Kale Fail

I HAVE to start by sharing the best part of my day: breakfast.

We’ve run out of coffee at my house so my Dad has to grind beans each night for the next morning. I can’t believe what a difference that makes–it tastes so delicious!


I would eat this breakfast sandwich every day for the next thirty years. It was THAT good.

Whole wheat english muffin, 2 eggs with spinach, 1 veggie sausage patty, a sprinkle of shredded swiss cheese, and raspberry jam. Ehhhhhmahgod. It was a sweet salty compilation for the ages. That, plus the fresh coffee made for a magnificent morning.

Not much to report today. I got my hair done and did P90x yoga.



Today was definitely a yoga day. These 5 mile runs every other day have been taking a toll on my hips and legs in general. I hate stretching and icing but it’s oh so important to the thing that I do love (running) so it’s necessary to get in some yoga time every week or two.

What I like about P90x yoga is its intensity. I’m all for relaxing and meditating but it needs to be a good workout at the same time. P90x does just that. It’s pretty long (90 minutes!) but today I just did 70 minutes because I got caught up doing frog pose for too long instead. That realllllly helps stretch out the hips and I just couldn’t bring myself to move on!

In other even less exciting news, I tried to make kale chips today.


Granted my kale was on its last leg, but damn–it smelled bad, looked bad, and tasted bad. I even closed my eyes and begged my fairy godmother to turn it into a big tray of Doritos, but alas, all I was left with was a kale fail. Oh well.

Lunch before work was fajitas!


Plus a few dates:


Love love loveeee me some dates.

Confession: my sweet tooth has been RAGING lately. Ladies, you know what I’m getting at. So aside from these dates I had one too many pieces of Dove chocolate today along with constantly picking at a bag of semi sweet chocolate chips. Even as I type this I’m dreaming of pressing “publish” so I can run downstairs and get some cookie dough ice cream. I’m not perfect–sugar is a beast! Sometimes I just have to let it win 🙂

Tomorrow is going to be a great day–Jazzin at the Shedd Aquarium downtown! Prepare yourselves for pictures overload. The Chicago skyline along the lake is too good to pass up.


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