Let’s talk about MEATTTT (Tried It Tuesday)

I’m joining in on the fun for the first time this week and participating in Sara’s Tried It Tuesday link-up!


I’ve been pulling a Ron Swanson lately and trying to eat more meat than I’ve eaten in years. I’ve pretty much adopted the philosophy that if food looks good, it’s going in my mouth no matter what animal it contains. I don’t know why this is happening but bacon is smelling more delicious with each passing hour, and I can barely go a full workday without dreaming of a ham and cheese panini. So I’m not questioning it and slowly reintroducing different types of meat back in the ol’ diet.

QK5OLcT (1)

BUT, and there’s a big BUT, there are a few caveats to this new-found philosophy:

  1. I still don’t eat beef. Nope, never, nada. It’s not a preference thing, I just have hardly ever eaten it so it doesn’t even cross my mind as food.
  2. Fish + Chicken first. Because they are the kindest to my stomach and the most versatile to cook with
  3. I only buy organic, cage-free poultry without additives. So yes, I spend an obscene…OBSCENE…amount of money on meat for a single 20-something girl. But it’s how I’m able to eat meat — I HAVE to know that what I’m eating doesn’t have any “secrets,” ya feel me?
  4. When I’m out to eat, I rarely eat meat at places that aren’t farm-to-table restaurants. Because if I bite down and I hit anything chewy or suspicious, I’m done. The meal is over. I won’t be able to finish it. What a shame that would be!

So how has this trial period back on the meat wagon been treating me? Rather deliciously, I have to say.

unnamed (13)

That delicious bacon I had on Sunday? It was crunchy, thick-cut and sweet. It took this breakfast to a whole other level. And I know it came from a local farm and was responsibly produced.


That deli meat I use to make my almost-daily turkey pesto sandwiches that I often just end up eating on the floor? Yeah, it costs me close to $10 a pound. So what? THEY’RE INCREDIBLE. Have you even stuck a turkey sandwich in the microwave for 20 seconds? Have you ever stuck a turkey sandwich with pesto in the microwave for 20 seconds? Have you ever stuck a turkey sandwich with pesto AND CHEESE in the microwave for 20 seconds? Too good.

unnamed (15)

And last, but certainly the BIGGEST accomplishment of my “Tried It Tuesday” adventure was that, for the first time in over a decade, I had sausage. With a runny egg on top.

unnamed (14)I’m not going to lie. This was tough. The flavors were all there and it was a spot-on delicious breakfast sandwich, but my stomach wasn’t happy with its reintroduction to sausage But I trusted that the restaurant uses only quality ingredients in its sausage, no mystery meat, so I took a leap of faith. I don’t think I’ll be doing sausage again for awhile, but BACON, WELCOME BACK INTO MY WORLD. How I’ve missed you 🙂

995617_584632624946962_605907155_nHow long will this meat experimentation last? Who knows. And don’t be surprised if a week from today I’m a freaking vegan (just kidding that would be excessive even for me). But I go through phases of being comfortable with different types of food, so for now I’m just going to blissfully ride the bacon train.


  • Are you “weird” about meat?
  • What’s your favorite meat dish?
  • What’s the most interesting meat you’ve ever tried?


  1. Hey girl!! I love that you’re enjoying your food and divin’ into yummy, juicy tastes. That’s awesome! Food totally makes me excited, so I love hearing people so passionate about their meals. Have a wonderful week! XOXO

    1. Thanks for all your support! I love how much healthy views can differ from person to person (I know you’re vegan) but we all support each other’s right to know what’s best for our own individual bodies! 🙂

  2. Yayyyyyyy!! So happy to have you on the link up 😉 I’m all about a hot sandwich too. I used to make a killer turkey and cheese panini when I was in college. It wasn’t the healthiest so I don’t make it anymore but anyone I do get a sandwich I prefer it warm. Can’t wait for future TIT posts!

    1. Haha yeah I’ve gotten lazy with my hot sandwiches. I have a brick wrapped in tin foil to help me make paninis on the stove but nowadays with time the way it is I usually just stick my sandwiches in the microwave. College was FULL of not-so-healthy choices hahaha I’m getting hungry just thinking about all the crazy stuff I used to eat!

  3. I think our bodies change and sometimes we need certain things. Maybe you are wanting more protein since you workout quite frequently. I am with you on being incredibly picky about my meat selections!

  4. I’m definitely picky about eating responsibly raised meat which means no dining hall meat for me!
    I always get Boar’s Head deli turkey which is crazy expensive, but I think it’s so worth it to know it was raised responsibly and it tastes delicious!

