Losing my “Spill it Sunday” Virginity

Sundays are usually a quiet day for me in terms of blogging. In fact, it’s rare that I post on a Saturday OR Sunday, just because I’d rather be out and about than typing away on the ol’ laptop. But today I decided to finally join in on the fun that Arman brings us every week and link up with other bloggers for “Spill It Sunday”. Plus you all want to get to know me a little better, right? I knew it.


1. What’s your middle name?

  • Rosemary – the name of my Dad’s mom, my paternal Grandma. I never met her but I like having her name because it feels like I have a little part of her in me.

2. When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up?

  • Being the indecisive person I am this always, always changed. I do remember when I was really little I thought I wanted to be a librarian. I would take books from around the house and pretend to “scan” them and a few weeks ago I even found a log detailing the books that I let my family “check out,” with due dates and fines and everything haha. Apparently I was a real stickler as a child.

3. What do you keep in the glove box of your car?

  • Napkins! I hate when I’m eating or I need to blow my nose or something and I reach into the glove compartment and there are no napkins in there. One of life’s little frustrations that I try to avoid 🙂

4. Name one food that always seems to go bad before you eat it?

  • Bread! Which is so weird because that never used to happen to me but for some reason Zain and I keep coming across moldy bread midweek.

5. What was the last workout you did?

  • I don’t know if this counts as a real workout but I biked to run all my errands yesterday! Other than that I did an elliptical workout on Friday.

6. When was the last time you got the giggles in an inappropriate moment? What did you do?

  • This is a funny story that I don’t think my parents even know about. My brother and I have a game we’ve played at church since we were probably 12 years old. During Catholic masses we all stand and hold hands while saying the Our Father and Steve and I have always played “who can squeeze the other person’s hand the hardest” game. It usually ends up in stifled giggles during church, especially lately because I realize how old we are still playing this game and it makes me laugh. We joked the other day that one day we’re going to be 30 years old in church doing it and one of us is going to break our hand and when the paramedics ask what happened we’ll have to tell them we were playing a game. I can’t wait for that day.

7. If you had to pick one song to play continuously in the background of your everyday life what would you pick?

  • It changes a lot but this week I’ve been loving playing this song while I walk to work. It’d be a great theme song!

8. What would you do if you got 25 hours in a day while everyone else was still stuck with 24?

  • This sounds dumb and predictable but I’d definitely use that time to work out. Sometimes it’s tough to fit in a workout when you don’t want to miss out on things with friends! How great would it be to wake up and have an extra hour to sweat before work but it didn’t cost you any sleep or time with family/friends?

9. Pick a great picture of you/your family/your friends and tell us the background story of what’s happening in it.

  • I have to cheat and use two pictures – my parents were trying to get a nice family picture of my brother and me during a family vacation a few years back (back when I was into the whole bleached bottle blonde business). My brother scooped me up (I hate being picked up) and the following pictures happened:


Don’t ever joke about dropping a girl! Just don’t do it haha.

10.What’s your favorite quote/song/image when you need a little inspiration?


Have a beautiful Sunday! I can’t wait to read about all your weekends!


  1. Oh gosh I have some good and inappropriate stories about laughing in church :/ but what can ya say it always happens at the most inappropriate times right !

  2. I try soooososo hard not to EVER LET food go bad. Would you judge me if I told you I will pick around food if it’s…sorta…bad. HAA.

    1. No judgment! you know what’s funny is I try to do the same but Zain is the one who can’t stand it if he knows there was even a little mold on it. Everyone has their “things” I guess 🙂

  3. Well, we now know who is going to HELL. 😉 Actually, that’s the kind of game my sister and I would play too. Actually, we played one similar where we would stick our middle finger up at each other when mum wasn’t looking…oops!

    Bread is a big one for me too- I have to freeze half of it at a time!

  4. awww love that quote too (one of my mom’s faves) and love that you and your bro are so close. mine is my best friend, too. ❤

    1. Have you always been close or did it happen when you both moved away to school or for a job? Because my brother and I got VERY close once we went to college! Weird how things happen like that

  5. napkins. that one thing i always forget to restock my glove box with! riding around town totally counts as a workout! 🙂

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