so apparently it’s Friday?

It’s been a whirlwind week. It definitely doesn’t feel like Friday that’s for sure! I did a lot after work this week which probably explains it. Remember awhile ago when we talked about not looking forward to the weekends and instead making every day special so time doesn’t slip through your fingertips? Yeah, I’ve been trying that out.

On Tuesday I went to Zain’s company basketball game. It’s always so funny to see grown men running around an elementary school gym for 30 minutes.


Wednesday night Zain and I had tickets to Second City! If you’re not sure what that is it’s a comedy/improv theater that got so many famous careers started, from Tina Fey to Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell.


Oh my gosh you guys it was soooooooooooooo good. How often these days do we look away from the screen and sit in a room full of people and laugh for two hours? It was so refreshing, not to mention hilarious. I can definitely see some of those improv actors on SNL one day.

After the show we got a quick dinner at Chipotle–I had the veggie tacos for no reason other than the guacamole apocalypse.


You’ve all heard about that, right? That Chipotle might need to “temporarily” stop serving guacamole because of rising food prices? Mark my words if that happens I’m going to be outside my local store picketing with a sign and everything. What good is Chipotle without the guac? It’s basically just a taco bell, people.

In other news, Trader Joe’s is officially my favorite store on the planet. I’m running really low on groceries right now so I decided to stop in TJ’s before work and get my meals for the day. I bought a mini quiche, a lemon Luna bar, a bag of sugar snap peas and a can of soup for $8. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks for under $10? TJ’s I love you (not to mention their food is killer – this mini quiche was delicious and I was definitely the envy of the office).


Side comment: I think I’m officially getting old. I’m still sore from a workout that I did on Sunday. Come on, body, this is just ridiculous. I just want to do a pushup without bursting into tears.

And last but not least, I’ve been doing a great job working on my personal goals! One of the things I promised myself at the start of this year was that I was going to do more fun things around the city, even during the week. Yeah sometimes I get off work and the only thing I want to do is watch Millionaire Matchmaker and eat a giant quesedilla, but that’s not what makes life memorable. Something I used to do a few years back was go to concerts, and I’d forgotten how much I love to do that. So recently I bought tickets to three upcoming concerts–Bastille, Neon Trees/Smallpools, and Luke Bryan. Even typing those words out is getting me so excited! Music is a huge part of what makes me happy so seeing it live is gonna be great!!


  • Are you as mad about the “guacamole apocalypse” as I am?
  • What are you looking forward to about this weekend?
  • Are you going to any upcoming concerts? What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?



    1. Black beans and rice are a favorite of mine lately! My friend used to work at Chipotle and he said they cook their beans and rice in lime juice and bay leaves in case you want the secret πŸ™‚

  1. I definitely thought those were greek olives on your chipotle and stared at the picture way too long to figure out they were black beans! LOL. I was actually mad that you had olives at your chipotle and I’ve never seen them at any of mine! How fun to go to Second City!

  2. love guacamole. haven’t had Chipotle in agessss but there’s another Mexican place near me that has a “skinny burrito” with shredded chicken and black beans that i really like. happy Friday!

    1. That sounds really good! I wish the burritos at Chipotle weren’t SO massive otherwise I’d get them more often. But honestly a Mexican bowl full of rice, beans, chicken, and veggies is just as good…as long as you have guacamole πŸ™‚

  3. Bastille and Neon Tree’s are going to be SO fun! I always feel like I’m young again whenever I go to a concert on a week night. That’s how old I am in my head πŸ™‚ Best concert I’ve ever been to was Lady Gaga. Girlfriend is a performer! Worst was Rihanna. She didn’t dance, didn’t sing live and didn’t give a crap about being there. So overrated and disappointing!!

  4. I actually hate how much Chipotle charges for their small globs of guac, so I would gladly smuggle my own avocado with shame!! I haven’t had Chipotle since December..omg I need!

  5. Dude we have an EGG shortage here…

    Avocados- they are constantly expensive even though it’s Summer! Fail, Australia. Chipotle’s avocado MAY be one of the greatest things known to human kind. \

    Can you ask Tj’s to come here?

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