That time I took a nap on the front lawn

Oh my gosh I know I’ve said this before but I’ve officially learned my lesson about not getting my outdoor runs done EARLY in the morning. Apparently 9:30am isn’t early enough.

I set my alarm for 7am, since that’s the time of the Big Ten 10k. I figured I should get used to running outside in Chicagoland at that time.  Of course I stayed up way too late eating chocolate in bed (busted) and watching Suits so when 7am rolled around my hand hit the snooze button faster than Usain Bolt.

So 9:30 it was. It was already in the mid-80s and humid in the suburbs so this run was horrid. Sticky, sweaty, chafey…all the sexy running words combined. It was not time

I knew that I wanted to lay down within 2 minutes of running. Sadly, I had 46 more minutes to go.  The minute I hit that 5 mile mark and was back at my house, I promptly took a doze on my front lawn. It was shady and magical.  (Tree shady, not stalker shady…although I’m sure to passersby I was that kind of shady as well).

run reaction

After my nap I proceeded to make the biggest, most delicious omelette


2 eggs, tomato, onion, spinach, and 2 veggie sausage patties.

Enjoyed with two huge cups of black coffee. Love.

I could share the rest of my eats with you for the day but to be honest they were random and kinda boring. Aside from this deeeelicious apple and peanut butter, my lunch/dinner was just thrown together out of hunger before and after work.

snack applepb

One thing I did want to talk about is a new goal of mine: to cut out aspartame!

There are a million and one studies out there that all claim something different.  Some say that aspartame is carcinogenic, some say that’s bogus.  I do, however, have a friend going to medical school and during his internship recently he performed a lab test regarding aspartame.  I asked him about it and he said that based on what his experiment presented, aspartame is no good. Carcinogenic, in fact.

Now, I’ve been so much better about not drinking diet sodas in the past few years. I used to drink 4-5 diet Snapples every day in high school. And once I started drinking alcohol, I always chose diet soda because I didn’t want the extra calories. However, I also began to have weird stomach issues in college. I never figured out what it was, but I’ll tell you this: since giving up Diet Coke for NYE this past year, I haven’t had any more issues. That, plus the fear of those chemicals in my body, have really put me on edge. I love Snapple, Arizona Iced Tea, sugar-free vanilla lattes…all that good stuff.  But it’s just not worth it to me anymore.

(*Sigh*) I’m becoming a grown up.

That being said, water is not my favorite. I need something with a taste to enjoy with my meals.  So I gave Zevia a whirl.


I’ve mentioned it before because I tried the rootbeer version last week, and now I’m trying the cola version. I’m a stevia fanatic so I was so on board with this product the minute I saw it.  Now, it’s no Diet Coke.  But for a zero calorie, naturally flavored beverage, I love it. It even has caffeine! Who doesn’t need more of that?

I’ll definitely be on the lookout to try new flavors. I just figured it would be something good to share for those who aren’t ready to totally jump off the soda wagon.

Now it’s time for Suits and sleep!

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