I woke up early to run before the humidity that has been haunting Chicago set in.


Surprise! It was still disgusting out.

I did manage to make a pretty good Miley Cyrus VMA impression, though.  Sadly no twerking.  Twerking and running just don’t mix.


I only ran 4 miles but you would think I had never run before. It was just one of those days. Taking time off from running in the worst because once you start getting back into it, you have to rebuild your strength and stamina.  Lead legs FTW.

One amazing thing that I did stumble upon during my run was this pumpkin plant that my neighbor is apparently growing:


ImageHow cool is that?! I can’t wait until it’s a big ol’ pumpkin patch! Hurry up, Fall!

Here’s what my eats looked like yesterday:

Breakfast was an omelet–2 eggs, red and yellow peppers, salsa, cheddar cheese, and veggie sausage.


Mmmmm cheesy.

I snacked on a ton of blueberries all day.  Those things are like crack! I could sit there and eat pint after pint without giving it a second thought.

For lunch I tried to recreate a restaurant favorite of mine: the tuna melt!

I figured that minus the buttered bread and heavy mayo/cheese, my creation could be semi-healthy.


I added some sliced tomato and toasted the whole thing under the broiler for about five minutes.  Served with ketchup (of course) this was almost identical to my favorite sandwich shop.  I loved it! Comfort food in the middle of the day is the best.

Halfway through the afternoon I really started to feel the early morning run, so I went to Starbucks and got an iced coffee with soy milk.  Is it just me or have the sizes gotten smaller? The venti used to look ginormous to me but now it just looks pretty normal.  Is that just the American in me overestimating the right serving sizes, or maybe now that I’m older things are just shrinking in my eyes? Haha


Dinner was my go-to lazy meal.  After my shift at the restaurant I didn’t feel like doing much so I toasted a whole wheat bagel thin and topped it with chia seeds, chunky pb, and banana slices.


I’m going to a yoga class out in a park tonight so I’ll definitely have a recap for you on how that goes.  I love Lululemon!

Question: What’s your go-to lazy meal?


  1. Awesome job on the 4miler! I am running regularly and sometimes still think the 4milers are LONG! HA! My go to lazy meal is always PB oriented too haha.

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