WIAW + it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas

I’m officially in the holiday spirit. Sure, I have a bad cold thanks to the lovely winds and quick weather changes that the Midwest so graciously provides each and every year. Yeah, I’m still working doubles almost every day this week. But you know what? It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Starbucks transported me into a winter wonderland yesterday, where I got a lot of my work done.  Breakfast was enjoyed with a cappuccino in a holiday cup, surrounded by Christmas jazz, and a background of mini Christmas trees.

ImageNo room for Scrooges here–I’ll get my work done with a smile and enjoy the holiday season as it approaches. After all, it’s always gone before I know it.

Lunch was basically breakfast part two. I think I have an egg addiction…even though my doctor warned me about my cholesterol (successfully making me feel like an overweight, middle-aged Italian mobster) I just can’t get enough.  

ImageLunch was a two egg omelet filled with green and red peppers, onions, cheddar cheese, red pepper flakes, and served alongside veggie sausage patties.  I really need to update my meal rotation.

I had more work to complete throughout the afternoon but of course I made time for snacks:Image

Homemade ginger lemonade (to help fight the cold), no sugar applesauce with tons of cinnamon, and a peanut butter english muffin (sprinkled with chia and flax seeds.  i love me some omega-3s).

Serving was busy as I was up in the bar, but the fact that people seem to get friendlier as the holidays approach helped a lot. I wish people could feel that warm and fuzzy all year long, especially towards their servers 😉

Dinner was eaten at the restaurant while I closed up shop.


Vegan chili (black beans, red beans, chickpeas, and tons of veggies topped with avocado, red onion, and tomatoes). The fact that I made it through this meal without adding cheese or corn bread astonished me too.

I got home just in time for Modern Family to start. I cuddled up on the couch with some cheese, crackers, apples, and peanut butter and called it a night. ((I wasn’t kidding when I said I’m always hungry))

I hope you’re all enjoying the holiday cheer! It might not be time to turn on the Christmas music station, but the feeling is in the air!  Have a great Wednesday and eat lots of goooood eats.


  • Is it too early to listen to holiday music?

Thought for the day:





grateful goosebumps

Today’s run was particularly great because of the path I took.  I ran through my town, past the high school, around the lake, through dozens of neighborhoods each with winding roads and unique houses lining the narrow streets.  I’ve lived in the same town for almost 20 years now (absolutely crazy to think about) and I still get “grateful goosebumps” when I take long runs through it.  I’m so lucky to live in such a safe, quaint little town, where chances are I’ll run past someone I know.




It was a beautiful day and a beautiful run. The low 70s with a breeze is the perfect running weather!

Breakfast followed soon after. Egg sandwich…are you really surprised?


I wish I could make this more interesting and post new pancake recipes or french toast creations, but the truth is, I loveeeee eggs. I eat them almost every day!  They fill me up really well, which is saying a lot because I’m pretty much always hungry.

I spent the afternoon writing thank you notes from my graduation bbq and running random errands.  Lunch was as simple as it gets:


Peanut butter and banana toast with a sprinkle of chia seeds and cinnamon (the child in me is laughing at the fact that I just called adding chia seeds to my sandwich “as simple as it gets”)

Then, as usual, I headed off to work!  It was a busy night at the restaurant–something that no one expected on a Wednesday night. Let’s just say you see customers’ “true colors” when it gets busy ;)I’ll be back tomorrow with a new recipe!

Question: What is your ideal weather when you’re exercising outside?