What’s the opposite of a pet peeve?

Apparently I can never ever leave the wonderful world of blogging for a full week ever again. I leave for seven freaking days and this girl and this girl quit their jobs, this girl decides she’s moving, and this girl starts a whole new blog. It’s decided—I can never leave again otherwise I miss out on way too much. I have a bad case of FOMO, can you tell?


So today I ran into half a dozen people all partaking in my personal pet peeves. Gum smacking girl? Check. Coffee slurping? Check. Walking on the wrong side of the sidewalk? Check. Talking with a Bluetooth in your ear? Check. Wearing sunglasses indoors? Check. Man it was like a heyday of people doing little things that bug me! I was thinking about dedicating a whole post to pet peeves when I realized that would go against everything we’ve been talking about lately. The whole “glass half full” kinda stuff. So today we’re going to talk, not about pet peeves, but about little loves.


Little loves. Yep, that’s right, I’ve personally created a term to describe the opposite of pet peeves. I’m pretty much Webster. So in the spirit of positivity, hope, and optimism, let’s talk about our little loves.

When people hold the door for me

  • This just comes down to common courtesy. It’s not the physical action of having the door held open for me that I love. It’s the fact that someone else, in their own little world, thought enough about someone else to hold the door open after them. Little actions like that are more scarce in our society where we’re wrapped up in a text or a phone call. So when a stranger holds the door open for me I get a huge boost of happiness for humanity.

When someone compliments my lunch

  • In case you haven’t realized it by my blog title, I love lunch. Nine out of ten times I put thought, love, and creativity into my lunch.  Lately my coworkers have been commenting on my creations and it really brightens my day.

When baristas leave enough room for cream in my coffee cup

  • I’ve been a barista. I know it’s crappy to dump coffee in the trash can (seriously, people, where do you think that liquid goes?) But if I ask for “room for cream” and you leave me with a centimeter at the top, you leave me no choice! So when a barista is on my level and leaves me that beautiful full inch of room, enough so I can pour in cream, sugar AND stir it with no problem? Well, I love that.

When an episode of Diner’s Drive Ins and Dives comes on that I’ve never seen before

  • Or the Kardashian’s. So sue me.

When you get to the register at a clothing store and realize that what you’re buying is actually on sale.

  • Who doesn’t love saving money by surprise?

When you’re eating regular French fries and find a random curly fry.

  • I don’t watch HIMYM very often but this happened in an episode recently and I remembered how awesome of a feeling it is to be surprised by a curly fry straggler.

When you read a random Pinterest recipe and have the urge to make it that second and realize that yes, by some random act of God, you have all the ingredients in your fridge.

Those are just a few of the everyday things that brighten my day. What are some of yours?