you’re never alone

Why You’re Never Alone on Valentine’s Day

This weekend I’ll be celebrating my first single Valentine’s Day since I was 16.

Crazy, right?

Even at 16 Valentine’s Day was still one of those things that didn’t matter very much. You got served heart-shaped cookies in the school cafeteria and everyone was buzzing about who they were going to ask to the Turnabout dance. Valentine’s Day wasn’t really a thing.

So for all my “adult” life, Valentine’s Day has always been a “couples” thing. Which was great because I have, for as long as I can remember, been one half of a couple.

This year, as the day approaches, it’s more of a fact than anything — I haven’t had any outward emotional reaction to it. I mean, I’ve had a few emotional moments this week that have come out of nowhere, and I have to assume the upcoming holiday is the cause. Not because I’m sad necessarily, but because it’s weird, I guess. Weird isn’t the right word but then again, there isn’t really a word for it. So we’ll go with weird.

But regardless of the fact that this year I won’t get a bouquet of flowers or a custom cake from my favorite bakery, I can’t be sad because I’m not alone. I don’t feel alone because I’m surrounded by love. Love doesn’t exclusively come from a romantic partner. I’ve always known that but I was never forced to see the love outside of a relationship because I had that comfort of one for so long. So now I see the love from others a lot more clearly now. I’m not alone.

I’m not alone because I have a family. I’m not alone because I work daily with people who love me. They don’t just coexist with me, they love me. I’m not alone because I have a group of friends who know me, the good and the bad, and they still love me. I’m developing loving relationships with new people every day: new coworkers, new roommates, blog friends. And lastly, I’m not alone because I’ve gotten to know myself a lot lately and, what do you know, I really like “me.”

Let’s go back to that “blog friends” thing. I feel so much love from YOU. This outlet has helped me meet so many people in the last few months and brought me out of my bubble more than I ever thought I could. Everyone who has ever commented, even the people I haven’t met and may never meet in real life, have been nothing but kind. You guys show me love every time you read the words I put down and care when I open up to you. People who have never even met me but still feel some connection to me. I feel love from you.

So even though this Valentine’s Day I’m no longer the other half in a happy couple, I’m not alone.

And regardless of your situation, you’re never alone either.

Now who wants to send me some chocolate-covered strawberries?Valentines-Day-Cape-Cod