sounds like a perfect Saturday morning to me! Market goers in athletic wear are my kind of people too 🙂 Clearly you have a lot more buying willpower than me… I went to the market last weekend with $60 in my wallet and spent every penny haha. I’m all, “Heirloom tomatoes! Raw honey! I need that!”

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