A day at the farmer’s market

Thursdays in the summer are the best. It’s almost Friday and it’s the farmer’s market.

Here are just some photos I captured while walking around. It was sunny, breezy, and finally the late summer produce was there: corn and peaches! I can’t wait to start making corn on a daily basis 🙂




And the funniest thing I saw while I was there:


Haha in case you were wondering and needed some plant/soil tips.

After the farmer’s market my mom and I walked to our local chocolate store. We share a weakness 🙂



Of course I couldn’t leave without get something! I got chocolate covered almonds and a piece of caramel bark. Just typing those words made me smile–I loveeee my chocolate.


I hope you’re all enjoying this beautiful Thursday! Can you believe it’s the last weekend in July?? Crazy!

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