WIAW: working girl edition

Nothing like a 9-5 job to get you back on an eating schedule!

Because I had been working from home the last few months my days often got started later, and since I worked during most dinnertimes my meal times were all out of wack. Now I’m back to packing my lunch the night before, meal prepping for dinners and all that fun stuff. The good news? Food pics will be less sporadic and a better depiction of one full day’s worth of meals. Woo!


Tuesday was particularly busy because it was my first day at my new internship.  I woke up at 6am, went to the gym and completed 30 minutes on the elliptical followed by a killer tabata workout. I’ll share that tomorrow because I know everyone’s always looking for new things to try.

I was in a bit more of a rush than I expected so breakfast was quick.


Coffee and whole wheat toast with almond butter and sliced banana. I’m not the biggest fan of almond butter but it was all I had on hand (PB 4 Liiife).

I bundled up, braved the cold (-12) and walked to work. My first day was filled with all the things you would imagine: setting up my company email, reading packets about the work I’ll be doing, and learning about all our clients. The only downside is that the office is so quiet! My breakfasts will definitely have to be more substantial if I don’t want my grumbling stomach to scare everyone at 11 am.

Lunch was what I like to call “easy packing”: a pb&j, sweet potato, and greek yogurt. Of course, I was 90% done before I remembered to snap a pic (whoops)


I hit the afternoon slump right at 3pm and ran across the street to Starbucks (they really are on every corner here).


The barista convinced me to try the new Caramel Flan lattee–not my favorite, especially when compared to the Caramel Brulee latte.  But it was a nice little free pick-me-up thanks to a birthday gift card from Spencer.

I left work hungry as a wolf and headed home to make dinner with Zain. I conquered one of my resolutions and ate chicken whaddup!




I cut up and roasted some baby potatoes with olive oil, sea salt, and garlic salt. Zain was on meat duty and marinated the chicken breasts in bbq sauce before sauteeing them in olive oil on the stove.  We rounded out the meal with some steamed green beans. It was such a comforting meal on a cold night!

Finally, for dessert I picked up some of these bad boys from TJs:


Now, of course it’s not a 1200 calorie piece of carrot cake (the best kind), but for 300 calories and with a delicious cream cheese frosting center, this stuff was AMAZING. I’ll definitely be buying them again in the future, if my budget allows.

As you can see, with a little meal planning and scheduling, weekday meals can be beautiful! Hopefully I don’t get tired of it 🙂


  • What’s your favorite weeknight meal?

One comment

  1. Those carrot cake cookies are good! I bought them for my mom, who thinks carrot cake is the holy grail of all dessert, and she made me try one. I don’t even like carrot cake, but yeah… those are the exception.

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