let’s play doctor! + things to stop expecting from others

Okay first thing’s first…let’s play doctor! Does anyone know what this pain is?

ImageIt’s the weirdest pain in my lower calf…it feels like a really bad charlie horse. Luckily I was able to run 4 miles on it this morning but as soon as I got to work it was instantly painful once I sat down. I’m guessing it’s just a pulled muscle or something but it’s unbearable for a few minutes and then I pop some Advil and it’s gone. I know that should be a good thing but I don’t want to be putting a temporary band-aid over a bigger problem, ya know?

Random life question: how does Advil just KNOW what to do once you’ve taken it? If I have a headache, Advil cures it. Toothache? Advil’s got it. Throbbing toe? Done. So how does it just know where to go? Haha is this a stupid question or what? These are the things I think about at work….(another similar question: where are all the baby pigeons?)


Here’s a look at what I’ve been eating the past few days. I’ve been trying to sneak vegetables in as much as possible–after all, March is the month of green, no?


I’m a little sad that I missed National Pancake Day yesterday. In fact, I didn’t really celebrate Fat Tuesday at all (minus some m&ms but that’s nothing out of the ordinary for me haha). Do they make calendars for foodies to remind them when each “National ____ Day” is? If I miss National Omelet Day or National Cupcake Day someone’s gonna get shanked.

On a little serious note, I’d like to discuss this article that I read yesterday. It has a  great message that really spoke to me.


For me, the things that I tend to worry about in life are oftentimes the things on this list. I let things that other people do bother me too much, and put wayyyy too much emphasis on what people do or don’t do for me. Personally, I need to STOP needing a partner in crime all the time and need to be capable of doing activities that I love by myself. I need to realize that it’s not a wasted moment just because someone isn’t enjoying it with me. Not everything in life is meant to be social. I also was really struck by the one about people being on time. It’s so funny because I’m rarely on time myself but if someone, especially someone close to me, shows up really late to something, I take it personally, like time spent with me isn’t important to them. What’s up with that?! I read way too much into it!

Regardless of what you think of the artcile and if you relate to one or more of the tips, it’s definitely a good idea to place less emphasis on what other people around you are doing. This is definitly something I need to work on. I’ve noticed that my entire day can change instantly by someone else’s opinion, words, or actions. That’s not a good way to live…it’s downright exhausting.

Take a look at it and let’s discuss below!


  1. is it the outside or the inside of your calf that’s hurting you? i ended up with some pretty bad calf issues last fall when training for a marathon, and my PT said it was inflamation/strain of my posterior tibial tendon. mine hurt on the inside/lower part of my calf mainly, but the whole thing was painful, especially so when i wasn’t running as well. ice, calf stretches, lots of aleve/ibuprofen… take care of it girl!

  2. I’ve always had that advil question as well 🙂 haha Hope your leg is feeling better soon! That food all looks delicious and I’m now craving some rice & beans! That article sounds like something I need to read so I’m going to check it out now!

  3. My husband had a similar injury and it was brought on by PF. If it doesn’t feel better in a few days let me know and I’ll ask him what he did for it. He’s a serious runner, so I can’t remember which remedy went with which ailment 🙂 Something I wish others would stop expecting from me: to be on time. For appointments or work things, I’m good. But for family events, I lag. I don’t know why, I can’t even account for the time I wasted!

    1. Thanks for the info! I’ll let you know if it keeps up. I feel like the time thing turns us all into hypocrites…like if I’m running late it should be totally understandable but if anyone else is more than 15 minutes behind I get reallllly pissy haha

  4. So…. I think it’s because the way we feel pain is in our brain so when we take advil it just blocks the receptor in the brain so no matter where the pain is coming from it feels better…..? But I’m no expert 😉

    I liked that article, I totally agree with the “partner in crime” thing. We do need to stop expecting people to want to do what we want to do… it can come down to $$$, or just preference, but it’s so true! Sometimes we just aren’t in the same mind set, or financial situation as someone else so we can’t expect people to be down for everything. However, I’m not going to stop expecting people to be on time…. 🙂

  5. VEGGIES GALORE! I hope your calf gets better, maybe you pulled it? I have been reading a lot of articles today similar to that huff post one, they are just too good!

  6. I’d like to know the same thing about Advil…miracles I tell you. Hope your calf gets better soon, have you been icing it?
    OMG I missed pancake day too. I also seemed to miss national peanut butter day, chocolate chip cookie day, and a slew of others so I feel your pain. Eat pancakes today instead! That article is spot on, thanks for sharing. I get so worked up about being on time and others being on time and need to chill about it.

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