Waking Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed

Well guys, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

I’m alllll about positivity and seeing the “glass half full,” but….

Remember exactly seven days ago when it hit 71 degrees and I was out and about running in a tshirt and crops?

I woke up to this:

unnamed (11)


I seriously woke up and had to check my phone to make sure it really is still March 23rd and, no, I’m not living in some nightmare where we’ve gone back in time to put up with the horrible weather we got here in February. Unbelievable.

Since I’m already complaining, let’s just get a few more things out there and then we can move on to the good stuff. It’s therapeutic, you know?

I sliced my heel open over the weekend, making running and walking pretty painful. I stayed off of it on Sunday and didn’t try to run but I’m so frustrated — between this and the weather I’m pretty sure the big guy doesn’t want me to finish these 100 miles. But I’m determined to prevail, even if I have to spend March 31st running five mile increments all day haha. I would include the gruesome Snapchat that I sent all my friends of my bleeding heel but I know most of you are eating breakfast so I’ll spare ya πŸ˜‰

Okay, final complaint:

I loveΒ when PR people reach out to me. I really do! I feel honored and like I’ve somehow “made it” if someone thinks I’m important enough to trust me with their product and think other people will be influenced by my opinion. But dear god, know your audience. I used to WORK in PR, so I know a generic email when I see one, and I can tell when you actually have no idea who I am. Great example? No, I won’t test out a pair of glasses for you. I DON’T WEAR GLASSES. Has anyone, ever, in the history of IHABL, seen me wearing glasses?

Aaaaaand rant over.


Hi! Happy Monday! πŸ™‚ Let’s talk weekend stuff, shall we?

I tried one of the most famous hole-in-the-wall Greek restaurants in Chicago this weekend and it was oh so good. I won’t get the salad next time (because the pita and chicken were killer) but otherwise, loved it. The Greek woman running the front of house was just as terrifying and charming as you’d expect (what, having to run a restaurant full of men), and after a little chatting I invited her out for drinks with us next door afterwards. She said she’d love to but she “might never come back.” Idk if I had unlimited access to Greek fries I’d probably never leave, so….

unnamed (14)

Luckily I got some great running in pre-heel hack incident. In fact, I set a new personal best for “miles run without actually being in a race” haha. 8.68! And I felt like I could keep going (minus the fact that my legs felt like lead blocks by the end).

unnamed (15)

I’ve become pretty obsessed with running outside so this whole snow thing is really throwing a monkey wrench into my week. I even came up with a great 8-mile loop around the city so let’s just hope this snow melts in three hours. That’s possible, right?

Saturday night I went out with some girlfriends from work, and we unknowingly all dressed like cowgirls. When you go out with girls from lululemon and not a single person wears leggings, it has to be documented.

unnamed (16)

But actually. Once you get to wear leggings to work every single day, putting on pants with a button in the front is a mild form of torture.


In other news, I was finally able to try out Amanda’s Banana Oat Greek Yogurt muffins and I’m a fan. I didn’t blend the oats but they still turned out so well and are the perfect sweet treat to have on hand. I LOVE sneaking Greek yogurt into dishes because it ups the chance that I won’t be hungry 30 minutes later by at least 50%.

unnamed (19)

Finally, I rounded out my Sunday night post-work with some tacos. I was lucky to be in good company with Bethany and Erin. Blogger get-togethers are Β some of my favorite things to do because who else can you talk with about running, food, and blogging etiquette for over an hour? None of my friends would put up with that nonsense!

unnamed (21)


  • Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed?
  • What was the best thing you ate all weekend?
  • Is winter making a comeback by you?


  1. Sad that I missed out last night, and sadder still that it was all for naught (ultimately). I had even picked out which tacos I was going to get! Let me know what your availability will be this week–hopefully we can make good on our snowcheck (gag me with a spoon)

    1. We’ll go again soon! Payday is Friday so after that I’m all yours πŸ™‚ I love going there on Sunday nights (may make that a regular thing) because I know the people who work that night, so maybe we can grab them another Sunday night soon!

