what i’ve learned this weekend

Life tips from me to you this beautiful weekend 🙂

Bud Light Mang-o-ritas are no bueno

Too sweet, too beer-ish. I had such high hopes for this being my drink of choice this summer. I did try summer shandy too and that was pretty good! I’m just looking for the perfect lets-sit-on-a-rooftop-all-day-and-tan-my-pasty-skin drink. The search continues!


Good friends never change

I went out to dinner with my friend Alanna (who I haven’t seen in months) and it was like no time had passed. This girl is such a gem and reminded me why I need to make more of an effort with some of the friends I’ve made over the years. We studied abroad in Paris together and really developed a great friendship over there. You know you have a real friendship when you sit down after a period of time and you can just start talking again.


We did tons of traveling together – this picture was taken in the beautiful city of Prague

Branching out when you go out to eat can be so rewarding

I love being in love with my food when I go out to dinner. Deciding what to order usually takes me a year and a half because I get anxiety that I’m not going to pick the most delicious thing. That usually translates into me choosing something “safe”: usually fish tacos, a tuna melt, a big salad or pizza, something I know I’m going to gush over. When I was out to dinner with Alanna, however, we decided to branch out and order an appetizer that could be hit or miss. We chose a few mix/match bruschetta options and they were out of this world good. It just goes to show that the only way you discover some great food combinations is if you take that risk.


Bruschetta sampler: tomato/basil/mozzarella, ricotta/pistachio/honey, and brie/apples. I drool just looking at this picture! It’s so wonderful dining with another “foodie” who encourages stuff like this. I easily succumb to “peer food pressure.” 🙂

Running in the wind is hard

It is what it is. I found myself running with my hand in front of my face for some of the run because it was coming at me and sorta triggering my sports-induced asthma. Either that or I’m just a wimp. So if you’re from Chicago and you see a girl running towards you looking like she’s going to barf because she’s covering her mouth, not to worry, it’s just me being dramatic.


It’s too early for flip flops but we’re never too old for bunny ears

Some of my friends all met up last night to celebrate Monica’s birthday. It was a fun night full of cookies and card games. In the beginning of the night we spent some time outside by a bonfire. Being the genius I am I decided to wear flip flops. Luckily Moni was quick to offer up her pink slippers so I ended up looking like quite a stud. But hey, I was toasty!



  • Did you learn anything this weekend?
  • Are you a risk taker when you go out to eat?


  1. I learned a lot this weekend! People related! First of all I can be a bit dramatic when it comes to my family and I really noticed and realized this and will be working on changing this because I’m 21 and it’s time to grow up haha, this was brought on by watching some dramatic moments with some roommate drama. Safe to say I called my mom and apologized for my drama queen moment!

    1. That’s a pretty big realization! A lot bigger than my mango-rita one haha. Good for you, though. I had one of those about a month ago…it can be hard to admit/change but it feels good once you’ve done it!

  2. It really is the best when you can catch up with a friend you haven’t seen in months or years and just pick up right where you left off! I’m usually a safe orderer too– but it looks like branching out was a major win for you this time! The food looks delicious!

  3. Wait hold up- there’s beer mixed with that margarita? What!!!!!

    Those friends you can go months without seeing yet know when you are in their company again no time has passed- those are the keepers for life. And that bruschetta looks awesome! I’m pretty adventurous when eating out but tend to gravitate towards seafood because I never cook it myself!

    1. I know I had sooo much hope for it but it wasn’t good. They’re a big Bud Light product in the States that have made quite a name for themselves in the past year or two. The bruschetta was heaven! Especially the ricotta/pistachio/honey one…and that one wasn’t even my choice! Good call on the seafood it’s always so good at restaurants. Hence why I always look for some killer fish tacos on every menu 🙂

  4. I am the same way with ordering food…I like to order multiple things and sample them all. My run today was all into the wind and I was like NOOO.

  5. bunny ears are always awesome. If nothing else, you are flashing the peace sign and spreading the love. I would love to be a risk taker when I go out to eat, but sadly, I can’t really be–#crohnskidproblems but I love it when others are, because then I get to try their food. I am the ultimate mooch–I can have a bite of whatever, but just not the whole thing.

    1. noooo stupid crohns. well at least you get to sample whatever you want…that’s probably healthier for you in the longrun (as opposed to me who gets way too into her food and then before I know it I’ve eaten more than my stomach can handle). If you’re ever looking to “sample” this it’s from Frasca in Lakeview!

      1. I didn’t say I don’t overeat lol- often I end up eating way more by sampling. But it’s also good because it helps me bypass certain roadblocks in my mind-splitting things up helps me eat more, if that makes sense. But I agree-thank god I can sample, I am a terribly curious person!

  6. I am the most boring person when I go out to eat. I try something at a new restaurant, and if I like it, that is the only thing I will ever order when I go there. If I don’t like it, I will never suggest going to that place ever again. I just feel like if I am going to spend my hard earned money on a meal out, I want to enjoy it…so branching out only happens when I am tasting something off of someone else’s plate!

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