Berzerk (new workout)

It doesn’t take much explaining: this workout is intense. Kinda like headbanging to an Eminem song while jumping on bubble wrap and lighting firecrackers in a cornfield.

You’ll burn twice as many calories if you listen to Eminem while completing this workout. It’s science.


Google the moves if they aren’t familiar to you (such as standing oblique twist)

One move that you may not have heard of is a “get up.” It’s really nothing more than laying down on your back and standing up without using your hands.  Get it?

Have a good sweat!

One comment

  1. yup that;s definitely bezerk! I actually love working out to Eminem haha…I also like that when people overhear it they’re so caught off-guard that that’s what I’m listening to!

    Wish I could do this workout but doctor’s orders to keep both feet planted on the ground at all times…it makes working out quite tricky these days!

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