The Weggy Workout

I just realized it’s been over six months since I’ve shared a workout with you all! Not that you all need it — in fact, I’m often left in awe of all YOUR workouts! But I have to say that lately my favorite way to get my sweat on has been through HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training. This kind of training provides excellent conditioning, improves athletic ability, burns fat, and gives you that runner’s high without all that, you know, running. And since there’s nothing I love more than blasting music and zoning out during a sweat session, how could I not love it?

This particular workout was inspired by one of my best friends, Weggy. She claims she didn’t come up with it but I certainly didn’t so I have to give her all the credit. Regardless of who came up with it, I was sore for two days afterwards — HIIT can have that effect on you.

The Weggy Workout requires nothing more than your body. You can do it anywhere, anytime. It is completed in a tabata style, aka 20 seconds of hard work followed by 10 seconds of rest. You simply work through the initial HIIT circuit of burpees, high knees, mountain climbers and hip twists (aka planks + side dips) in a 20/10 pattern for four minutes. After each round, you work on arms, legs, abs. This can come from whatever group of exercises you like — we’ve included suggestions on the right. My favorites are dips (arms), squats (legs), and bicycles (abs). After you’ve completed the HIIT round (4 minutes) + one circuit of arms/legs/abs, REPEAT it four times. Writing it out makes it sound so much more complicated than it actually is. My suggestion is to create a playlist via Spotify of tabata-specific songs. They have recordings that tell you when to start your exercise, when the 20 seconds are up and your rest begins, and then when the ten seconds are up and it’s time to move on to the next exercise.

The Weggy Workout

Warm up with 200 jumping jacks. Music by Kesha suggested, not required.

  • 20 seconds burpees, 10 seconds of rest
  • 20 seconds high knees, 10 seconds of rest
  • 20 seconds mountain climbers, 10 seconds of rest
  • 20 seconds hip twists (aka planks + side dips)

Repeat 2x (total of four minutes)

Complete arms/legs/abs circuit (use suggestions in attached image)

That equals 1 round.

Complete four rounds!

Cool down with a 1 mile run. Prancing around your neighborhood singing “American Girl” by Bonnie McKee suggested, not required.

unnamed (17)

Wow I’m going to be the worst personal trainer. Must. Improve. Workout. Sharing. Skills.

Disclaimer: Tabata workouts are not limited to Tuesdays, although the alliteration certainly is charming.


  • Do you like HIIT workouts?
  • Do you frequently complete tabata workouts?
  • What is your favorite way to sweat currently?

wiaw: hump day pancakes

I went a little nuts today. I made pancakes on a Wednesday.

No, it’s not a weekend and I’m not celebrating anything, I just needed to switch it up. As much as I love my eggs and oatmeal, it was getting a little old.  Plus yesterday’s workout was the toughest workout I’ve done in years. YEARS. I felt like superwoman once it was all over. So I figured pancakes were in order 🙂


If you add it all up, it was 60 burpees, 60 goblet squats, and I ended up doing 314 total of the KB swings and the mountain climbers.  This is the after picture:


Haha no one was in good shape after that.



I used Kodiak pancake mix, which I’ve heard mixed reviews about.  The ingredient list is amazing– 100% whole grain wheat flour, 100% whole grain oat flour, non-fat dry milk, dry honey, leavening egg whites, and salt. Easy as that. I’ve read that some people find these to be less fluffy than regular pancakes, so I was prepared for these not to come out like a “treat” like most pancakes seem to be.  But in all honesty I thought these were great! I followed the directions exactly and they came out just like regular pancakes (I also added sliced banana to my batter).  Post-picture I drowned these bad boys in some maple syrup. Deeelish.


As I’ve mentioned before, work has been crazy lately, so lunch came in two quick parts.

First was a mango-orange chia seed smoothie



I didn’t get to “second lunch” (I feel like a hobbit saying that) until just before my second job, so I ate it fast while watching the series finale of 30 Rock. It took me just over a month but I finally got through all 7 seasons.  It’s such a great show. “Good god, Lemon.”


Very rarely do I make it through an entire day without getting some peanut butter into my life. It should be its own food group.




I ate dinner at work once the kitchen closed to customers. Half an order of vegan chili (chickpeas, red beans, and black beans) topped with cheddar, red onions, tomatoes, and jalapenos. Plus one of my favorite treats from work: a jalapeno corn muffin. It tastes like broccoli cheddar soup in cornbread form. I go weak in the knees for that little guy.

