WIAW: day in the life

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a WIAW, mostly because there has been some drama in the blogger world surrounding it. I laughed as I typed that because when i started this blog, never in a million years did I think people would start to troll a perfectly harmless thing like “What I Ate Wednesday.” It’s a pretty simple concept, people. Get with it. This week is hosted by Laura, so link-up!


My eats lately have been on the heavy side thanks to a dramatic increase in my mileage, but that goes without saying. I’ve gotten a lot worse at taking food photos as well — I used to take a picture of everything I put in my mouth, and now, unless I’m consciously thinking about it or it’s particularly pretty, the food is usually gone before I can snap a pic. So today’s WIAW is my “day in the life” from Monday.


I woke up bright and early for a meeting with a community manager from Zomato, a food- and restaurant-discovery app coming to Chicago that I’m going to start working with. We met just down the street at Julius Meinl, where I ordered a soy latte. I immediately felt like I was transported back to my days studying abroad in Paris!

unnamed (30)

I came home ravenous (coffee in my stomach without food is no bueno) so I whipped up an egg sandwich: two eggs, peppers, cheddar cheese, Morningstar sausage, and raspberry jam on a whole grain English muffin.

unnamed (23)

Aaaand yes, I ate it in bed while watching Hart of Dixie on Netflix. I can’t get enough of that show!

I spent the next few hours on my computer doing community work for the store, managing this ol’ blog here, and preparing the day’s lesson for Girls on the Run. Before I knew it it was time for lunch!


unnamed (25)

Recycled photo but another fan favorite: turkey and avocado sandwich. Add a little sea salt to avocado and it’s the best thing to put on any sandwich!

I headed over to Girls on the Run that afternoon, which was tricky because of all the snow I mentioned on Monday! Luckily the girls loved my plan of playing Red Light, Green Light and listening to Taylor Swift on repeat for 45 minutes. Side note: being in charge of Red Light, Green Light is stressful! Things get super intense! I don’t remember it being that competitive when I was 8?!

Immediately afterwards I went to the gym and got a quick six mile run in for my #100milemarch challenge (which I only have one week left of, by the way!) On my way out I decided to get a smoothie because I was borderline hangry, and the outgoing cashier at Freshii insisted I get the peanut butter banana smoothie since I “just worked out.” Lol k nutritionist. My muscles definitely need that cup of peanut butter after a RUN.


In an effort to keep my snack from replacing my next two meals, I went into the store and shared it with a few of my coworkers. It was tasty but I was definitely getting more of a milkshake vibe.

unnamed (31)


Dinner that night was nothing special — I was feeling lazy so I threw some Trader Joe’s fish nuggets in the oven and steamed some green beans — voila!

unnamed (24)

Oh, and I made my whole apartment smell like fish. Thank goodness for Febreze!


Dessert was enjoyed in bed while continuing my Hart of Dixie binge. I had two Banana Oat Greek Yogurt muffins, plus extra chocolate chips on the side.

unnamed (19)


  • What do you do when someone tries to give you nutrition advice, when you know they have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about?
  • Do your weeknight eats look completely different from your weekend eats?


  1. I completely get the whole smells like fish dilemma – I know it all too well. Does Febreze actually work?

    My weekday eats are COMPLETELY different than weekend – weekends we typically eat out both days and weeknights I try to cook as much as possible or at least be somewhat healthier.
    Those muffins? YUM. Thanks for sharing your WIAW – I love sharing mine and spying on everyone else’s meals for inspiration!

  2. I generally ignore people’s advice to me unless it’s clear they know a lot about it. Most people don’t, however, so I just smile and do what I wanted in the first place.

    Most of my weekday meals aren’t that different from the weekend. I’ll usually have bigger breakfasts on the weekends, but that’s about it!

  3. All that food looks DELISH! Yum yum yum you’re making me hungry. I eat about the same every day, but it usually includes at least one treat 😉 Usually wine or gelato weekend or not hehe…

  4. Hahaha I play the ultimate trump card of I’ve got Crohn’s and I’ve found what works for me, but thanks! And if they want to take if from there, well then we just wrestle.
    So sad that I missed out on tacos, but you obviously know why now! But we make up for it soon, yes?!

