Studio Three

Chicago locals, if you’ve been walking around River North lately (maybe headed to Portillo’s? You’ve got my full support), you may have seen construction going up around Clark and Erie.


I’ve been hearing about Studio Three for months now, and just about all I could gather was that it was a boutique fitness studio comprised of three workouts in one: HIIT, yoga, and peloton cycling. But when I found out that my good friend would be managing there, I was more excited than ever to check it out for its soft opening.

I stopped over last night for media night and was met with a bright, vibrant studio oozing energy in only a way that a brand new studio can. There was something particularly exciting about this opening. As you can probably assume from its classification as a “boutique” studio, this event wasn’t frizzy-haired college grads handing out Kind bars. The space was filled to the brim with heel-wearing, LBD-clad, Chicago 20 and 30-somethings all ready to see the new “it” place “on the scene.” I felt 200% underdressed and underprepared for the chicness of this event, but at the same time it struck a chord of excitement in me. Chicago fitness includes pretty much everything you can imagine, so it takes a lot to get people excited. Having one location for three types of workouts (plus a juice bar) is unlike anything I’ve seen and as a huge community buff, it excites me to know that there’s now a place in our big city where you can get it all in, and still only pay one membership fee. Everyone wants a Cheers-type relationship with their gym, right? Where everybody knows your name…

The most appealing part of this fitness conglomerate is that it’s comprised of three floors with three distinct fitness adventures. The top floor is home to a beautiful yoga studio and underground there is a HIIT studio. On the main floor is their Peloton cycling studio.


Photo courtesy of Studio Three @ Instagram


I have yet to try all three spaces but was lucky enough to get a preview spin class on Monday night with Erin, one of our lululemon ambassadors, and it. was. tough. I don’t know why I had the idea that spin was an “easy” workout. This class was a wake-up call. The room is heated and the bikes are able to go up to an insane amount of resistance (something Erin was sure to hit throughout class). I left covered in sweat and definitely did my share of huffing and puffing (but don’t worry, there was plenty of towel-waving, cheering, and dancing to balance it out). The coolest part was the Peloton technology: every Peloton class is live-streamed and at-home Peloton users can log in and take the class too. So as you’re looking at your stats, you’ll see everyone in the room who has logged on as well as everyone at home playing along. It’s like a live-action video game!

Since I’ve reviewd both Flywheel and SoulCycle here, I think it’s only fair to compare the three. I have to say I liked Studio Three much better than SoulCycle because it felt like less of an emotional experience/dance party and more of a hardcore workout. That’s just the kind of experience I except when I pay to workout. It was not much different than Flywheel except for the lighting and music, which felt sexier and more fun. Flywheel feels like you’re biking in an underground rave in Amsterdam at 3am and you’re not really sure if the sun is about to rise or if a meteor has hit the earth. Studio Three feels like you’re cycling with Arianna Grande at her favorite club at 11pm but will definitely be out by midnight to stop for frozen yogurt (not doughnuts though, am I right Ari?)

No judgment, girl. I too have been tempted to lick donuts on the shelf I just can’t imagine how short that counter must have been for you to reach it.

In other words, cycling at Studio Three is the sweet, sweet lovechild of Flywheel + SoulCycle. The best of both worlds.


I still have to try out the other two studios but I was able to meander around the place on media night and pretend like I was supposed to be there (I spotted a Chicago news anchor from across the room and just about had a heart attack. This is proof I shouldn’t be allowed in nice places).

First of all, the space is gorgeous. Along with the three studios, Studio Three is home to the new Real Good Juice Co. location. I’ll be honest — I cannot afford juice. I can afford good meals, but not juice. But I LOVE Real Good Juice. They have the nicest staff, the most delicious juice options, and awesome offerings like dried coconut jerky. The day I win the lottery I’ll be hanging out at Real Good much more often. Until then, I hoard samples like the penny-pincher I am.

The rest of the building was filled to the brim with fitness bloggers, media hustlers, and many of Chicago’s top trainers, all excited to see what the buzz was about.


Opening day is today, 11/18, and needless to say I will definitely be back to try out their HIIT workout. I’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to lift dumbbells in a blacklight-laden room (hello, Destiny’s Child music video!) and you can’t help but feel sexy in that kind of atmosphere.

Drop-ins for your first class are $13 (after that it’s $26 with free towels and shoe rental for spin). I’m not even going to say the monthly membership rate because I fear many of you may have a heart attack at your desk, so just drop in with me every now and then. Or use the code GRANDOPEN2015 for an additional 20% off all monthly unlimited and series/packages. I’m down to feel like one of the cool kids again ASAP.

Studio Three

648 N Clark Street Chicago IL 60654

(312) 944-3333


  1. Dang look at how the rich and famous work out! I would feel totally out of place there! I love my gym with the oldies who walk on the treadmill next to me. I always know CNN will be on the TV until the weekend when they don’t come and I can watch Rachel Ray =P

  2. Sounds amazing! I am always so jealous of the new fitness studios in the city!!!
    If you are looking for another great new find (once your cleanse is over) you must check out Gus’s fried chicken in Fulton Market!!! It was my husbands favorite place when I lived in Memphis and now it’s finally to Chicago!

  3. This studio looks right up my alley! I love yoga…and HIIT…and while I don’t LOVE cycling, I do it because it kicks my butt. Too bad I’m about 2,000 miles away from you, but maybe one day I’ll visit Chicago and try the studio out! 😉

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