  5. I didn’t used to be weird about meat, but I stopped eating beef for a while (um… my grandmother died of Mad Cow Disease. I’m not kidding). And then I started eating it again and then it got hard for me to eat. I just have to be careful with how restaurants prepare it (like with everything else)–but an amazing steak is truly truly incredible. But I hate fatty cuts!

    1. I can’t believe she died of Mad Cow Disease! That’s horrible!! Just another justification of why I don’t feel bad about being picky and incredibly selective when I do eat meat. Fatty cuts of any kind of meat gross me out so much — even just seeing it on someone else’s plate — ick.

  6. Mmmm bacon! it’s great that you are re-evaluating your relationship with meat – I know it’s not for all and I respect that – just see what your body gravitates towards!
    As you well know, I love meat, all meat! I make sure all the meat I buy is free range/ outdoor bread/ grass fed but when I am eating out (which we do rarely) I don’t tend to stress (obv I gravitate towards restaurants that serve responsibly sourced meat from local farms).
    My favourite meat is beef or pork – rump steak or pork shoulder to be specific! I have tried all kinds – buffalo, boar, kangaroo, alligator, rabbit, pheasant, duck, grouse to name but a few! and yes I am a typical Scot that eats haggis (Google it 😉 )

    1. Hahaha I feel like Crossfit + meat go hand in hand. It’s definitely not worth stressing about every time you go out to eat, I agree. I’ve been enjoying pork a lot lately as well. Don’t think I’ll go far enough to try kangaroo though 😉

  7. I’ve had some out-there meats/animal products: I’ve had octopus before, and a couple years ago I had tripe (cow stomach). Honestly, I thought they were both pretty tasty! I eat meat regularly enough that it doesn’t cause me too many digestive problems, though I personally tend to gravitate towards chicken more than anything, mostly because I know how to cook it well and don’t freak out that I’m going to give myself salmonella when I make it hahaha.

    1. I’m all about trying weird fish — octopus, mussels, gimme all of it. But for some reason land animals give me the willies I guess haha. Chicken is the easiest to cook but even still — I always overcook my chicken because I’m scared of undercooking it. Do you cook it on the stove and finish it in the oven or something else? With chicken, the crockpot is my best friend.

      1. Generally speaking I bake my chicken in the oven (usually overbake it in the oven, but that is neither here nor there. Hahaha. At least that way I know it’s done! 😛 ). The only other way I’ve ever cooked it is stir frying it on the stove, but then it’s cut up into little pieces and is easy to see when it’s cooked. I basically only use frozen chicken from TJ’s, though, which in my mind is easier — mostly because it doesn’t involve touching slimy raw chicken haha.

  8. I am SO weird about meat which is why I don’t even eat it. People ask me why I’m a vegetarian and it is literally only because it freaks me out. I’m not gonna go all PETA on people I could careless if they eat meat around me it’s just not my thing!

  9. I was a vegan for 5 years and now I eat steak very happily… go figure?!? I am still very picky with what meat I will eat but for my body’s sake I needed more protein. Just eat what makes you feel good!

  10. I am totally weird about my meats too! If I could afford seafood and eyes only that is all I would eat! Not a fan of the mystery things they gross me out! Especially those cheap chinese places, ugh!

  11. I’m “weird” about meat in that I won’t buy it from any-ol’-where; I buy it from reputable butchers, only. It grosses me out that places like Safeway and Trader Joe’s sell ground beef that includes meat compiled from several countries. So that means one package of ground beef could include meat from Canadian, Australian, and Mexican cattle. Yuck!

  12. That some e-card is hilarious! It’s awesome reading that you are incorporating it into your diet 🙂 I love chicken and fish, but do have red meat (usually ground and lean) once a week.

  13. I am VERY weird about meat and it’s rare that I eat it. My husband knows how to prepare a good filet so occasionally (like a couple times a year occasionally) I will have that. I don’t eat sausage or bacon or anything like that. Chicken and fish are tops for me!

    I’m sorry that the sausage wrecked your tummy a bit. 😦

  14. I’m a meat eater…but won’t touch anything that had bacon nearby…I hate the smell and taste of it. I am probably the most weird about sausages and deli meats. My go to meats are chicken and fish. I guess the most interesting meat I have tried was buffalo/bison…which is yummy (but if you don’t like beef you probably won’t like this!). I hope your stomach starts feeling better soon and accepting the carnivore in you!

  15. Shit! I thought I came up the most genius idea this week when microwaving an egg, turkey, cheese & pesto roll up. Guess I’m not the only one doing it. Haha!

  16. After being a vegetarian for two and a half years, being back on the meat train has just made my world so much easier! I still enjoy non-meat meals and am more of a turkey/chicken/fish girl over other meats, but I just love the fact that I’m not “that” guest anymore. Like people don’t have to go out of their way to think of something for me to eat whenever I come over now.

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