  5. Ummm that sandwich looks incredible. Must recreate for myself ASAP.

    I’m waaaaay more structured when it comes to eating during the week than I am on the weekends, though I generally eat more or less the same sort of stuff. The biggest difference is that during the week, eating feels like a break from work (because, you know, it is. Haha. Or at least it is for lunch), whereas on the weekends it feels like a hassle because I have to find the time to put things together 😛 First world problems at their finest haha.

    1. I’m a big sandwich gal, if you can’t tell. Most of my meals exist between two slices of bread, a tortilla, or something of that sort. I’m much more structured on the weeknights too — I usually end up eating out way more on the weekends because I’m on the go more (in a fun way!) First world problems for sure haha

  6. I usually just thank them but then do my own thing. Or I punch them in the face. Only one of those is true.

    My weekday eats are usually very repetitive and the weekend is more varied since my husband is around more and we go on adventures. Deep dish FTW.

  7. Hehe, I love that you eat breakfast while catching up on shows in bed. That’s my kind of breakfast! My weekend eats consist of more restaurant food, and less veggies. The less veggies is unfortunate, and I should work on that.

    1. Haha I wish I could say the “breakfast in bed” thing happens more often than it does, but when I have the day off of work you bet it does! Plus when I’m obsessed with a show I binge-watch (who doesn’t though, right?) More restaurant food, less veggies is totally up my alley too. That’s why we have to get as many as possible in during the week, so we can enjoy the weekends guilt-free and still feeling great even with our indulgences.

  8. When someone gives me nutrition advice, I nod my head and say “that’s interesting”. I used to be rude and point out the obvious flaws with their statement, but then I stopped caring so much. They can eat what they want and so can I lol.
    The guy next door to me always cooks fish in the kitchen at like 11:00PM and it wafts over to my room…I want to die because I cannot sleep with that smell 😦
    I love putting raspberry jalepeno jam with peanut butter on a bagel! It’s SO GOOD!! Also those Morning Star sausages are addicting. One morning I ate four of them…after breakfast hahaha 🙂

    1. Hahaha you’ve become so much more tame, then! Yeah I could never actually call them out, but I was disappointed in myself for not standing up more for exactly what I wanted (which was NOT that smoothie haha). Raspberry jalapeno jam sounds amazing — I’m such a fan of the sweet/salty combo! And those sausages are soooo good, right? I know they’re not the greatest thing under the sun for you but neither is most “sausage” the average person eats, right? haha

    1. If you go apartment-searching you NEED someone on the inside otherwise you might end up in boofoo! Keep that in mind! It’s a huge city and it can get so overwhelming but there really are lots of affordable places to live close to the main downtown.

      I AM a marketer’s dream haha let’s just not say that too loud otherwise they’ll find me and make me buy one of everything……

  9. With training to be a health coach, I do want to give advice to everyone! But I am very aware of who actually wants it and who doesn’t, so I usually keep my mouth shut until someone asks for my help or opinion. And I do laugh so much when I hear folk giving nutrition advice based on ‘what they heard in the news that day’!!! And then I get sad because they actually believe it’s true! :-S

    1. I approve of that philosophy! And yes — so much of the “mainstream knowledge” or “breaking news” in the health world makes me so angry and I don’t even have any nutritional certification or education.

  10. Oh geez…I make fish about 4 times a week and am always so worried about the constant fish smell wafting through my house, clothes, and gym bag. It makes me nervous, but I won’t let it stop me from preparing my favorite lean protein!

    Normally, my eats look very different on the weekend b/c I eat on a very different schedule than during the weekdays. Lately though, since I am not working, they are all looking the same!

  11. I can’t drink coffee on an empty stomach either. I know for some people it curbs their appetite but it just makes me hungrier and sometimes sick if I don’t eat soon enough!

  12. I love reading these kinds of posts – they always give me ideas for yummy meals! That smoothie/milkshake sounds divine.

    Since I’m in high school, I hear a ton of completely false nutritional advice, but unless it sounds like someone is developing eating disordered habits, I just try to ignore it (key word: try). 😉

  13. Nothing makes me more mad than when someone tried to give me advice I know that they have no idea what they are saying! But being the polite and nice person I am I just nod and say ok, then ignore everything they just told me! So much easier this way haha

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