Friday thoughts: it’s SUMMER!

You guys you guys you guys you guuuuuyyyss!!! It’s Memorial Day Weekend! It’s summer! It’s vacation time! It’s beach time! Can you tell I’m excited?


I’ll be heading up to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin with five of my college friends for a girls weekend. I haven’t been this excited in months – it’s gonna be a weekend full of this:


Oh and don’t forget this:

Million Dollar Arm

Go see it. I cried. Not teared up and wiped them away before people were any the wiser. BAWLED. It was so inspirational and moving. Classic Disney.

640_million_dollar_arm_hd-pictures_2014unnamed (1)

I’m doing so well on my New Year’s Resolutions!

Between all the during-the-week concerts I’ve been going to and the meat I’ve been eating, I’m kicking butt at my resolutions. I’m not even going to focus on where I’ve fallen short, because of course I’m a human being so that’s where my mind just went. STOP IT, Lauren. Be proud! πŸ™‚

IMG_7496 IMG_7505

unnamedAnd yes, Aziz was hilarious! He had so many funny thoughts on modern romance in the digital age. I highly recommend going to see him if he comes to your area!

Jamie Lynn Spears

When I heard that Jamie Lynn Spears was releasing a Country album I rolled my eyes so far back I thought for sure they wouldn’t come back. It seems like anyone and their mother can be a singer these days. But wow…as much as I’ll always love Britney as a performer I think we picked the wrong Spears to let sing. This girl is GOOD! And I love her as a Country singer…her voice is perfect for it and it shows that she isn’t doing it just for the fame that you get when you become a Pop singer in Hollywood. Check her out, skeptics!

Hot Pink

I’m pretty sure this is the only color I’m going to wear all summer.


Oh yeah…about that juice cleanse


I lasted 12 hours and then I got Chipotle. Can we not talk about it?


Recipe I’m dying to make

I’m not sure why but this recipe is calling to me.



  • Any Memorial Day Weekend Plans?
  • What’s a recipe that caught your eye this week?
  • Any new running songs I should add to my playlist?


  1. Girl you are KILLING IT. I want to go to Lake Geneva this summer with Alex during his week off. You gotta let me know where to go, etc. We have friends coming in for Saturday night and otherwise will be trying to fend off the crowds, lol. But then it’s off to CHARLESTON YAYAYAYAY
    Have a great time!

    1. I’ll make sure to let you know the hits and misses of the trip. It’s such a quick drive for such a nice little escape. The town is adorable! I’ve never been to Charleston but it’s on my list of places I want to go to – I love quaint cities. When you get back we’re gonna CorePower it up!

  2. Akira! I’ve only *really* shopped at Akira once, but man, I had the most incredible experience there. The customer service I had was off the CHARTS. Most of their clothes are too trendy for my regular life, but when the occasion for something like that arises, I definitely like Akira.

    Whenever I hear about Jamie Lynn Spears I always think about Zoey 101 haha. I loved that show so much when I was younger. I actually looked into going to Pepperdine because the show made it look so gorgeous (since that’s where they filmed).

    1. Akira is hit or miss for me but the service at Water Tower Place is incredible – they make me want to shop there! So nice. And I had no idea that was filmed at Pepperdine! I’ve visited there and it’s out of this world beautiful! I definitely looked into going there too haha but even that beach location wasn’t worth the huge price tag

  3. Oh my gosh, you have so many fun plans for the weekend!!! Yaaay!! Have the best time!! Have so much fun!!!
    Memorial day plans?! YES!!! My birthday is Monday so I’m planning on having a blast this weekend, starting out with a 10k tomorrow morning!! XOXO!!!

  4. Pudding pops sound AMAZING! And I would have lasted just about as long as you trying to d a juice cleanse. It sounds like you’ve been living it up lately with all your concerts and shows! So much fun! I hope you have an awesome girls weekend!

    1. Don’t they sound awesome?! I would never think to make pudding pops haha. Check out that guy’s blog he’s got so many other creative foods on there too! And that cleanse…all I can say is BLECH

  5. Yes yes yessss I love everything about this post!! SUMMER!!!

    Neon Trees is really fun live, my ex bf of 2 years and I went to see them on our first date (shows how fun they were to watch that I don’t have lingering bad feelings even though the relationship went sour :-P) I also really want to see Million Dollar Arm bc Jon Hamm is a total fox. And Jamie Lynn, who’da thunk?!

    1. See it! It was great! And I went in with average expectations about Neon Trees but they were even better live than on Spotify! They just have so much personality that’s hard to capture on a recording. Have a fun weekend!

  6. Yes, yes, yes to that pink! I love it!

    I definitely want to see that movie. I may wait for on demand though because I’m not a big fan of movie theaters…

    This weekend I’m going to Cape Cod. Woo hoo! Have a great time! πŸ™‚

  7. I had heard about Jamie Lynn becoming a country singer on the radio too but I hadn’t gotten a chance to check her out! Thanks for posting the video, she is GREAT! I loved the song and such a great voice, perfect for country that is for sure!
    I am so excited for this weekend too! Tonight I am going to happy hour with some family, friends, and new people I can’t wait to meet! Tomorrow is hiking day and Sunday is relaxation day, maybe even some yoga πŸ™‚ But I do have to say your girls trip takes my plans haha

  8. HAHA I LOVE your for ditching the cleanse and going to way could I turn that goodness down. WOWZA J.Spears def sounds legit in this song…GOOD FOR HER!

  9. hahah if I were going to ditch the cleanse, the FIRST place I would go would have been Chipotle too. Seriously obsessed with it. It’s healthy (well sans the cheese, sour cream, and shit ton of guac I put on it I guess), but SO good too!

  10. Hehe – damn that chipotle! Sometimes I think it’s a good thing we don’t have one! But hey, now you have some tasty juices to drink!
    Loving hot pink too! Wearing bright colours makes me feel good! πŸ™‚

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