Who Says You Can’t Go Home

Another one in the books, friends! Whether you were sharing the romantic weekend with someone special or a crazy group of galentines, I hope it was one to remember.


I spent my weekend mostly in the suburbs. Every year my high school hosts a fundraiser where they shut down the school and turn it into a living, breathing casino (private schools can shirk the rules, ya know?) so a lot of alum usually go back to the burbs to cause debauchery in the halls of an institution that used to give detentions for untucked shirts (my how things change).

Before leaving for the weekend Colleen and I continued my new tradition of Thursday Night Adventures in the kitchen. Two weeks ago, it was BLTs with avocado and roasted brussels sprouts. This past week we decided to try deep frying for the first time! I busted out my dutch oven, heated up some canola oil, and took a stab at some bomb fish tacos. They turned out so well and we felt like superstars.


The star of the show was our homemade avocado creama: avocado, greek yogurt, lime juice, garlic, cumin, salt and pepper. Try it try it try it!

After work on Friday night I hopped on a train and spent the next 36 hours doing the typical suburban activities: Target trips for no reason and leaving robbed of your money and dignity, drinking wine in someone’s kitchen with a localย police officer getting all the latest town gossip, raiding my parents’ pantry for all the “good” food I don’t buy myself (and then realizing that my entire family is on a diet — that put a stop to my plan real fast).

Saturday night rolled around and it was time to hit the halls of my high school. I didn’t snap any pictures inside (unless you follow me on Snapchat!) but did make eye contact with a few of my old teachers when I was two hurricanes and countless Coors Lights deep, so I can cross that off the bucket list. I was also asked on numerous occasions if my shirt was “black and blue or white and gold.” So the jokes of 2015 haven’t died yet.


Valentine’s Day was spent at work and then making chocolate chip banana muffins stuffed to the brim with butter and sugar. Let’s just say I’m never healthifying any baked goods again. There’s a reason they’re desserts — these were so good!


Now, at the risk of sounding like an old grouch, thank goodness all the holidays are over. I’m exhausted! Since Thanksgiving I’ve celebrated Christmas, NYE, five birthdays, and Valentine’s Day. Can we all just chill now?


  • Holiday season: sad to see it go or over it?
  • Baking: are you always looking for ways to make it healthy or do you just go for it?


  1. I think one of the only reasons lately I’ve enjoyed holiday season is some days off work, but I am finally ready to get back to normal everyday life, just in time for me to get sick though haha

  2. The fish tacos look awesome! Despite the fact that a lot of “healthy” dessert recipes do look tasty, I rarely eat dessert so when I do bake, I always bake full-on. I made slow cooker chocolate lava brownie pudding yesterday for dessert, to give you an example. It was amazing.

  3. Those fish tacos look the bomb – especially with the amount of avocado creme on there – perfection!
    Must check you out on snapchat! What’s your handle? I’m chaseredgrape ๐Ÿ™‚
    And I don’t see holiday season as being over – not long now until easter!

  4. Love that Parks & Rec kicked off Galentine’s Day! “Uteruses before duteruses”- so classic haha!

    And your muffins look awesome. Buttery and sugar is the way to go, especially on Valentine’s Day!

  5. I LOVE to bake! I used to be big on making things healthier but realized then I was eating ALOT! So now i make the real thing and try to eat less. Ie I made muffins and then brought them to work the next day. They were gone before lunch…ha ha!

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