it’s a beautiful day for some country music!

Well guys I’m off work the next two days (first time that’s happened on a weekend in over a month!) so I’m going to be celebrating the best way I know how: sunshine, mimosas and country music.

I’m heading down to Soldier Field today for the Luke Bryan concert! Since I knew that today would be pretty indulgent to say the least (country music in the summer = beerbeerbeer) I woke up with the sun and squeezed in a 50 minute run. As usual it was almost impossible to get out of bed but the minute I got out there I was so happy to be getting my sweat on.


 Now if you’ll excuse me I have some fun to get to! I hope you all have a fabulous Labor Day! 




  • Any fun Labor Day plans?
  • Are you ready for summer to be over (I AM – hello, Fall!)
  • Are you a country music fan? You either love it or you hate it!




  1. Ahhh so fun!! Glad that you have time off!! …and it’s SO true!! With country you either love it or hate it!! I was just driving with a bunch of people and while most of them were “jaming” out to country… I was not! …not a fan! haha… but I hope that you have a blast!!

  2. I love country music! That sounds like my kind of day 😦 Unfortunately I chose to work today, but glad I did I would take that easy no traffic drive up any day! And leaving early so I can’t complain to much! Congrats on getting that 50 minute run in! I only got to about 35 and called it quits haha but hey its labor day right! Enjoy your day jamming! Oh and totally ready for fall as well !

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