In lieu of dessert I was a cheese fiend yesterday, so I had a snack before bed that reminded me much of my time abroad (the Parisians sure do love their cheese plates)


It was a pretty indulgent day. But you know what another word for indulgent is? Satisfying. I went to bed feeling perfect. Eating what you want when you want it is a nice lifestyle to live. It makes me shudder to think my world used to revolve around sugar-free this, fat-free that. That’s not a place I ever want to go back to!


Have a beautiful day!


  • Do you usually crave cheese/salt or sugary foods?

writer’s block

so, i took a little hiatus from blogging. five days to be exact. I’ve been blogging for almost six months and even though sometimes when I sat down to the computer I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about, the words usually began to flow.

last week, however, I faced an incurable case of writer’s block. no new workout tips, no exciting recipes, no fun lunches to put together, nothing. so instead of force it, I took a few days off, hoping to come back this week revved up and ready to write!

Not much has happened in the past five days. I’ve worked doubles every day (internship and serving) so even if I wanted to write, finding the time was a challenge.  A couple first-world middle-class suburban 20-something things that have happened to me lately include the following:

I channeled my inner 12 year old and got a ringtone. Yep, a ringtone. Does anyone with an iPhone even do that anymore? I just needed to hear my favorite song more often, so I decided to fork over the $1.99.

I also went shopping for new jeans. I decided it was time to stop wearing leggings and pretending that they were a step up from sweatpants and actually squeeze myself into some real material that will withstand Chicago winter.


I forgot how awful jeans are. Hence the sourpuss expression.

I got my first Starbucks holiday beverage. Newsworthy.


I had a coupon so I decided to get a massage.  In other news, the woman asked me why I was skipping school. As in, high school. Yes, mam, I’m skipping third period geometry to go get a professional massage.

ImageI got new running shoes because I’m itching to start running again and my old ones had a hole in the side that was only getting bigger.


These were $50 compared to their neon twins at $130. I tried and tried but just couldn’t justify almost tripling the price just for color. Does this mean I’m finally a grown up?

I celebrated my friend Jordan’s 23rd birthday! The year of Michael Jordan is already being good to her 🙂



I ate fro yo. Because I’m a blogger and that’s just the kind of thing we do.


And I worked out to balance out the sprinkles



So yeah. Big things happening over here. 🙂

I’ll be back tomorrow with regularly scheduled programming to share a new recipe with you all.  Have a beautiful Monday! It’s snowing here!


weekend + tabata day

Today was one of those workouts that seems easy but ends up kicking your butt.

It was tabata day! Tabata training is where you alternate high intensity exercises and short breaks.  This kind of workout took me awhile to get on board with.  I’ve been a believer for most of my life that the longer you exercise, the better.  I figured 60 minutes on an eliptical watching Sex and the City reruns was the way to go, and laughed when I saw infomercials for workouts that would get you your dream body in only 12 minutes a day.  It just didn’t make sense to me.  Nowadays, I’m much happier working out for 20-30 minutes a day sweating my butt off the entire time.


The basic outline for a tabata workout is:

  • 4 minutes long
  • 20 seconds of intense exercise
  • 10 seconds of rest
  • Repeat 8 times for a total of 8 rounds

We had 5 exercises to complete so the whole workout was 20 minutes long. Also, we were only allowed to record our lowest score (so even though I thought I was a badass and started with 13 pushups, I had to record 7 because by the 8th round my arms were crying uncle. No one will ever know of my initial glory. Except you fine folks, of course 🙂 )

Aside from my arch-nemesis “the pull-up”, this was very doable.  By the end we were all groaning on the floor, but isn’t that what a good workout should look like?

The best part about tabata training is you can do it anywhere–a hotel room, park, living room, etc., and it doesn’t take up too much of your day. If you want to give this workout a go at home, just replace the pull-ups with another activity like jump roping or mountain climbers–all you need is a stop watch, some loud music, and determination to get it done.


A few pictures from the weekend–it wasn’t the healthiest. Not by a longshot. Our crazy girls weekend didn’t go as planned (Megan sprained her ankle on Thursday) so we ended up moping around her apartment which led to not-so-great food decisions. The highlight was definitely the turtle races. Even though they still scare me…




As you can see, fall has finally arrived in all its crisp-air, crunchy-leaf glory! I spent the last few hours of the weekend outside by the lake and it was beautiful.

Today or tomorrow I’m going to try a new recipe for cheesy cauliflower and grilled chicken–if it works out, I’ll share it soon!

Have a great Monday 🙂