My First Fitness Photoshoot: Sweat Chicago

There are too many ways I could start this post…something along the lines of “do what you love” “blessed” and some Rumi quote about waking up every day living your passion and the rest will follow. But we’ve all seen one too many Thought Catalog articles emphasizing that rather overstated notion…so I’ll just leave it at this:

It’s official. I’m a trainer, I’m a writer, and I “basically” get paid to work out. So that magical life I dreamed of two years ago that seemed untouchable is the life I face every morning when I wake up. And it’s fucking awesome.


This past weekend Sweat Chicago hosted a fitness photoshoot for its trainers. We’ve all worked so hard over the past few months to get out in the community and attract great people to the studio, so this was the culmination and celebration of it all!

The days leading up to a day of being on camera were full of smoothies, juice, and spray tans. The owner of Sweat was able to get us in at Benefit so we all arrived Saturday like glowing goddesses (they did a phenomenal job, if you’re ever thinking about getting one). The amount of compliments I’ve gotten on my tan are pretty disturbing, though. I’m starting to think I looked like Casper the ghost before and that I can’t go back!

Saturday morning arrived and all the trainers assembled to take our headshots, some action shots, and a video workout for the studio. I walked in hungry, dehydrated, and pumped full of red wine and coffee (thanks for that pre-photoshoot tip, internet) so physically it was a grueling few hours. But the trainers and I had so much fun messing around together while we were getting ready and in between shots that the time flew by.

The shots aren’t out yet, but thankfully there was a good blogger in the group (Erin for the win!) who snapped a few from afar. That girl is the paparazzi that I wish I could pay to follow me around and make me look pretty all the time. Maybe one day she’ll be looking for freelance pap jobs. Keep me updated, E.




We ended the shoot with a 45 minute video workout, which in all honesty I expected to be staged. Nope, it was a full-out HIIT workout on camera in full hair and makeup. FUN! I felt like a damn fool running on the treadmill with sweat and foundation running down my face, and towards the end of the workout all the trainers were getting our butts kicked by the clients who came in for the workout (we were all exhausted!) But afterwards we toasted with Coronas and called it a day. It was SO much fun and I can’t wait to see the final product. There’s nothing quite like being surrounded by weights, pounding music, motivated people, and knowing there’s a Corona and sandwich waiting for you at the end.



  • Have you ever had to be on camera?
  • After a few days of watching everything you eat, what would you splurge on as  your “first meal”?
  • HIIT workouts: love ’em or hate ’em?



  1. Congrats on becoming a trainer! Sounds like you’ve made it big 😀 So glad you’re enjoying life AND work. My go-to treat is french fries without a doubt! In terms of HIIT workouts, I call it a love/hate relationship because it’s definitely a little of both 😉

  2. Congrats girl! I am so happy for you and the fact you chased your dream is so inspiring! That photoshoot sounds so fun though, I know I love me some HIIT workouts every so often!

  3. I used to do HIIT and thought it was fun! The short bursts always kept my mind engaged and I felt really great afterwards.
    I would probably get grilled cheese or something with bread afterwards. I love eating that! You look great! Congratulations.

  4. Yeah girl get it! It was so much fun and we need to do it every day. I was saying maybe I’ll switch to being a fashion blogger so that I can have someone follow me around and take pictures. But that means I would actually have to wear real clothes, so let’s pass on that.

  5. Urgh I need a spray tan so bad! Even though I now live in Australia and its the summer I haven’t really tanned at all, still look like I’m from scotland!
    Looking fab girl and glad to hear things are going so well 🙂

  6. How cool! Sounds like you got that dream job! I teach group fitness classes at our local gym and train but we don’t have the clientale for it to be full time. I wish there was because I really enjoy it. Great photo shoots! Looks like you guys had a blast! I’d splurge on pizza and wine.

  7. Congratulations! That’s so awesome that you’re living the life you envisioned for yourself! I love that the day was filled with a little bit of everything- a good workout, laughter, yummy food, and beer! Talk about balance!

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