Easter 2014

Happy Easter Monday! Does anyone have the day off? I have to say that was one of the best parts about going to Catholic school for most of my life…we had such a long Easter break!

Friday was an incredible day – we got an email around noon that the office would be closing at 2:00 for the holiday weekend – a complete surprise! I still had some work to do so I didn’t leave until around 3:00 but it was a beautiful afternoon to be outside. Zain was able to get off early too so instead of heading home for the weekend at night, we were home by 7:00 (just in time for dinner. boom).

What’s the best way to wake up? A run, of course.


60 degrees and sunny. It was a perfect, albeit slow run. I went out with friends the night before so I wasn’t exactly in prime running condition.

My mom surprised us with a delicious french toast breakfast. I like french toast but I always add eggs on the side too for a protein-packed punch. Solely-sweet breakfasts don’t keep me full for very long.

ImageSaturday was full of shopping for Sunday’s Easter brunch. Zain and I stopped for a drink and some food in the afternoon for no reason other than we just felt like it 🙂


I always love the way drinks like that look (so cool, right?!) but I never end up finishing them. But the fried asparagus? I had noooo trouble finishing those. 

We spent Saturday night watching Now You See Me. It was a pretty good movie! Really entertaining, but they really pushed the romance part of it. I don’t understand why movies always have to have a love story…if it doesn’t go with the plot, quit forcing it, people! The magic part of the movie was suuuper cool though.


Sunday was spent the best way possible: dyeing Easter eggs, going to a beautiful Easter mass, eating lovely brunch food and taking long, slow walks with people I love.


Instead of a dessert I ended up making a delicious frittata from Daphne Oz’s cookbook Relish. I’ll be sure to share the recipe soon because it was hearty and healthy – full of black beans, monterey jack cheese, shredded potato, and onion and topped with a homemade salsa fresca. 


From frittata – clockwise: hashbrown muffins, deviled eggs, mini strawberry coffee cakes with orange glaze, hardboiled eggs, strawberry salad with poppyseed dressing, tuna salad, and potato rolls alonside ham and swiss cheese. For dessert we ate more of the coffee cakes and mini cheesecakes that my aunt brought. 


So. much. great. food.


It hit 80 degrees yesterday so we enjoyed brunch outside. The great food, mimosas, sunshine and family made it a great day.



Aaaaand now it’s back to work. But hey, it’s officially spring here so I’m going to enjoy as much time outside as possible. I’m one of the lucky few who gets to walk to work, a little blessing I truly appreciate.


  • How was your weekend?
  • What was the best thing you ate all weekend? I could never choose 🙂
  • Do you like magic shows? I never have but after watching that movie I’m reconsidering!


  1. Haha speaking of French toast (from Friday). i definitely miss the big Easter spreads that my family and I used to contribute to at our lake house. My husband and I had brunch with friends yesterday and they had the most amazing chicken and waffles dish I have yet had. And I’m from ATL, so that is saying something!

  2. Wow, very nice weekend and what a lovely surprise of french toast!! That’s so sweet of your mom!! Awww!! I’m glad you had a great weekend!!!

  3. OMG all the food looks so so so so good!! AH! I am drooling!
    And that’s a great run – ha, I’ll take that pace any old day! And that movie, I couldn’t agree more! I LOVED it but the romance at the end? A) it was never there the entire time and B) it was so forced it was almost awkward. Ha!

  4. I am SO glad you commented on how cheesy the romance part of that movie was! It was SO bad and the rest of the movie was quite entertaining like you said! That drink looks so fun and fried asparagus sounds delicious! Brunch outdoors is the best– love the tulips in the background too!

  5. With an Easter spread like that, can I join in next year for the fun festivities? The frittata you made sounds exactly like something I’d make and enjoy! Can’t wait for the recipe 🙂

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