What I Ate Wednesday


It’s gonna be a fast one today, guys. In typical “me” fashion I hit snooze one too many times and am now scrambling to get everything together for work. But how could I rush off and not share my eats with you? That would just be selfish. I can’t wait to see all your food pics today…I’ve been seriously struggling in the creativity department (especially for dinner) so I need some inspiration! As always, thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting! Maybe one day I’ll learn how to link up to the WIAW post (I allllways have trouble).



2 egg omelet with spinach, peppers, scallions and cheddar cheese



An “everything but the kitchen sink” salad: mixed greens with blue cheese, candied walnuts, scallions, strawberries, hardboiled eggs, and Panera’s poppyseed dressing



Recycled photo: roasted sweet potato with peanut butter (plus a biiiig cup of coffee unpictured)



Veggie wrap: whole wheat wrap topped with basil-white bean hummus, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, and swiss cheese. Plenty of tortilla chips on the side




Zain left this sweet note for me made of M&Ms, my all-time favorite candy. It was such a sweet treat 🙂 my trick to keep myself from eating the whole bag in one day (not the single serving bag of course) is putting them in a shot glass. On bad days, I have two “shots” but if  I savor them, I’m satisfied with just one. They’re addicting so this is a great way to eat them in moderation.

And just because it’s Wednesday, buy yourself some flowers. Maybe Spring will get the memo.




  1. This is quick, sweet, and delicious. I bought myself a flower this week, lol. And m&Ms forever. I have a giant bag of the dark chocolate in our fridge right now 😀 hello breakfast dessert. NOW GET TO WORK.

  2. I love flowers around the house! I bought some tulips this past weekend… definitely going to do that more often. Spring!!!

  3. Your meals look so delicious!! I see you’re eating a sweet potato with peanut butter again!! YUM!!! I love your breakfast, too!! YUM!! Ohhh, dessert!! To summarize my reply, YUUUUM!!

  4. I know this is going to sound weird, but I don’t really like flowers. I mean, I LOVE flowers, but then they die, and that’s so sad that I just don’t buy the fresh ones. I like looking at other people’s though, so keep em coming, and I’ll try to forget that it’s 45 degrees and rainy outside.

    1. Crazy woman! Flowers are the best. An expensive habit, sure, but I think the temporary beauty outweighs the negatives. I think I’m just weird in that if I could constantly have flowers in my kitchen I would. DEFINITELY not enough money in the bank for that, though 🙂

  5. I still have yet to try a sweet potato topped with peanut butter even though I keep seeing people eat them and it looks amazing! Must try soon. I got really excited when I saw those tortilla chips from trader joe’s too! They’re my favorite, but I don’t let myself buy them because I WILL eat the whole bag in one sitting easily lol

    1. TJ’s has so many options when it comes to tortilla chips and this was my first time with these…they’re great! So thin and super salty, just how I like em 🙂 and you HAVE to try the sweet potato just make sure your pb is crunchy! It makes all the difference

  6. Can I just preface this by saying im envious that you can drink coffee in the afternoon? Had that happened to me, I’d be awake all night.

    M and ms out of shot glasses- genius. Although a mate got me this giant shot glass from Europe which fits 20 shots…. Might defeat the purpose

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