weekend eats & halloween treats

I do my best to eat fun meals throughout the week, but nothing beats weekend food.  Going out to eat, ordering take-out with friends, stopping at random donut shops or happy hours…isn’t that just the best?

So here are the best things I ate this weekend, along with some inspiring quotes I came across that I like to keep in my phone as constant reminders/affirmations.  It was a great weekend spent with friends, and even though it seems like it jumped straight from summer to winter, I took a few walks throughout the city and took in the beautiful cold air.  Chicago goes all out with Halloween decorations and I love it! I’m a big holiday person…if I could always be celebrating something, I would be happy. That must be why I like fall so much…always a new holiday coming up.  I even saw some Christmas displays! Too soon?

IMG_3493IMG_3490  IMG_3457 IMG_3444






Today’s the day I get into full-on Halloween mode!  I’ll be painting my pumpkin today as well as coming up with some treats to make to celebrate the holiday.  Here are some ideas I got from good ol’ Pinterest:

So many options–we’ll see what I actually get around to making 😉


  • Do you get really into holidays? Which one is your favorite?


  1. All that food looks so delicious! Now I’m hungry 🙂 I don’t get into holidays that much. I’m just not motivated enough to decorate, haha. I love Christmas though!

  2. I’m a huge halloween lover!! In Canada because Thanksgiving is before halloween, the day after halloween everything becomes about Christmas. While I love christmas, I don’t need to be reminded of it for 2 whole months! I love weekend eats 🙂

  3. Loving all the halloween pic’s!
    In the UK, halloween isn’t really that major a holiday and we dont have Thanksgiving. So our next major holiday is Christmas and the shops are already stocking up with cards, gifts and other goodies!
    I will be carving a pumpkin this weekend though – it’s so much fun and having one of them looking out from our window, lit up, in the city, will look fab (and spooky!).

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