writer’s block

so, i took a little hiatus from blogging. five days to be exact. I’ve been blogging for almost six months and even though sometimes when I sat down to the computer I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about, the words usually began to flow.

last week, however, I faced an incurable case of writer’s block. no new workout tips, no exciting recipes, no fun lunches to put together, nothing. so instead of force it, I took a few days off, hoping to come back this week revved up and ready to write!

Not much has happened in the past five days. I’ve worked doubles every day (internship and serving) so even if I wanted to write, finding the time was a challenge.  A couple first-world middle-class suburban 20-something things that have happened to me lately include the following:

I channeled my inner 12 year old and got a ringtone. Yep, a ringtone. Does anyone with an iPhone even do that anymore? I just needed to hear my favorite song more often, so I decided to fork over the $1.99.

I also went shopping for new jeans. I decided it was time to stop wearing leggings and pretending that they were a step up from sweatpants and actually squeeze myself into some real material that will withstand Chicago winter.


I forgot how awful jeans are. Hence the sourpuss expression.

I got my first Starbucks holiday beverage. Newsworthy.


I had a coupon so I decided to get a massage.  In other news, the woman asked me why I was skipping school. As in, high school. Yes, mam, I’m skipping third period geometry to go get a professional massage.

ImageI got new running shoes because I’m itching to start running again and my old ones had a hole in the side that was only getting bigger.


These were $50 compared to their neon twins at $130. I tried and tried but just couldn’t justify almost tripling the price just for color. Does this mean I’m finally a grown up?

I celebrated my friend Jordan’s 23rd birthday! The year of Michael Jordan is already being good to her 🙂



I ate fro yo. Because I’m a blogger and that’s just the kind of thing we do.


And I worked out to balance out the sprinkles



So yeah. Big things happening over here. 🙂

I’ll be back tomorrow with regularly scheduled programming to share a new recipe with you all.  Have a beautiful Monday! It’s snowing here!



  1. Ok, I really think that if you hate jeans, you haven’t found a pair with enough stretch. I own this pair of jeggings that are really just stretchy jeans, not actually jeggings, from American Eagle and they are some of the most comfortable pants I own!

  2. I’m an asics girl too! And I feel ya on writers block. Some days I wish I could just put up a recipe without having to write anything besides the ingredients. The stories and things I talk about in posts are pretty questionable somedays lol…

  3. I hear you on the jeans thing! I live in workout pants and every time I put jeans on I’m like, “These are so not comfortable!” I have a few pairs that are more comfy than others, but still, not on the same level as a pair of stretchy yoga pants! 🙂

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