A weekend of firsts: “So much room for activities!”

This was a weekend of firsts for me. I didn’t have any big commitments, work, or travel plans, so there was SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES!


1) I went to my first concert of 2015. I have a goal (read: not resolution) to see live music once a month for the rest of the year, so now I can check January off the list.unnamed (11)

unnamed (21)Friday night a few friends and I went to see The Way Down Wanderers. I went to college with one of the guys in the band and it was such a blast! Bluegrass meets Folk meets Classical meets Rap. Or something like that.

2) I tried a new Ben & Jerry’s flavor: Americone Dream. It was a tough choice but I managed somehow.

unnamed (9)

(No these aren’t all mine)

3) I saw Dirty Dancing for the first time.


I brought…..a watermelon

Never again will I buy that my generation is responsible for the moral downfall of our society with the way we dance. Dirty dancing clearly started ages ago and now my peers are just honoring tradition — our style is just lazier and more monotonous, ending only when the call for 2am pizza is too strong to ignore any longer.

giphy tumblr_lnq4quQrOX1qdk5lp

Although I will admit many late night dance sessions these days don’t end like this:


Believe me I’ve tried.

4) I tried a famous Lincoln Park staple for the first time: Blue Door Farmstand.

unnamed (25)

This place is BOMB.

I also met Sara from Lake Shore Runner for the first time in person! I’ve felt like I’ve known her for so long but it was a relief to meet her and see that she is just as sweet and adorable in person. Susie came too — she’s pretty cool, I guess.

unnamed (24)

Scratch that, extra cool. She knows how to photobomb a latte pic like a champ.

Aside from the firsts, I did some run of the mill activities to balance it all out. A little outdoor running, a little Flywheel, a little yoga sculpt. I think my body is confused over what I’m trying to do to it. I like to think a healthy life is fueled by a steady flow of ice cream AND greens, and so far it’s been going well.

unnamed (10)

Run in the snow — didn’t slip!

5) My first apartment flood

Okay, maybe a little dramatic, but we’re currently dealing with a flooding dining room in the apartment. Thankfully we caught it before it damaged anything but since it’s hardwood floors in a really old building, the people below us are dealing with water leaking from their ceiling and light fixtures. The really stressful part has been that the owner of the building isn’t responding and the “emergency number” is a fluke (great to know in times of an emergency). Luckily we were able to contact a plumber and he’s on his way, but TBD at how this first “adventure” is going to turn out!


  • Did you have any “firsts” this weekend?
  • Favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor?


  1. Super cool weekend! Love all your firsts!! Sounds like so much fun! Dirty Dancing is awesome and fab workouts!! Way to balance everything perfectly!! You rock! XOXO

  2. Feel free to take some pointers on the phorobombing expertise. I give seminars. Our generation definitely is responsible for the moral downfall of society, and laziness is definitely part of it. How else can you explain the fact that we dance basically without ever moving our feet?
    Fave B&J flavor was one that they used to do which was half Cherry Garcia (on one side) and NY Super Fudge Chunk on the other….

  3. You’d never seen dirty dancing? I’ve seen that movie so many times. Fun fact- it was filmed at a mountain lake in VA and when I was a kid we went on vacation there and stayed in the same cabin as the family in the movie.

    1. Hahaha did you do the whole “grown up family at summer camp” thing? That was the weirdest part to me! They were all basically at camp together! I’d never seen it because I used to not like 80s movies (don’t worry I’ve seen the light) but I didn’t know it was based in the 60s…I loved it!

    1. You still have a few days in January! get it done! It doesn’t even have to be a concert, but live music in general is so electric! Just go to a Mexican restaurant where they have a mariachi band 😉 What concerts are you seeing in the upcoming months??

  4. Stepbrothers never gets old! My favorite flavor of B&J’s is definitely half baked but I can’t wait to try the new cookie core flavors!

  5. I love your goal of seeing live music once a month. That’s something I could DEFINITELY get on board with. Love me some live shows. But your apartment flood — yikes! That doesn’t sound like much fun at all. Hopefully the situation resolves quickly!

  6. What a great wkend. It’s always fun to meet bloggers in person after feeling like you know them from reading their blogs. Ben n Jerry’s is so delicious. I do not keep it in my house for that ree. I like the chunky monkey I believe it’s called.

  7. What the what!? I’m so jealous of your hangout this weekend! I bet you girls are a blast together. 🙂 I have been wanting to try that Red Velvet Cake B&J, but I’m afraid to buy it because I don’t want to eat it all in one sitting. It looks like you had a wonderful weekend! (PS. I love Stepbrothers. What a classic.)

  8. First off, that sounds like a crazy genre of music, but cool! I am sadly not well educated in the Ben&Jerry’s department ( I always liked going out for ice cream as a kid), but i can honestly say that I’ve never ever been disappointed by one of their ice creams. Also, that food you got from Blue Door Farmstand looks AMAZING. Wow.

  9. I got to try out a new coffee shop in a new part of the city! And coffee is totally my thing! And so are London Fogs now!

      1. Oh this one was awesome, probably should have gotten a picture of it… next time for sure lol

  10. I am amazed you have never seen Dirty Dancing! Love the blogger meet up, the fitness classes and the live music. Awesome weekend! How was the ice cream?

  11. Looks like a great weekend, but I can’t get over that you are just seeing Dirty Dancing for the first time!! Crazy girlfriend! I love Chunky Monkey, but I wouldn’t want to just choose one favorite and make the others feel bad! They are all so yummy!

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