  2. Ohhh no, so sorry about your heel and about the snow!! Yuck, snow needs to just go gooo away! I hope it all melts soon, like now!! πŸ™‚ Also, you are one cutie pie! Always love the pics! I know what you mean about waking up on the wrong side of the bed. When I feel like that, I try to roll to the other side and magically feel happier, but it usually never works! Great running, too! Go girl!! XOXO

  3. Annnnddd that’s why you shouldn’t live in Chicago. Just saying. Haha. Nice aviators yo! Oh and heal your heel! I feel like that should be on a t shirt.

    1. Yeah I can surprisingly run in aviators without them jumping all over the place — I’m sure that’ll change during actual marathon training when I have to do silly stuff like speedwork. You should definitely start a tshirt business I think you would see booming success. I’ll definitely buy the “heal your heel” one haha.

  4. Ok you have all the right reasons to be feeling this way! snow… Urgh… Injury stopping you from doing what you want… Worse! But it certainly looked like you had a awesome weekend though!
    David and I went shopping on Saturday and it was so successful and productive that we decided to celebrate with Mexican food and margaritas… It was so good!!!

  5. Haha I got the same email about the glasses. I was like wtf?

    I am also very disappointed with this weather. I annoyed enough when I saw it barely snowing when I woke up, but then it turned into a white out and I couldn’t even see the buildings! Unacceptable.

  6. Ugh the snowww…it almost ruined my half marathon this weekend but luckily it stopped in time to clean the course/roads. I hope that was winter’s last hoorah – it better be done now!
    Hope the snow melts quickly and your heel heals up enough for you to get those runs in ❀ But otherwise, don't worry about the 100 if you really need more recovery time. There's always next month πŸ˜€ You could call it 'April Awakening'?

  7. Ughh I am so sorry for the snow and your heel. It snowed here on Fri but luckily didnt stick. I think I got the same email about glasses…at first I thought it was spam because it appeared so generic. Very weird!

  8. Oh man, what a bummer about your heel! That sounds like no fun at all 😦

    It was SO great to finally meet you in real life last night!! I had a really awesome time, and Velvet Taco was every bit as awesome as you made it out to be πŸ™‚ Thanks for inviting me along!

  9. I’m in NC and while it’s not snowing, our temperature changes just as quickly as that! It was almost 80 degrees one day last week and a couple days later it was raining and 40. But snow in spring is just wrong!

  10. We haven’t gotten snow yet but it got so cold today it is just such a bummer! Why can’t we just have spring already!

  11. Mmm are those falafel tacos! I approve!!! The weather on Sunday was nuts! I had to drive to a race at 5:30 in the morning…on unplowed roads…in a whiteout. It was easily the hardest part about that race :-/ The best thing I ate all weekend was these baked beans I made. It reminded me of summer…even if it was in the teens temperature wise/

  12. Muwahaha, someone just emailed me about trying out their glasses too… I’d bet it was the same company! I currently work in PR, and I find it so funny that I work with PR people as a blogger, work with bloggers as a PR person, and work with both PR people and brands as a freelancer.. I feel like I have it from all angles, so I understand firsthand how to be great at them all and not be annoying. Ha!

  13. How fun that you got to do a blogger meet-up! I’d love that just to be able to talk blogs for a while πŸ™‚ Also, that Greek food looks amazing and those fries look so perfect.I hope the snow melts for you ASAP!

  14. You’re so cute! I’m so sorry about your foot and the snow!! I was SO mad when I woke up to snow last Friday!!! …like SERIOUSLY??? haha, glad that you had a fun weekend though! I’ve never meet up with other bloggers, but I did get to catch up with my health-loving friends this past week!! Such a blast!!

    1. Haha see I HAVE to meet up with other bloggers cuz my friends would get so bored of what we were talking about haha. Luckily my foot hasn’t kept me from running, thank goodness! Hope the snow quickly disappears for you too πŸ™‚

  15. Ugh! I too just got the email to review a pair of glasses. I was like umm…. did I miss something? I don’t believe I wear glasses. Haha!

  16. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed Tuesday!! Yoga and some light cardio helped me feel better. The best thing I ate this weekend was donuts from Duck Donuts, hehe!! Hope the rest of your week is AWESOME!!

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