WIAW: eliminating the excess (except for margaritas)

Welp it’s hard to believe but it’s Wednesday again! One random thing I’m happy about is that the hump day jokes have stopped for the most part. The camel commercial was funny the first hundred times it was referenced and then it just got tired. One thing that hasn’t gotten old yet? WIAW!

Thanks again to Peas and Crayons for hosting. I can’t wait to check out what everyone’s been snacking on!



Like I previously mentioned, I’ve been trying to, well, not diet, but make little cutbacks here and there. I think the reason I feel a little heavier since winter is because I spent the duration of those four months making little concessions, like “Oh I can eat a bagel sandwich with cheese and eggs” or I need cream in my coffee on the daily”. And while there’s nothing wrong with those things, I was making more excuses than I was good choices. Soooo I’ve decided that I need to start my day on a lighter note, most days of the week. Insert Kashi cereal. I’ve been topping it with frozen fruit, chia seeds and almond milk. That plus a huuuuge cup of coffee on the side keeps me full just as long as those bagel sandwiches did.



I snacked on some in-shell peanuts in the late morning to hold me over until lunch. Lunch was deliciously delicious as usual because I made my favorite sandwich: hummus and veggies with a slice of swiss cheese. I use Trader Joe’s basil white bean hummus and don’t think I’ll ever get sick of how great it is. It tastes like pesto!


Fruit salad and sparkling water on the side. Side note: I hate sparkling water. Never again.


Snacks throughout the day (before/after dinner) were hard boiled eggs, plain greek yogurt mixed with truvia and blueberries, and a fiber one bar. They’re basically candy and so filling (especially if you put a little peanut butter on them).



For dinner I threw together some leftovers from Easter–frittata!


I had another slice of frittata after I took this photo because, let’s be honest, I’m not a rabbit. Salad on the side with balsamic dressing.

The best part about yesterday was that I came home from work and Zain suggested we make some margaritas! It was so random for a Tuesday night but we had a ball blending up some pineapple drinks, listening to music and chatting about our days. So much for eliminating the excess, huh?


So there you have it…margaritas are a superfood and therefore should never be limited.


  • What’s the best thing you’ve made to eat lately?
  • Do you like margaritas? Are you convinced they’re a superfood?



  1. I’m so boring right now, but the salads I have been throwing together the last couple weeks have been rocking my face. I can’t get enough! I am not a margarita fan (or really any alcohol bevy fan) but I can completely support you. I am all about that ice cream shake instead. HA.

  2. hmm the best thing i’ve made lately was Easter brunch w/ my bro…omelettes and sweet potatoes and fruit salad and mimosas. yum. not a huge marg fan but can do a healthy homemade one (or two) ev now and then… i don’t order them out bc 1) the ones that taste good are too sugary/calorie riddled and 2) the skinny ones make me sick from too much tequila. 🙂

    1. Those four things make a PERFECT meal oh my gosh! I don’t know what it is about mimosas but they really make weekend meals feel special. This marg was homemade! Tequila, a splash of triple sec, pineapple juice (TJ’s) and ice. Definitely cleaner than the sugar bombs from restaurants (which I love but definitely limit haha)

  3. Ha, I could have written this myself.. I’ve been feelin rather heavy lately too 😉 Looks like you found a good balance of delicious and healthy! And I totally believe that margaritas are good for your (emotional) health!

    I am still living off Easter leftovers so I haven’t cooked in days, but my mom made some killer Italian food for Easter 🙂

  4. Lately the best thing I have had is protein pancakes! Seriously an addiction!
    I do love margaritas but I haven’t had to many in life they are so strong!

  5. Hahaha yes, margaritas are totally a superfood! Especially when there is pineapple involved. Love it. And Trader Joes basil white bean hummus is seriously to die for. I am totally with you on the making cutbacks where you need to train… it will be so worth it and feel so great in the end! So glad we discovered each other’s blogs today, lovely! Xo

  6. That sounds like the most perfect day – you two are so cute drinking those that way! ❤ love it!
    OMG I love sparkling water like it's a serious addiction. I have 1-2 daily and would die without them. haaha buttttt most people do hate it!

  7. You’re not a rabbit? Step. Back.

    You have very respectable eats and varied- I had margaritas last week with some friends at a Mexican place….although I’m pretty sure they ‘forgot’ the tequila and vodka in it.

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