throwback friday

Today was a throwback! Why? I’ll get to that in a minute.

I woke up and went on a slow, scenic 5 mile run. The last mile of the run I did “that thing” where I sprinted during the refrain and walked during the verses of the song I was listening to. Does anyone else do that? It really pumps me up at the end of a run!

Nevertheless, it was a beautiful run.




Post-run breakfast was peach oatmeal:


Peach cobbler in a bowl. Yum.

Back to the throwback!

Megan and I went back to visit our high school today! It was a crazy bittersweet experience.  It’s funny how you can go back to high school and your teachers seem so much more like your peers.  Especially since some of our friends are going back and teaching there this year. It’s pretty bizarre!




I found this picture of my choir from back in the day! See me in the top row? Crazy!

Dinner wasn’t anything special since my friends and I had a movie night planned (with plenty of snacks of course).


Veggie burger with cheddar cheese, grilled onions, tomato, all on a lettuce wrap.

Movie night was another throwback:


I made a jalapeno popper dip for the get together. I’ll post the recipe soon!


It was a fun day spent with friends. Have a great weekend!


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