Things I Love Friday

Happy Friday! Looking back I had a great week, so let’s take a moment to be THANKFUL for all the things that made me smile these past few days.

Volumizing Foods

If there’s one thing I love most in this world, it’s sitting down to a BIG plate of food. There’s something so comforting about not feeling like you’re restricting yourself to a small portion size that may or may not be enough for you. Enter: volumizing foods with vegetables. I know plenty of people do it, whether it be adding spaghetti squash to your pasta or cauliflower to your potatoes. One of my favorites? Adding peas to macaroni and cheese. I enjoyed this monstrous bowl while watching Frozen for the first time (finally) with some friends.



Speaking of Frozen, I love Disney animation. When I was little I remember watching The Lion King and feeling like I was literally being sucked into the story because I was so in awe of the colors and music. Nowadays that little girl still jumps for joy whenever we watch a Disney movie. My current favorite? Tangled.


I even recently went to Disneyland and cried during the World of Color Water Show. I’m a sap.


Free Food at Work

Employers really underestimate the power of work perks. At my job, there’s more free food than I know what to do with. Aka it’s heaven on earth.


The song that made my week

I. can’t. get. enough.


Good Friends

It was my friend Monica’s birthday this week!! As one of my dearest friends AND most dedicated IHABL readers, I have to give this lady a huuuuge shout out. She’s one of those special people who comes into your life and really makes a mark on it. She has influenced me in so many ways to be more outgoing, carefree, honest and loving. Happy Birthday, Moni!


It took me two years to realize that I have Goldfish in my hair in this picture.

Inspiration of the Week

I wanted to end today’s post with this video. I saw it early this week and was absolutely moved by it. The main messages coincide with how I view and see value in this life. I honestly don’t care how much money I have or what kind of job I have in the future – if I can create relationships like this with the people I come into contact with I think I’ll have lived a beautiful life. Grab the tissues, by the way, it’s a tear-jerker.


  • What did you think about the video?
  • What’s your favorite Disney movie?
  • Best song you’re listening to right now



  1. Oh my gosh, I love Disney movies!!!! Lion King is so wonderful and ahhhh, I just watched Tangled for the 100th time the other day!! Such a great movie!! I love the volumizing food idea, too!! That’s a great one!!

  2. How did you like Frozen?! I am the same way! I much prefer animated movies haha especially Disney! But I don’t discriminate !

    1. I thought it was really good! Not my absolute favorite, and definitely not worth the way people were obsessing over it for months haha but I can see if I had a younger sister or daughter why they’d absolutely love it! I loved the way it ended too…definitely a good lesson for younger girls instead of the constant “true love always comes from a man” thing they used to push in princess stories.

  3. That Thai video was wonderful. I couldn’t agree with you more, witnessing happiness is worth so much more than money!! I don’t mind many people that understand my lack of desire to be “rich.” I want enough to get by, and the rest to share!

    Oh and enough to travel to Disney yearly, because I am obsessed.

  4. LAUREN!!! I left work last week on Tuesday since my mom had surgery then I took the rest of the week off to help her out, and of courseeeee celebrate my bday! I generally stay away from my computer at home since it runs my life here at work! The point is, after coming back on Monday to 105 emails, I am finally caught up on my work and am able to read all your posts I missed haha! Thanks so much for making my bday celebration special and for the shout out, I LOVE YOU! ❤ And I have no idea why we put goldfish on our heads in that pic lolll

    Ps I've never seen Tangled….. NEED to get on that

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