recently (an ode to katy perry)

Recent Music: Katy Perry

I could go on for an hour about how much I love her, but I’ll save you all some time. I love Katy Perry.

I’ve been lucky enough to see her in concert once and I’ve seen her concert movie, and after those experiences I can definitely say that she seems like one of the most genuine, nice, and down-to-earth singers.  Everything she sings about is either happy, catchy, or inspiring.

Watch this music video and tell me she doesn’t seem like the coolest person.

Hahaha I love it. She even brings “Kathy Beth Terry” onstage (her sister dresses up as her) at her shows.

“Teenage Dream” has been my favorite song for a few years.  It reminds me of my freshman year of college, dancing and singing around in my dorm room with my friends.

And “Firework” inspired so many people to be true to themselves, in the least cliche-way possible. You should see the YouTube videos of people reacting to this song.

I just love love love her and have decided that this weekend is going to be a Katy Perry on repeat weekend 🙂

Recent Read: “9 questions about Syria you were too embarrassed to ask”


I consider myself a well-educated person and am a frequent CNN-watcher and HuffPo-reader, but the Middle East has always baffled me.  It’s not something that’s easy to understand, but I think it’s so important to put effort into knowing world news.  So much has been going on recently with Assad’s regime and current rein of terror in Syria, and even if you’re not going to dedicate hours to learning about the Middle East and the history of its many proponents, at least read this short Washington Post article. It’s a short, smart piece that is pretty informative!

Recent purchase: Primal Fitness Bootcamps!

I just purchased an unlimited monthly membership to a new fitness program that is opening up in my area called “Primal Fitness Bootcamps”. It’s Crossfit-inspired bootcamp that I think will really kick my workout game into high gear!  It opens next week and I can’t wait to get started!

Recent “Should I or Shouldn’t I?”: Painted Tree Jewelry holder

I found this awesome jewelry holder on Etsy that I absolutely adore. I have tons of necklaces but have no place to put them all! Oftentimes they just end up tangled in the bottom of my purse or something. Still debating if this is worth the price or not.


Recent Eats: BREAKFAST!

Yesterday I had breakfast for every meal of the day.  Enough said.




I’m heading to Michigan for a family vacation this weekend.  We go every year and I always look forward to this beach vacation close to home.  I hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend!  Yay for a day off!

Question: any plans for Labor Day?


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