Frozen yogurt + the flower dilemma

Yesterday was a busy day!

You know how sometimes work just creeps up on you and all of a sudden **bam** you’re overwhelmed? Luckily I have coffee, snacks, and an insatiable need to sweat to keep me sane during busy times.
Breakfast today was so good!  I’ve been over hot foods lately thanks to the heat wave taking over the midwest, so a big bowl of cereal with fresh fruit and cold almond milk sounded perfect.
Look I even got all artsy! You know you’re a foodie when you take the time to arrange your food so it looks good.  I had 1 cup of vanilla graham kashi cereal + half a banana and a handful of Michigan blueberries.  I drowned it all in almond milk while I went over my work for the day.
I did hit up the farmers market this morning after a visit to the gym (strength workout + 8 minute abs + 30 min elliptical workout).  There were some cool new finds there that I just had to snap some pictures of.
Crazy colored tomatoes…how fun would it be to include these in some recipes? I feel like they would throw people off!
Radishes chilling (literally) in ice.
Peppers on peppers on peppers.  Anyone watch “Orange is the New Black”? That scene where Piper has to eat poblano peppers (or were they jalapenos?) was the craziest thing ever! I mean at the very least I’m sure she didn’t have any sinus problems for awhile.
White eggplant?! Weird!
And of course some beautiful flowers! Flowers are such a dilemma.  They’re gorgeous and brighten up my day (and any room I put them in!) but they’re always expensive.  Plus, they just die three days after you buy them.  Believe me, I’ve had this argument with Zman many a time…they seem like a pointless gift. But there’s just something about flowers that makes everything better 🙂 They make what otherwise would be a monotonous day, special!
Wait–back to the title of this post.
I went to Lincoln Park last night to visit Megan for an outdoor yoga class. Well, long story short, we walked right past the class and marched into a frozen yogurt shop instead. Oh well, it was a long walk, right? 😉
Breaking news: I may have found the best frozen yogurt in Chicagoland.
Forever Yogurt was exactly what a froyo place is supposed to be: over a dozen flavors, tonnnnns of toppings, and SAMPLE CUPS.  There is nothing I hate more than places without sample cups.  Look, I get it, high schoolers come into your store, eat their body weight in samples and then walk out.  But I’m a 22 year old woman with a serious decision-making problem so if you’re going to ask me to pick a flavor without sampling them all first, you’re nuts.
After my sampling, I settled on pistachio cream with praline almonds. I went simple (which never happens) and it was less than $4 (which NEVER happens) and I left feeling satisfied, not sick with oreo/cookie dough/sprinkle overload.
Megan and I spent the rest of the night drinking Pinot Grigio and talking.  It was so refreshing to just sit and talk with a good friend.  A wonderful night!
  • What’s your usual/favorite frozen yogurt combination?

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  1. I have always been a “I don’t need the flowers” kind of girl, but these days I really do think they are nice! I don’t ever buy them for myself, but I should!! Ohh man that froyo wall looks amazing.

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